Ended the first week of the project of regional air

According to the JSC "Airport Pobedilovo" in the first week of the project of regional air services lines of air traffic between the Kirov region and the regions of the Volga Federal District took 91 people. The greatest number of passengers fell to the middle of the week. In this case, the highest popular was the route Kirov — Nizhny Novgorod. 

Recall, a project initiated by the Plenipotentiary of the RF President in the Volga Federal District MV Babic, launched on April 1.

Flights are operated with modern and quite comfortable aircraft of small capacity. For passenger tickets cost half their real value — 25 percent. reimbursed from the federal budget, and 25 — from the regional.

While flights are operated from Kirov in 4 administrative center of the PFD: Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Izhevsk, Ufa. In addition, the transfer — in Kazan and Orenburg.

Since May 1, starts message Kirov — Kazan, September 1 — Kirov — Samara.

The governor of the Kirov region NY White personally praised the "pros" of the new project, arriving on the first flight from Perm to Kirov. According to the head of the region, the conditions on board the nine-seat Pilatus PC-12, which flies, it is quite comfortable.

The governor believes that the draft regional air will be in demand among the population of the Kirov region.

This is confirmed by data from surveys conducted among residents of the region, including in the municipalities. Most of the respondents in the number of flights, which, in their opinion, will enjoy the greatest popularity, called the Kirov — Nizhny Novgorod, Kirov — Izhevsk, Kirov — Perm, Kirov — Kazan.

For the week the airport "Perm" served more than 250 people on interregional flights PPO

Airport "Perm" sums up the first week of the implementation of the development of inter-regional transport of the Volga Federal District.

From 1 to April 8 this year 285 people took advantage of flights that are open to the Programme. Occupancy of flights, as expected by experts, is more than half.
Status of the most popular flights confirmed flights Perm, Ufa, Perm, Perm, Kazan, Perm. These flights have used 119 and 94 passengers respectively. Flights from Perm, Samara, Perm and Perm, Kirov, Perm was interested in 44 and 28 passengers respectively. Thus, the average occupancy of 59.8% of flights arriving at and departing 58.6% on airplanes.
"Transportation is carried out planes with a capacity of 8 to 17 people, so carry as many passengers on board the small capacity — a good start of the program — the director of the International Airport" Perm "Edward Koshenskov. — I hope that the program will not slow down, and more and more passengers will use the inter-regional flights, confirming their relevance and importance to the region. "

Recall that the pilot project for the development of regional aviation in the PFD was launched on 1 April this year. Residents of Perm Krai available flights on direct flights to four cities: Ufa, Kazan, Samara and Kirov. Four transit voyage of discovery to the cities of Orenburg (via Ufa), Saratov (in Samara), Penza and Saransk (in Kazan). Sales of tickets for these flights are open, they can be ordered by phone. (342) 294-95-95. Flights to Ulyanovsk and Nizhny Novgorod appear later.

The maximum loading of flights to the city of Ufa in the Volga Federal District of Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod

The international airport of Ufa in the first week of the program of subsidized inter-regional transport in the Volga Federal District served, according to the State Committee on Transport and Roads Bashkiria, 379 passengers. Among them — the 192 and 187 at the entrance to the exit from Ufa. The most popular at the end of the first week of the program were flying Ufa, Kazan, Ufa, it has been served 160 people with the loading of flight close to 100%. The second most popular destination Ufa, Perm, Ufa, it served 123 passengers, flight load was about 60%. Flights from Ufa, Ulyanovsk, Ufa and Ufa Ufa-Kirov-proved less popular — they took advantage of 12 and 15 passengers respectively.

Flights from Ufa city PFD perform three airlines: UTair for 50-seat Bombardier CRJ-200 PMU "International Airport Orenburg" 19-seater Czech L-410 and JSC "Aviation Management Group" (air taxi Dexter) in the eight-Pilatus PC -12. Air flights from Ufa in the first phase covered six cities: Kazan, Perm, Samara, Orenburg, Kirov, Ulyanovsk.

The project is subsidized transportation initiated presidential envoy to the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich. The essence of the program is that the passenger pays 50% of the fare (approximately 3255 rubles. Per flying hour), the remaining half will reimburse airlines equally by the federal and regional budgets. Until the end of November regular services from Ufa is planned to connect 15 major cities in the Volga Federal District. To compensation cost carriers from the federal budget allocated 300 million rubles. Government of Bashkiria has laid for this purpose 30 million rubles.

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