End of the world will last two weeks. Tibetan monks explained how to survive the apocalypse

Less than two months left before the end of the world predicted by the Mayan. Astrologers and soothsayers are seriously discussing what would be the apocalypse. Scientists urge not to believe in their forecasts.

The twenty-first of December the Mayan calendar ends. And along with it, according to the skeptics, will fall to Earth cataclysm that will destroy our civilization. Some, for example, the organizers of the festival in Latvia acquired on December 21, insurance that provides compensation in the event of a "break the space-time continuum, from which you can get to parallel worlds."

Moreover, the end of the world are concerned not only astrologers and superstitious people, but also people's representatives. Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, known for a ban on the promotion of homosexuality in the northern capital, recently turned their attention to the apocalypse. The representative of "Fair Russia" Andrei said the potter, that any mention in the media about the end of the world predicted by the Mayan Indians, shall be strictly prohibited.

Tibetan lamas do not hide the fact that the risk of a serious accident is quite large: in late December, the Solar system planets line up in a row, which is a unique case. "Fall and winter will be warm, and from 12/21/2012 Earth will begin to pass through the galactic" zero band. "This is a special state space where the blanked and not be subject to any energy. Was complete darkness and silence. The electricity and communications. Darkness will be accompanied by flashes of light, as well as the play of light and shadow. Sometimes it may seem that roam figures — as if the dead rose from their graves. earth will shake slightly — like a small earthquake. Some buildings can be destroyed "- warned Lama, Tibet is referred to as the oracle Shambhala.

People, he said, will be killed because of mass panic and fear of the unknown. Disasters also will last two weeks, though the echoes will be felt for some months until the beginning of February.

To survive the catastrophe, the oracle advised in advance to prepare the documents and warm clothes, and try to go to the countryside. There should prepare candles, firewood, food rations and drinking water. "It is necessary to observe the pets, the ideal — a cat. With natural instincts, they set an example on how to behave in case of emergency — gives advice Lama magazine" L '"." For "days of darkness" hang window sheets, not to look at them do not go out. It is better to meditate or pray, "- said Lama.

Meanwhile, scientists continue to claim that the fears of the apocalypse are unfounded. "New evidence suggests that the ancient Maya did apocalyptic prophecies" — quoted by LiveScience.com words of the director of the Research Institute of Central America Marcello Canuto.

Many researchers Maya agree that their civilization, if it existed today, most likely, would have invented a new calendar. Archaeologists have found evidence of even deep in the rain forest texts in which the ancient Maya mentioned dates later than December 21, 2012, notes Discovery.

Victor Pospelov

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