Excerpted from Irina Nilova Great Shift in the Golden Age

What is the current situation in the world? Is there a danger for a global catastrophe?

Preponderance of negative global catastrophe was a danger to the planet all the last five and a half thousand years. Was especially tense in the last 200 years, when the planetary complex literally walked the line between life and death. The twentieth century saw a powerful militant opposition of demonic and Light Forces, which has resulted in Armageddon, the war against the demonic demiurge Light Powers of the Universal Mind, and some representatives of the people who remained part of his Bright Beginnings. The two world wars and the beginning of the mid XX century are the material manifestation of Armageddon, which took place at the same time on the subtle planes of existence.

Now the war is won by the light, and all the processes are to ensure that the complete transition from the system of darkness, that is, the reign of demonic antitsivilizatsii to a system of Light.

The starting point for such a transition will be the appearance in the ring planet Nibiru. Her appearance — is the loss of life, burdened by the baser vices. At the same time it is — the transition from the planetary complex of many human souls who are prone to demonic manifestations, as well as the replacement of the planetary complex dark Feminine Origin for Light, which has received a severe blow with the accession of the demonic civilization at the bottom of the solar system …

The arrival of Nibiru in 2012 expressed a violation of the planetary magnetic coupling of the complex to the other planets in the solar system with a single matrix Thor Sun. This fault is the equivalent, as if overnight, were off all power plants to determine the direction of the poles.

Magnetic chaos — it is also a complete imbalance of all human constructs, related to energy, communications, transport … Magnetic imbalance — a condition that is similar to the magnetic storm, but on a global scale, which will result in technological disasters, severe stress to the human body, in which the out of balance communication between the organs and the brain, there will be a violation of metabolic processes. Thus, the coarser the body, the greater the effect of the magnetic imbalance.

The loss of many human organisms is inevitable. Disease will accompany them away after the turn of the balance … a catastrophe of global scale can also consist in the fact that the very complex planetary poles will shift a few degrees because of weight bias of the polar caps will be so high that the very severity may influence the location of the existing poles …

What determines the force exerted by the planet Nibiru and the Mother of the World?

The solar system has a strict balance of forces between the planets. Unbalancing the existing relationships between the planets will lead to a failure not only of existing relations, but also change the location of the planets in Time and Space. The momentum for change orbits can be seen for the whole natural complex of human civilization as a whole.

The strength of the impact of the planet Nibiru and the mother of the world is that they come at about the same time (2012-2018 years), and also due to the fact that both these planets should form a kind of magnet for breeding homogeneous mass of people into two directly opposite poles: the dark, doomed to failure in the evolution, and light, are attracted to the inner areas of the solar system, to the Hierarchy of Light to Infinity.

Intentional containment Earth complex forces of darkness in the old evolutionary phase of the space-time position in the torus matrix sun caused the unpleasant fact that now require LEAP, which can serve as a starting condition for global disasters.

The jump in Time and Space is always accompanied by a significant failure of existing bonds, which in turn causes uncontrollable avalanche processes both in nature and in man-made and social relationships. If planetary complex developed by conventional evolutionary terms and rules, of any shocks during the passage of the planet Nibiru and the mother of the world is not out of the question.

In what order and when they come to the planet Nibiru and the Mother of the World?

Planet World Mother came into the solar system and moving it at an angle of 15 degrees to the ecliptic plane of the planets in the downstream. It intersects the field of planetary rotation in 2016-18 year.

Nibiru entered the solar system from the eastern site, and moves in the direction of planetary rings suspended from the bottom up. Reciprocal movement of the planets and their relative proximity Ecliptic has additional value in these events. Exact calculations of the driving conditions of the two planets and their interaction with the passage of the planetary ring in the solar system will be given later, when install any visible conditions. Different impact on the events of all planetary systems are not yet able to give an exact answer for the time of passage of the planets and their effects on the multi-level system.

Is Nibiru planet of the solar system? What names she still has?

Nibiru — the planet of the fourth stage of fascination with the way normal fluctuations in the solar system, the vibration of the interplanetary galactic system, which draws the world who come from other solar systems due to excess vibration systems themselves to the limit, but did not meet the evolutionary terms. Early maturation of a planet or her absolute immaturity becomes a threat to the orderly existence of other planets in the system due to the establishment of the beats destructive nature of what makes a planet away from the orbit to the side of the main ecliptic all the other planets. Over time, the rotation period of a planet is constant, and it has contact with the native system only at certain time. This planet is the planet Nibiru, which has a rotation period of the year 3624 in the Interim Measures on modern and fourteen periods of galactic standards.

Nibiru has a few names, but they do not have deep meaning, while the name of Nibiru is consistent with the basic vibration of the planet, as the sound and wave to enter the code on it. All the main features of Nibiru should be removed immediately from the surface and from its people. It is inhabited by intelligent beings with consciousness level orange next octave range, which are conformable with the majority of the inhabitants of the planet Earth, and differ from them only in tone.

Nibiru creates a very strong advantage vibration multitude of yellow-orange level and this, presumably, takes an entire planetary system are much higher. Attunement is a yellow-orange vibrations of the earth people can create a huge bundle, ejecting the Earth from outer lowlands bottom. The same effect has provided during the passage of Nibiru planetary complex of yellow in the green season, which led to the name of this planet — Nemesis, that is, the planet of Reckoning. Baser qualities of people who are in the period of the red band were in tune with the vibrations of red and orange, but the higher the tone for the whole, the people of Nibiru.

Snatching the world and the rise of the secondary level is a well-defined astrological terms, which are caused by not only the arrival of Nibiru in the solar system, but also the special standing of the planets in the solar system, when in the same time all the planets line up in a row. A Nibiru is in the center of this series from the bottom up, penetrating and disrupting the ecliptic sphere magnetic equilibrium of all the planets, including Earth.

Nibiru — in the solar system. It has the red color of its surface in the invisible range and exceeds the capabilities of vision of modern technical thought an octave. But in the infrared range and using the resonance method it is possible to identify even at the current technical park.

Changes in the world caused by the arrival of Nibiru or Planet of the Mother of the World?

Evolutionary periods of the Earth brought it to the verge of great change. But because of the solar system, all events take place in full accordance with the astrological periods with all the other planets, including the Sun, the planet Nibiru invariably affects the changes in the same way as the other planets, which is also close to the terms of the changes emerging in the ground.

Planet of the Mother of the World — is the planet that goes beyond the solar system, which has its origins in the depths of the galaxy from the inner Galactic Sun. This planet is huge, exceeding the size of Jupiter in a few hundred times, but not having materially explicit constitution due to its composition of delicate matter, closer in vibration violet — higher range of areas of the earth, but two octaves higher. This is the planet of Perfection and Grace. It has a huge energy potential, which does not fit into the framework of consciousness, even the highest of the Mind in the solar system.

Such a visit is so unique that it has no analogues, and therefore predict the consequences of this event is impossible. The only thing you can say for sure that this planet will bring unprecedented changes in which the transformation of the Earth will not only unique, but also unpredictable.

If we consider that the planet the World Mother exceeds all levels of consciousness, even the Sun in the solar system, then it can be called and the Mother of the Sun. Galactic guest bring huge changes to all the other planets. Shadow system, which actively manifested itself in the solar system, many eons of time, come to its destruction at once, which essentially require a complete change in the organization of life on earth.

The unique situation of entering the solar system planets, more than all of the levels of consciousness of the system, is a stimulating event for the evolution of the Sun in Space and Time, as it just like any reasonably electromagnetic system — the Logos — lives on general supreme law of life.

Is there a difference between a planet and the planet Nibiru Mother of the World?

Nibiru and Planet Mother of the World — completely different.

Nibiru belongs to the Solar System, and the planet of the World Mother came into the solar system after the accident Phaeton (Marduk), while saving ballast, which serves to balance the solar system. The arrival time of the planet of the World Mother coincided with strong destructive processes not only on Earth, but on other planets in the solar system. Its magnetic component has strengthened the relationship between the planets and the Solar complex, restored imbalances and involving the lost areas. The arrival of the Planet of the World Mother is also due to the need to maintain the existing balance. Therefore, its approach should not entail any disasters across the solar system.

Is there life on Nibiru?

Appeal to Force reasonable on the surface of the planet Nibiru will learn more about its people. They talk about themselves. Not only that, they will appear on earth and will expand their activities, as it was in the days of the Sumerians.

How quickly will be the events connected with the arrival of Nibiru?

Time of entry into the sphere of Nibiru rotation of planets in the solar system will be due to shock, which will shake the magnetic coupling of the planets with each other and with solar toroidal complex. For the Earth, this would resemble a planetary scale earthquake, vibrations from such a shift will be ubiquitous. The energy output from such a shock involves many underground processes. Places where volcanic eruptions begin to rise hurricane.

Displacement of the magnetic connection will break ties mechanical structures. The growth of the event will be landslide. Appears briefly sense of timelessness, turn back time, or a sense of eternity. For many human minds such a test will not do. The human mind will not stand and let in a panic. Major losses of people will relate it to the mass panic actions. The presence of the majority of the people of knowledge of upcoming events will allow them to operate more consistently and advance to prepare for the events …

The speed of events will depend on the speed with which Nibiru will move to areas of rotation of planets in the solar system.

Term effects will be caused by Nibiru off the lower areas of the Earth and the upper connection. The output of the planetary complex outside of the low in solar complex literally connects all the demonic component of the complex and does not give it more impact on the fabric of life.

On average, this switch will occur within three days, which will be the main term exposure hazards. Then everything will be settled, but it will be very different with a different shape Earth and other energy potential.

Do people come from the higher races to Earth during the passage of the planet Nibiru and the Mother of the World?

Each new cosmic distance planets are colored corridors (in the evolutionary achievements of the planets themselves), which begins an intensive exchange: leave those who need to fall below come people who need to evolve over … So on the planet joins a new life from other planets and leaves mature growth of the human soul …

The arrival of the planet Nibiru and the World Mother creates just such new conditions and new spatial and energy corridors. Karmic conditions in all the complexes of the planetary solar system require rotation and move the already stagnant unchanged planets.

So on planet Earth will be sent Light Forces in the face of many great souls that will be unusual phenomenon of children with extraordinary abilities. The phenomenon of children of the new era of Fire will become a significant feature for a powerful advance human civilization.

New people will be born to mothers who have managed to preserve their pure and white nature. Many birth will have an unusual birth process. Thus, the conception will often occur without male seed. The mass production of children at the Immaculate Conception — a phenomenon of Fire era requires people responsibility and understanding of the need of such phenomena.

Can I find the timing of future events?

Nibiru — a planet that enters the solar system forever. The period of rotation of the earth, on the 3624 standards, with the acceleration of the Earth's rotation around the sun. Nibiru has great potential, accumulated during the treatment in terms of its own evolution. The inhabitants of Nibiru — known as the Anunnaki earthlings — about the same physical form as modern humans, with the exception of some physiological characteristics of their appearance. Ears, eyes, nose, reproduction method they have much in common with humans. Moreover, the level of their evolution many times over in terms of opportunities to use their high nature …

But here's the bottom areas of the planet have features that literally thousands of years reveal closed corridors of red-orange range of the Earth, which receives connection with the lower areas of the Galactic bottom. That discovery of these corridors is a signal of falling through the accumulated debris in the planetary Logos of evolution. Open "floodgates" and all that kopilos at the "bottom" of the evolution of the planet, suddenly become flush, like running water. That is why the planet Nibiru and the planet is called Vengeance. Call this planet devil would be wrong. It has all the prerequisites for another title — the planet cleaner, like a garbage truck … or Zolotar

Now for the photonic ring. This information is being given civilization, for which multi-dimensional and depth of the universe is very gloomy conjecture, sees only the external events, which go into the physical existence of the visible universe.

In fact, the so-called photon-ring — is manifested great part of the event that was predestined in the Teaching of Living Ethics as an approximation of the planet of the World Mother. Photon belt — a visible, manifested part of the "tail" of the Planet of the Mother of the World. This planet is in the inner sphere of the galaxy and shows itself only in that we can see and partially understand. The main body of the planet of the World Mother has tremendous size, commensurate with the size of the galaxy, and it revolves around the Galactic Sun, which is also within the space-time universe.

External universe, revealed to us in the Green Corridor in the visible range, allows us to see only the "skirts" of the great and the finest apparel Planet Mother of the World, but it is enough to change the location of all the planets in the solar system, raising them to the tone or octave the position than the one that they reach.

Now about the timing. Dates are already well-defined framework. This is the rate of progress of the planet Nibiru, which is easily computable with simple calculations. And also observe the process of entering the "skirt" of the planet of the Mother of the World.

Date December 23, 2012 is rather conventional, for the reason that the event itself is not linked to the station point Nibiru relative to the Sun and the Earth, it is relevant to the realities of combining red and yellow corridors planets, which has several other dates.

On the physical plane is the convergence of the planets will look even more differences planets than to bring them together, but this is, again, only the visible aspect.

How did we realize that something is beginning to happen?

I think that a huge red planet in the sky, comparable in size with a large moon, will be the most telling sign of impending events.

What are we to say to his family? Reassure them or, conversely, to some heated action?

Earthly humanity rather inert. It will look at the sky and listen to what the media will say. Even strengthening effects of disasters, disease and mental health problems do not motivate people to act in a reasonable nature. They will expect to information of public importance, and in the field will take their small family troubles granted only for themselves. This is both salutary and very burdensome quality of the people, but it is necessary to know.

When disasters become universal, people first survive the shock, fear and hysteria of despair, and then those who are prepared more than others to overload, begin to organize. This will be the moment of the limelight for many individuals who, often without knowing it, have all the makings of Chiefs. They rally the frightened people and will arrange all the necessary conditions for the moment for the survival of as many people.

It should be noted that during this period the people are very much excited with the negative qualities of character and personality. They, like sensing something was wrong for his usual well-being, will be looking for opportunities to gain time by living life of others. Rampant crime might become unmanageable.

You should know that protection from unmanaged egoists will be the tough. They should be given the most serious resistance, including the use of weapons and other means of physical restraint. Another argument for them will not. Protected camps, such as those who organized the American settlers, will be the only form of self-defense for many people.

It is clear that in times of change take effect jungle law: might makes right …

In addition, the wolf sharpened and generally predatory and parasitic human nature itself will give all the information about him in space, which, being caught by the powerful waves merge evolutionary dirt underground, literally will push the holders of such vibrations in the very mouth of the leading away from the earth's savings repulsive flow.
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