Emergencies Ministry warns of possible tornadoes over the sea in Sochi

Emergency department for the Krasnodar Territory has announced an emergency alert because of the possibility of formation of tornadoes in the Black Sea near Sochi and Tuapse, said the agency.

According to the regional meteorologist, on Sunday in the Black Sea area Shepsy-Inal in Tuapse region and Sochi from Magri to fun on the sea may form tornadoes.

"Projected emergencies involving injury mooring, ships, vessels malomorehodnyh and possible loss of people on them," — said in a statement.

On the possibility of tornadoes out on land not specified.

In recent months, Kuban was seriously damaged by the elements. During the devastating floods in the Crimean region of Krasnodar Territory 6-7 July killed 168 people, and in the Tuapse element in the night of August 22 claimed the lives of four people.

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