Entrepreneurs offer its strategy of joint action

The National Coordinating Council of Democratic Forces of Belarus returns March 17 to discuss a common strategy. His program will be of the human rights movement, "Our Belarus."

The political opposition and civil society are hoping through debate and discussion to develop a common plan, which would help to avoid the same mistakes.

The human rights movement, "Our Belarus" was established as one of the activities of the Coordinating Council of individual entrepreneurs in Belarus, says human rights activist Igor Glacier.

He says that the strategy of business primarily reflects their vision of a radical change in the situation in Belarus. Therefore, the strategy spelled out: "The transition from plan to market — this conflict of interests of owners and nomenclature. From this and the strategy should be built a successful transition from dictatorship to democracy."

Business strategy is called "Europe without dictatorships." I asked Igor Glacier, what fundamental difference between this document from the "Strategy 2012", which is prepared by the Centre for European Transformation:

The problem of repression in Belarus will become a problem for the whole of Europe …

"Strategy 2012" is aimed more at the parliamentary elections. And our strategy is aimed at European integration. I believe that if Belarus is now in euroallied program "Eastern Partnership", it is necessary to take advantage of this. And our strategy to build, together with European experts. "Europe without dictatorships," provides that the transition to democracy will be decided not only by sanctions. Problem of repression in Belarus will become a problem for the whole of Europe. "

The strategy entrepreneurs occupies an important place opposition to political repression by the Belarusian authorities and the rehabilitation of the victims, said Igor Glacier:

"Conducting viktymizatsyi, that is turning people into victims, we were very worried. It is entrepreneurs proposed the creation of a special commission for the rehabilitation of victims of political repression. This, in our view, could unite politicians. But, unfortunately, this idea does not move" .

Andrei Egorov — Director of the Centre for European Transformation and one of the authors of the "Strategy 2012" — Works with "Our Belarus" and Igor Glacier actually on the same site — civil society. Can these two concepts will be one agreed, I am interested in Mr. Yegorov:

The strategy is not written the way to achieve this goal …

"In my opinion, it offers too abstract and theoretical. From that there written, can hardly be realized. Of course, it would be good to itself so it happened. But it goes without so will not. In this strategy is not written the way to achieve this goal. "

"Strategy 2012" plan to discuss at the conference "The role and place of civil society in the strategy of the future" that was pass 18 — March 19. However, the organizers denied in the room. Therefore, the conference tolerated.


Egorov, Strategy 2012, "Our Belarus" Glacier

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