End of the world or precession?

In astronomy, there is such a thing as precession. The projection of the Earth's axis to the ecliptic plane is not in a fixed place, and makes certain drift. This drift is caused by tilting the Earth's axis itself. Thus, the projection of the Earth's axis is moved over time from one zodiac constellation to another. This motion is called precession. Each constellation projection of the Earth's axis is 2160 years old. Being in a constellation called the epoch. In 1990, an era of Aquarius. The previous was the era of Pisces. All 12 constellations.

2160 x 12 years = 25,920 constellations years

That is a complete turn Earth's axis makes for 25,920 years. This period is called the cycle of precession.

Scientists have found that global changes in the world occur every 12-13 thousand years, which is half of the cycle of precession. For example, the death of the previous civilization — Atlantic, just occurred, according to scientists, 12-13 thousand years ago:

Scientists have put forward several versions of the destruction of Atlantis. This collision with a large space object and the shifting of the poles of the Earth as a result of melting ice at the poles themselves, there are other possibilities.

As esoteric talk about the upcoming transition of terrestrial humanity in the sixth race. Such a shift, if it actually takes place, and there are probably <end of the world>.
What is the end of the world?

Q: End of the world — is that possible?

A: Anything is possible. Known phrase that has become conventional wisdom: "If there is a beginning, and that is the end of the>. Therefore itself a doomsday is not only possible, but also irreversible. Another question — should I wait for him right now:

Question: That is the end of the world is still far?

A: The dates are unknown, and although humans are unlikely to be informed about it, a lot depends on us. Looking at the surroundings and the behavior of people, society, in relation to each other, to nature is a bad impression of imminent death emergency. But there is always hope, there is always a chance.

Question: What is the <end of the world>?

A: The end of the current situation. Objective reality to which we are accustomed, which adapted, has outlived its usefulness and, accordingly, will take a big change in us, in our world order and world view. These fundamental changes is that <doomsday>, which is not to be feared, but rather, to which it is hoped.

Q: Hope at the end of the world? But because we are waiting for riots, disasters, accidents, massacres and so on. Is this event, which should be expected?

Answer: Cataclysms, disasters, and now many, many people not only die due to accidents and the actions of the destructive forces of nature, but also because of the aggressiveness and lack of spirituality. Do not want to focus on the negative manifestations of life, especially as there are many and positive. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to account for the fact that generates negative consequences. The consequences of the same with the sign <minus> and all this is growing exponentially. Should form a critical mass that was reborn. And rebirth — is the desired effect. Concentration precedes disasters. You just have to understand what is happening.

Q: End of the world — this is a single event or a period, maybe even age?

A: As a rule, end of the world in his imagination relate to global catastrophes, disasters. But such an idea — is the result of our love for sci-fi thriller and disaster film. In fact, the end of the world — it is quite a long period. He has already begun and is gaining momentum.

Q: In terms of the Higher Mind, the event planned or spontaneous?

A: This event is a consequence. After all, every phenomenon is start, there is a peak and there's a recession. After the recession should be either a transition to a new quality, avoiding disruption or destruction and rebirth after a certain time. For humans it is important that there is no disruption, as would be the transition.
Creating a new incarnation of the universe for the needs of

Q: In 2004, the event was widely reported that many scientists have called a landmark — the emergence of a new space of the universe or a new galaxy. Plans to transfer and the creation of this universe somehow related?

Answer: Indeed, in 2004, laid the foundation, created the core of the new universe. Demand will be in this universe incarnation problems in the event that did not go in the current program will be maintained Universe incarnation trips.

Question: Is the relocation of humans in this new universe?

A: Only if the degradation and destruction will not stop energy, the destruction of the living organism of the Earth will become inevitable.

Question: Members of an extraterrestrial civilization will also be able to move there?

A: Yes. It is for their salvation, and designed a new universe.

Question: Who created a new universe? Extraterrestrial civilizations?

Answer: Such projects — projects of the Lord and the higher hierarchies.

Q: The new universe is created in the image of our universe or is there differences?

Answer: All the differences in the energy levels. This makes it impossible for the resettlement of all. World order will be approximately the same.

Q: Will there be a new universe for planets such as Earth inkarnantov?

A: Yes. Will.

Question: Work on the creation of the universe and the preparation for the transition, how long have they started on terrestrial chronology?

Answer: If you rely on earthly computation of time, the preparation for the transition to the sixth race began in the late XIX — early XX century. Then the Hierarchy of Light Forces (Spiritual World) has been informed of the need to create a new material universe.

Question: why the universe exists and can not be used on?

A: Vibration (energy) levels fall, because it is difficult to stop the regress. But in all the will of God:
Six races earthly humanity

Q: Now, people in the world belong to the fifth race. She has a name?

Answer: The fifth race — this race cosmogony.

Q: What races existed on Earth before?

Answer: First race — Hyperborean, the second — Lemurian, the third — the Atlantic, the fourth — Aryan.

Q: Moving from the race in a race going on smoothly and is marked by some disaster?

Answer: Hyperborean — (initial stage of development of the mind in the world), Lemurian (stabilization of the mind) and Atlantic (achieving heights in development) smoothly into each other. That is, the destruction of these races were not, and the transitions are fairly smooth.

In the era of Atlantis representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations parachuted to Earth through a portal, and supervised the construction energoradarov. They were needed to adjust energy planet so inkarnanty could easily fit into the earthly life.

To monitor the process of incarnation into Earth orbit was placed artificial satellite. As you might imagine, it was a moon. Yes, yes. Moon — artificial satellite. And the moon was placed, just in the Atlantic period in order to monitor the progress of the landing of the Aryans. Aria — one of the central planets extraterrestrial civilizations Dessa.

Atlantis was destroyed, blew himself up inside. Undermining was caused by Mars. Information on all these events entered in the energy field of the Earth, and it was thought to contactees. Hence the endless harping on "War with the Martians> in the literature. Aryan race — it is race inkarnantov.

So catastrophic end was only one race — the Atlantean race. The rest did not end, and the transition.

Q: You are talking about the destruction of Atlantis? And when did this global catastrophe?

A: Extraterrestrial Civilizations, as well as the Hierarchy of Light Forces, never to disclose the exact figures on Earth. All times — this is <revision> earthly mind. Earth, the mind, unfortunately, is full of inaccuracies and errors. And to give accurate information — is to give a foothold. Earthlings are unpredictable, and the pivot can harm them. After inkarnanty subconsciously feel of time they spend in the world and care little about responsibility.

Q: What about the historical period defunct Aryan race and the beginning of the existence of cosmogony?

Answer: The Aryan race ended its existence when Adolf Hitler first made the idea of a farce, and then failed incarnation of millions.

The collapse of Hitler — is the collapse of the Aryan race.

Question: Since the transition to the fifth race of people was not so much time. Why the rush to the sixth race?

A: Rush is dictated by the conditions that exist in the current reality. The material world is regressing. This process proved to be more dynamic and active than previously expected. Hence the energy of time also became excessive dynamics and activity. And it is the energy of time — the main component of the material world, its viability.

Q: DOES THE rush with the fact that the level of the Hierarchy of the Dark Forces is growing rapidly, and the spirituality of humans is collapsing?

A: Yes. One depends on the other. The action of the Hierarchy of the Dark Forces are thinning. Substitution occurs at all levels. And in the world to distinguish light from dark essence of earth look impossible.

Question: It is known migration from an extraterrestrial civilization of the Hierarchy of Light Forces of Extraterrestrial Civilizations of the Hierarchy of the Dark Forces was more. Apparently, this is also one of the reasons why is such a transition?

A: Yes. Migration rates of Extraterrestrial Civilizations Hierarchy Dark Forces is growing. Therefore, the transition to a new level of consciousness was simply vital.

Q: Inkarnanty all extraterrestrial civilizations have equal rights and chances to go to the sixth race?

Answer: All are equal. Priority is not belonging to a particular race, extraterrestrial civilizations, and the level of consciousness and level of spiritual growth.

Q: What is the criterion of selecting people to go to the sixth race?

A: Some level of consciousness and spiritual growth, the presence of vertical linkages, the lack of heavy karmic debts.

Q: What does it mean <stock <vertical> connections?

A: Leadership is the higher consciousness of the lower, ie supervision by extraterrestrial civilizations.

Question: Why is the sixth race can not go to all?

A: Many people have a great karmic abnormalities, low level of consciousness, severe vibration background. A new universe is built on tonkovibratsionnoy scheme and these people (such soul) will reject. In the new life they will fit. And the current time acceleration is impeding this transition:

Although the time — not the most important factor. Inability to fit into the coarse vibrations thin — that's the main reason. New material universe creates the conditions that lead to progress manifested Light Forces and the growing awareness on the Path of Spiritual Development. Path of Spiritual Development exclude the presence of heavy karmic generation centers, the presence of immature, non-self-consciousness, etc.

Q: What will happen to the others? Those who will not go to the sixth race?

Answer: They are waiting for a return to the Monad and the new evolutionary start.

Q: People will make the transition families or alone?

A: The Cosmic Family, who are on the earth, and their children will have absolute priority in the transition.

Q: The transition will take place simultaneously with the Earth, passing the return of extraterrestrial civilizations?

A: People will go directly to all the points. Who will catch the moment where <B>.
We expect a global catastrophe?

Q: Some events, phenomena portend now coming changes in the Earth's history?

Answer: This is an increase of reactions planet (disasters, catastrophes), the instability of radio field humanity (conflicts, depression, apathy) … All other signals earth sciences or do not read, or read bad and grossly misrepresented.

Question: Is it really tragic our future?

Answer: Of course not! All of these texts: <World plunges into evil! The world is going into the abyss! People are mired in the material, the pursuit of pleasure, and thus pave the road to hell … ", — all these cries and has paved path into the arms of Lucifer. Live and revile life — hence it is a sample of ingratitude to God.

Each person has a chance, which he gives the Lord. And if people take advantage of this opportunity — it is a question for each individual.

Q: The Indian Vedas, particularly the Bhavishya Purana, said that before the world to establish peace and prosperity, there is a global disaster that will cause planetary earthquake, tsunami, etc. This is also referred to in the prophecies of Nostradamus. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climate change, floods will change the very face of the earth. How likely these events or again: <For all the will of the Lord>?

A: For all the will of God. This is so. Earth waits several shocks. When the body is purified and renewed, this process precedes the rather uncomfortable and painful. Earth — a living organism. It must be cleansed and renewed energy. This update will be accompanied by disturbances.

Q: The world is constantly there are any major natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.). They take a lot of lives. But in Russia, from this point of view, everything is more or less peacefully. Even some global catastrophe (Chernobyl, the earthquake in Spitak) took place in the former Soviet republics. I wonder why all these disasters Russia aside? Of course, the climate we not contribute to the hurricane and tsunami, and the seismic activity is low. That is, everything can be explained scientifically. Or does it all come from Russia?

Answer: Nothing happens by chance. Including accidental and that from every point of view Russia — the country is relatively quiet. It is also the most prosperous country in terms of energy. Minor flooding, minor hurricanes experienced earthquakes, of course, are not comparable to what happens in other regions. Russia — is a platform for the formation of a new world. And the fact that the site is in Russia, has been known for a long time. Therefore, the safety was important.

Q: Due to what is now Russia — the most prosperous country in terms of energy?

Answer: Due to the fact that Russia has done without devotion to the Mother of the Lord and without the cult. Lord for Russia, but not excessive ritualism, matter for Russia, but it borders with indifference to it.

Q: Many sources apart is the year 2012 th. In particular ancient Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. The last entry in the calendar: <Next time there>. In Revelation also refers to the phenomenon of lack of time (chapter 10, verse 6): «And he swore that liveth for ever and ever: that time no longer>. What is it?

A: The planets of extraterrestrial civilizations is no time. Time there exists only in the scientific institutes, industries. Run-time energy and direct it at the creation. Domestic, social, biological life does not intersect with the times. Hence the name — the heavenly planets, which is used in the Vedic scriptures. No age, no time limit.

If the Earth goes to the level of an extraterrestrial civilization of the Hierarchy of Light Forces, of course, and the time in the world will not. On this and name the source said.

Q: What is the Earth could rise by step evolution up and go to the level of an extraterrestrial civilization?

A: Yes. So.

Q: If the Earth goes to the level of an extraterrestrial civilization, the civilization of the what it will go? Or will it be a new extraterrestrial civilizations?

Answer: This will be supported by independent civilization of extraterrestrial civilizations Hierarchy of Light Forces.

Question: The theory of displacement of the poles is some evidence in the Vedic scriptures. In particular, in the Mahabharata describes the events in India. It is also said that in the area for six months was a night and half a day. Another mentioned that the North Star (Dhruva) is visible directly overhead:

Answer: Indeed, the Mahabharata quite accurately describes the Arctic regions of Earth. Just axis of the Earth was different.

Q: The sages of antiquity found (maximum credit for this discovery belongs to Hindus and Tibetans) that, away from the center of the galaxy, mankind is entering into stagnation, and, approaching him, beginning to awaken. It true?

A: Yes. And there is nothing supernatural. Energy is all laws, the laws of the energy balance of the planet.

Q: By what changes the tilt of the Earth axis and shift the poles? What works in this case on the Earth?

Answer: Let's recall what egregornoe field. It is a cell that is present in every person who has ever been on Earth. This cell contains information that will determine the level of human health, identify those karmic issues that people will decide in a future incarnation. Egregornoe field of the person is in energy-layer of the Earth (EIS).

Change of poles is <caused by> this very energy-layer of the Earth. Accumulates a large number of unused cells (egregornyh fields), and after a time they will automatically collapse (eliminated).

Q: Why are these cells (egregornye field) are sitting idle?

A: Some people have withdrawn from the earth before the term of the people moving into the lower layers of the universe. Part of the cells is laid for humans, and they do not use. Another part of the cell — is egregors publicans etc.

At one point, while a large number of collapses of unused cells EIS Earth. This leads to a change of the poles.

Q: This collapse unused cells EIS occurs every 12-13 thousand years?

Answer: 13,000 years — is conditional figure. If the number of unclaimed cells increases rapidly, then the time between global disasters is reduced.

Q: Is there any way to prevent the collapse of egregornyh fields?

Answer: extraterrestrial civilizations do outstanding work on the reorganization egregornyh fields. Especially egregornyh fields who work in Unity mode, that is, the fields of space egregornyh families. But, unfortunately, they are limited in time:
Geomagnetic field

Q: The team also found that the magnetic field of the Earth began to wane around 2000 years ago. A sharp drop in its intensity observed 500 years ago. This fall has increased in the last 50 years, and in 1994 began its powerful vibrations. South magnetic pole shifted hundreds of kilometers from its standard location. People have become more emotional. Migratory birds astray, whales and dolphins are beaching: DOES THE acceleration of time on Earth, fainting its magnetic field?

Answer: The reason. Time it is held and stabilized by a magnetic field.

Q: By what Earth's magnetic field has been weakening? This is some internal processes of the planet itself or the process also affects the Earth and humanity?

A: The planet affects humanity. Our planet — a living organism. And the body is sick. Energy-layer of the Earth is injured. Accordingly, the magnetic field weakens.

Question: How much influence Moon on Earth's magnetic field?

A: The moon — a satellite-recorder. No influence. It simply coexist simultaneously and record the status of the magnetic field. Moon — artificial satellite itself is dependent on the Earth.

Q: If the moon does not affect the Earth's magnetic field, then it has no effect on the course of time on Earth, as some scientists believe?

A: No effect is not present. The moon is not independent, but manageable.

Question: Scientists say that in the days of the full moon rising crime, the suicide rate. By what then happens?

A: Information about the growth of suicide and crime in the Moon is not correct. It's not the moon, and suspiciousness unstable psyche antisocial elements of society.

Question: There are so-called <frequency noise>. It is a wave coming from the earth, <heart> rhythm of the planet. It was very stable dolgto it for speed? How are the frequency and the planet Earth?

A: Planet Earth — biological and energy facilities. The planet has a heart. This internal currents that give life (Ch-conductors). Deficiency of positive energy makes the Earth weak. A heart starts beating much faster. Energy-coat comes in a mode of collapse. It is something like a heart attack the planet.

Q: At present, the frequency of the Schumann is growing. Scientists suggest that when the frequency of the noise will reach 13 Hertz, then you change the poles. As far as it is close to reality?

A: Closer than believed.

Question: Some esoteric claim that August 11, 1999 the day of the solar eclipse and <parade of planets> ended the era of the fifth race, and began the transition of humanity in the sixth race. Others say that the era of the sixth race has not come yet. Who is right?

Answer: The fifth race was over, the sixth has not come yet. Now there is a period of preparation.

Question: Also esoteric claim that, since August 1999, all newborns are already owned the sixth race. Is that so?

A: Not really. Pawned items down landing, but the landing is not indiscriminate.

Question: Scientists claim that the memory of man is connected and supported by the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Is that so?

A: Quite the contrary. The man in the world memory is limited. It is through the Earth's electromagnetic field is limited to a person's memory and stored in stability. Otherwise I would have on the Earth would be remembered:

Question: It turns out that the human brain — is a certain magnetic media, a bit of hard drive?

Answer: You can carry this analogy.

Question: Scientists say that at the time of change of the Earth's poles about three days for the electromagnetic field of the Earth will disappear and therefore will erase the memory (of experience) in humans. Is that true?

A: Do not erase, but rather unlocking the memory. This is a very dangerous condition. This state of Consciousness, Mind and Body, which is now the world's people do not survive. People can go crazy:

Q: There is also a version that at pole shift will erase energy-layer of the Earth and erase computer data on magnetic media. How credible is a version?

A: It is quite plausible:

Q: In addition to magnetic media, there is the optical media, such as CDs. On these media information will also be saved or destroyed at the time of energy skhlapyvaniya layer of the Earth?

Answer: Information on laser discs remain.

Question: Esoteric claim that members of the sixth race will be able to take from three to four dimensions already. Is that so?

Answer: Yes, it is. Residents of extraterrestrial civilizations now able to perceive the four dimensions.

Q: There is a version that the transition from three-dimensional consciousness into the four will be destroyed artificial objects. And what happens to the books?

A: Paper remains. Therefore, the book is stored. How to save and ink and paint. Not so en masse destroyed. Dangerous plastics, due to the fact that it — organic matter.

Q: Conventional computer printouts remain?

A: Yes. They also remain.

Q: So you will be only things made of natural materials (stone, wood, etc.)?

A: Yes. Skills so lives in the workshops of the Lord to use the minimum of achievement in scientific and technological revolution is a blessing — for all people.

Q: What is <workshops Lord>?

Answer: Nature. Forests, fields, rivers, lakes, villages, village:

Q: Many of the prophets also speak of the coming of the Antichrist. Here is an excerpt from a letter written by St. Seraphim of Sarov, NA Motovilov: <Slavs as loved by God for the fact that by the end preserve the true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. In the time of the Antichrist, they totally reject and do not recognize him as the Messiah, and for being honored with the great goodness of God, is all-powerful language on earth, and another kingdom more omnipotent Russian-Slavic not be on the ground>. Source: ("Literary Studies." Pr. 1. 1991 s. 134).

One can understand that Seraphim wrote about future changes. What kind of Antichrist, which will be submitted to the Messiah, he says?

A: You will see a Absalom Athens: It will not be soon. But it will start broadcasting on behalf of the Saints, and to perform miracles:

And for the true believer miracles no longer needed. God in the heart and creates a miracle man himself, to judge on yourself and do good by his neighbor under the unity of command of the Lord.

Q: The appearance of such a miracle worker — it's probably one of the counteraction of the dark forces, a kind of test for the believers, who have not lost the habit of miracles?

A: Yes. Unfortunately, eight out of ten people are waiting for a miracle. And a miracle can motivate righteousness. But the miracle at the present state of human consciousness — a manipulation, and thus generated by it <righteousness> — lzhepravednost, purchase righteousness.

A true believer in miracles is not needed. His miracle more scared. True believer needs love and knowledge, not tricks and delight.
Who goes to the next level?

Q: We've talked about the transition of humanity in the world's sixth race, and the transfer of land to a higher level. But because the planet Earth — a planet inkarnantov. Why inkarnantam move to a higher level, because of an extraterrestrial civilization, and so they have a high level of consciousness?

Answer: The planet itself is leaving the status of the usual incarnation of the planet. There should be a program change incarnation.

Q: If the world is constantly lived its original inhabitants, then we could talk about their transition to the sixth race. But in the world at the present time the majority of people — inkarnanty which happen from time to time on Earth, and in fact nothing to do with earthly races do not have. This suggests that the transition itself (rise) only concerns our planet. Inkarnantov consciousness on earth man-made limited memory partially blocked. No need to talk either about the level coznaniya nor inkarnantov of races living under the earth.

So who is it that goes into the sixth race?

A: The Earth — a living organism that depends on the inhabitants, the carrier of the Supreme Mind. Inkarnantov for themselves as a collection of Personalities, a transition on Earth would not be significant, if God sent into the world just Person. But He created space, space objects and bequeathed Unity. This means that the person is not in itself, but a link in a great chain.

The planet must go to the sixth race, its energy-layer, its essence. And how can it do this? By what mechanism? With the evolution of the incarnation of the system. Evolution incarnation status would allow the planet to avoid dipping down.

Transition in the sixth race to save the planet for the Hierarchy of Light Forces. And how to use it — will decide the Grand Council of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Q: What is the nature of the planet Earth? This energy-layer of the Earth? If so, why EIS — its essence? Because the EIS — the main part of the incarnation of the system?

A: Energy-layer of the Earth — the main part of the incarnation of the system. The essence of our planet — is its cleansing functional system. All the other planets of the universe does not have a natural reservoir for the reception of imperil and Inferno, and have no outflow channel. Therefore, the use of other planets as a database incarnation is time limited. For all the other planets in a certain operating time in incarnation mode requires a long-term quarantine. And the Earth is able to smoothly carry out such cleaning work. The current downturn in its cause has no power, performance issues, and spiritual problems, challenges the mind and consciousness.

Question: Why is it important for the evolution of the Earth incarnation of the system? Land will continue to be used inkarnantami?

A: The Earth after the transition in the sixth race, if all goes well and it is the will of the Lord, will remain incarnation base. But incarnate on Earth are not simple inkarnanty and the regular program, but will incarnate, only those who are <candidate> to go to the secular (second) level of consciousness to the spiritual (third) level of consciousness.

Q: What exactly is the incarnation of the evolution of the Earth?

Answer: Eliminate the karmic system. Accordingly, the law of karma in the world will no longer operate. Removal of restrictions Consciousness by 50-80%, saving the emotional memory of incarnation.

Q: If the Earth will move to a higher level, which will incarnate representatives of the first and second cast extraterrestrial civilizations? At the Earth-8?

Answer: Mars, Venus and Earth 1-8.

Question: Who will populate the Earth after the transition? Are there any plans in this regard?

Answer: If you talk about an extraterrestrial civilization, the Earth will be given Sirius Dessaix. Orion and Daya leave. Orion has already begun on this battle.

Q: These battles Orion began on Earth, or there is a certain resistance and in extraterrestrial civilizations?

A: Both of extraterrestrial civilizations is. But, of course, are not as aggressive as on Earth.

Question: Why Orion and Daya can no longer send their inkarnantov to Earth?

Answer: inkarnantov these civilizations is separated planet. Their world view is somewhat different from perception and Sirians dessitov. Keeps the voltage difference creates pockets of conflict. If you can safely eliminate all sources of tension, it would be a mistake not to take advantage of the situation.

Q: If the representatives of Orion and daya will not incarnate on Earth, then perhaps they will also use the VC Mars, Venus, Earth, 8.1 Answer: Venus and Mars in part. Earth 1-8 — this <hell planet> for karmically burdened inkarnantov.

Q: representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations Hierarchy Dark Forces, probably also will not incarnate on Earth in the future Answer: At present the existing Earth after a transition representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations Hierarchy Dark Forces will not incarnate. But there are incarnations on Mars, Venus. On Earth 8.1 and now they incarnated, and will continue to incarnate.

If the transition is not, there may be revisions to all agreements. And as they review — run by the Lord.

Q: Will there be other planets in our solar system, the Sun itself be some changes when the Earth to the next level?

A: Yes. But what — this is still early to say.
Updating existing spiritual teachings

Question: Esoteric also say that the Earth must come a new religion that will bring together the existing major religions and therefore unite all people on Earth. How important is the emergence of a new religion?

Answer: It is important to understand that this is not about a new scripture, not a new doctrine, but a new understanding of, a new perspective of the spiritual teaching that is on Earth right now.

Question: On Earth, in the last century a Baha'i religion. Their basic idea — a union of earthly religions. Can we call this a prelude to the emergence neoreligii?

Answer: It was a kind of rehearsal. But there is one very important detail. Single religion for the entire planet, which occur not just members of different civilizations, but also representatives of different levels of consciousness — not just a utopian idea, but frankly harmful. Raise the level of the existing teachings, strengthen and restore the authority of the authority of the Spirit — that is the primary task. Therefore not appropriate to talk about a new religion, and the appearance of understanding of the importance of the Spiritual Path.

Q: How can I raise the level of the existing religious doctrines?

A: Turn on the new information, an explanation of our time in terms of religion. Without the new edition Teaching inquiring minds do not meet people who want to learn. To the Scriptures, many are treated as collections of folk tales and legends, myths and legends, and the ceremonial and ritual often involves only their appearances. Need religion to people-oriented intellectual, and the rest was raised and formed. One of the tasks of the former religion — to keep people within the law, organize them and control — less necessary.

Q: This update existing spiritual teaching — is the need?

A: Yes. The fact that the update — it is not an opportunity to rise to humanity to a higher level, but a necessity dictated by the situation and the time of the material world as a rescue from premature liquidation. This <two different>.

Question: What is <strengthen the authority of the Spirit>?

Answer: It is clear that in the material world must follow the rules. But to put at the center of the matter should not be. Only at some stage material wealth gives him a sense of security and pleasure, and then be rolled back. Then the man began to chase the material, and the driving itself in illness or substance turns its back side and brings man to hardship, loss and tragedy.

Executing the laws of the material world, they need to put themselves in the service, not to become their own servant.

The main task of man is to be personal and spiritual growth. Understand it — so respect the spirit.

Q: The essence of religion — the feeling a man of God, the desire to meet Him, to love Him, thirst for knowledge and union with Him. Will all this renewed spiritual teachings? What will it be added?

Answer: The essence of religion — is closer to God. The doctrine of going to God. In the renewal of the spiritual teachings will first merger of science and religion, the realization of the greatness and infinite Creator, Unity of all things in science and theology.

Question: Do you think humanity is ready to renew the spiritual teachings?

A: One thing is when people come to a new idea gradually, in line with the overall performance of personal and spiritual growth of human civilization. Another thing, when a parish — a necessary measure. Can be compared with the growth that is achieved through systematic work pituitary in the brain and artificial stimulation of the activity of the pituitary gland.

In the case of spiritual ideas is important, not the speed and area of distribution and penetration and loyalty. If humans can figure it out, then I think that they will be ready to upgrade spiritual teachings.

Question: Alexander Men, writes (<History of Religion> Volume 3) that <phenomenon in the world of spiritual forces and ideas always encounters misunderstanding and hostility>. As far as this statement is justified, especially for a new understanding of the spiritual teachings?

Answer: It depends on the training of preachers. If the level of training is weak, no preparatory work was made, no qualifications, and hostility will be strong. If you are ready and qualified preachers, it may be misunderstanding, but no hostility. A failure to understand the path to understanding is not easy, but not insurmountable.

Question: If the transition is mostly Earth, the new understanding of the spiritual teachings are needed for inkarnantov. So, apparently, is being implemented Testament on the unity of personality, Spaces and spatial objects. Land is cleared and energy to the next level, and help her in this inkarnanty to be armed with this new understanding?

A: Yes. Inkarnanty help Earth and other future inkarnantam that are ready for the transition.

Q: How do I determine whether a person is ready to move or not?

Answer: You can not answer this question. This would be similar to the publication of the test. And the existence of the test will make it possible to judge and speculate. Trust in the Lord:
Will the Messiah?

Q: It is expected that the coming of the Messiah. Who will it be?

A: Do I have to call the name? Not time yet. Calling one name sprovotsiruesh competitive ambition of members of other faiths. Tell Krishna — fall into the emanation Christians and Muslims say Christ — dismiss Hindus and Buddhists: And this is precisely the problem of the weak consciousness. The time will come, everyone will know name.

Q: Who is the Earth fell on hard times. Humans themselves can not deal with the problems. Representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations are trying to help them in every way. This assistance is, perhaps, in the fact that extraterrestrial civilizations to request assistance from the spirit world. And the future coming of the Messiah — this is probably the answer to the spiritual world to such a request for help?

Answer: This question can be answered briefly: yes.

Q: How does this work in practice? Invite someone from the spirit world or he called you?

Answer: When seek help from the spiritual world, that God Himself sends one of their loved ones in the material world to help.

Now a very important era, as the embodiment of God himself prepared. He distinguished himself in the material world, because of vibration and current associates will not be enough. Need a superstrong charge.

Q: The Bible is the words of Jesus Christ: "For the Son of Man comes in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then he shall reward every man according to his works" (Matthew 16, 27). Apparently, there just said about the coming of the Messiah?

A: Yes. We are talking about the coming of the Messiah from the spiritual world.

Q: Why it is a <Son>?

Answer: Because with such problems on Earth are the representatives of the spiritual world men. Not women. Because the Son, not the daughter.

Q: Why did the Son is called <Human>?

Answer: Humanity creates the possibility of the Messiah. Because the Messiah called the Son of Man.

Question: What does "come: with his angels"?

Answer: With the students, with followers.

Question: Parish Kalki avatar, which is described in the Vedic literature — this is the future coming of the Messiah?

A: Yes.

Question: Alexander Men also writes (<History of Religion> Volume 3), that <the new religion as a new vision of the world and of man, as a new revelation and a new insight, always begins in the depths of the human person. And it is through such a person to rise above the others, and gets to the masses the effect of the new teaching>. Apparently, there just said about the coming of the Messiah?

A: Yes. While talking very, very veiled.

Q: I guess you can say that up to the current state of the Earth brought it inkarnanty. Then it is logical that they also help her get out of the crisis. But the inkarnanty mostly in the present circumstances can not fundamentally change anything, such as, above all, his attitude to the Earth as a living entity. But the sharp rise of spiritual humanity in general, however. It turns out that the coming changes for the most part — it is artificial or external process (the Messiah, a new level of understanding of spiritual teachings, etc.). Do not come back after all full circle, because there is no internal work themselves inkarnantov?

Answer: With the coming of the Messiah will change in the first place a system of education and the retracking values. Inkarnirovanie people with fewer restrictions in the mind and memory would prevent rollback.
How to prepare for the upcoming events?

Q: How can a person prepare for the upcoming events for the transition?

A: It is necessary to think less about the material, and to follow the commandments of integrity and honesty. In words, it is easy, but in reality, each masterfully justify their selfishness, self-interest and commercialism. And it is not because people are bad.

If you do not have faith in God, there is fear. If there is fear, there will always be selfishness, greed and commercialism. Because training can be only one: to return to the church, the temple, God. And non-stop work on its own imperfection. Own! We really like to work on other people's shortcomings.

It should also give up illusions and follow the traditions of the religious teachings to which a person belongs to the genus.

Man must learn to interact with each other, with the environment, to cultivate a faith in God and respect for his plan.

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