Announced by HP Blavatsky

translation from English EF Pisareva

The translator

When you pass this gem Eastern mysticism inspired me not only sublime beauty of its content, but also the realization that for my share the privilege and good fortune to pass the first time in Russian product of the remarkable Russian women, which is still quite understood his compatriots.

The share of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky had the plight of not only live and die unrecognized and slandered in his homeland, which she dearly loved, but after his death did not find defenders who would openly stand up for her and would purify her good name from undeserved censure.

However, in the present, and Helena Petrovna has hot friends at home and convinced supporters, are grateful to her for the bright world of widely expanded the horizons of spiritual and inspiration for those high, which they owe to it, but to reveal to the world its true nature and to give the correct evaluation of its properties, we need new methods of research, which does not yet own western psychology. Give the correct biography HPB was premature: European science does not give a clue of her extraordinary psychic powers. And until that time comes, the only true indication of the true value of HPB can only give the fruits of its work; clarification as its inner essence to be found in the teachings of her, where she is a true warrior of the Spirit, in numerous books and articles that have appeared in the period 1875-1891, in three parts of the world, Helena Petrovna tirelessly called for spirituality, for the liberation of thought from the yoke of external forms, to a wide tolerance to the implementation of the unity and brotherhood among people and nations with fiery enthusiasm she claimed divinity of the human nature and the ability to communicate with the higher worlds, with indomitable energy she struggled to fill the world with materialism and with all that quenches the spirit. It is this indomitable energy, unable to compromise and caution, never stops in his courageous fight to the possibility of personal impact, and created so much animosity against Elena Petrovna. But these same properties create it and are devoted disciples and followers, who hold sacred the memory of her. And so far in Western Europe, there are some people who knew her personally and enthusiastically recalls her charm as the source, because of its powerful spiritual influence on all who come to her with confidence, and the amazing mix of titanic nature with unusual candor and nezloblivostyu that gave her such a brilliant originality.

If we turn to the fruits of her work, they need to seek first to revive the ancient East, which is reflected in the growing interest in his spirituality, and a serious study of all aspects of this work, which began in England and gradually extended to all civilized countries; the fruits of these affected in ozhivshem interest in matters of religion and mysticism, which gave impetus to the life-giving dry in dreary materialism of Western thought, and in the activities of the Theosophical Society founded by Helena Petrovna as the "core of the future of universal brotherhood", which is not only not dead, but is growing and shows vigorous spiritual life, which is expressed in the crowded congress, and a rich literature (some theosophical journals published in all languages of over 50). But this is not all. In his "Secret Doctrine" by HP Blavatsky made the first attempt — which did no one — a synthesis of scientific, philosophical and religious thought of all time. Before the fruits should be silenced all enmity and cause a deep respect for the extraordinary powers of the soul, which is able to give a strong impetus to the human mind.

The proposed three passages from "The Book of Golden Rules," published for the first time by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Prior to this publication, they were not accessible to anyone except a small number of initiates in India. By the nature of these passages they can provide for spiritual guidance only disciples (chelas) Eastern occult school. These schools, thanks to a certain psychological methods — Raja Yoga — developed in his students hidden psychic powers, which — in the normal way — people will reveal only after many, many generations. For the very reason that Helena Petrovna Blavatsky knew these passages by heart, and it was certainly a student of one of these schools in the East. In this circumstance to look for the key to many of its properties to its extraordinary knowledge and the mystery that, despite the striking sincerity of her character, yet was surrounded by all of her personal life. Student of the occult school vows to never and no one to give the circumstances of his apprenticeship. If you look at the "Voice of the Silence" from this point of view, as a revelation, giving the uninitiated the concept of the enormous spiritual work and stress, through which the student of occult schools, creative recycling for new lines of all his inner life, we will find in this little book guide of inestimable importance.

Giving his work on the court of Russian readers, I do it with a burning desire, to serve as the starting point for a serious, conscientious study of the life and exploits of literary works of HP Blavatsky. Only when the light of truth that will dissipate the dark cloud of prejudice and misunderstanding that surrounds and is still the name of the one — in all fairness — should be proud of their country. Let this little book will teach thoughtful reader to understand and love the great soul who was able to rise to these mountain heights, where no place for anything temporary, personal, conditioned that already felt a breath of the Divine and Eternal.




Subsequent pages are taken from the "Book of Golden Rules", one of the works that are given to students in the East mystical schools. Knowing they must and for that occult school, the teachings of which adopted by many Theosophists. Since I could remember some of these sayings by heart, to translate them into English for me was relatively easy.

Many people know that the techniques of mental development in India is different in every guru (teacher), and not only because the teachers belonging to different schools of thought on which six in India, but also because each guru has his own method, which he keeps in secrecy. But on the other side of the Himalayas, these differences disappear and the method of esoteric schools become one, except for the case where the guru — simple Lama, very different from that of their students.

The source from which I translated the proposed three passages, belongs to the same series, from where, and "Station" Book of Dzyan that led to the "Secret Doctrine." Golden Rules book of the same origin with the great mystical creature called Paramartha, about which the legend of Nagarjuna said that it was passed the great Arhat nude, or "Serpent", a name that was given to the ancient initiates. However, no matter how original and noble ideas and positions in this book, these ideas are often found under different forms in many Sanskrit works, such as, for example, Dhyaneshvari, strange mystical book that conveys Krishna to Arjuna in the fiery colors of the state is quite an enlightened yogi, also and some Upanishads. This is quite natural, since most, if not all, great Arhats, the first followers of Gautam Buddha were Hindus and Aryans, not Mongolians, especially those who moved to Tibet. Works by one Aryasanga extremely numerous.

The originals of these Rules to cut oblong tiles, and copies them to do it often on drives. These tiles or discs usually stored on the altars of the temples, which are located near the esoteric schools, called Mahayana or Yogacharya. The originals are written in a different way, sometimes in Tibetan but mostly ideographic characters. Senzar sacred language than their own alphabet, can be transmitted by various cryptographic methods (cryptography). Another method, called in Tibetan, lug, is to use different numbers and colors, each of which corresponds to a specific letter of the Tibetan alphabet (thirty simple and seventy four composite characters) in this way constitutes the complete cryptographic alphabet. When used ideographic signs, there are some methods for sorting out the text: one of these methods is that the twelve signs of the zodiac and the seven primary colors, each of the last three shades: light, dark and mostly, replaced thirty-three ordinary letters of the alphabet, and of them are words and sentences. With this method, the twelve signs of the zodiac, repeated five times and connected to the five elements and the seven colors of the rainbow, form a complete alphabet consisting of sixty letters and twelve signs. Placed in the beginning of the sign is an indication whether the reader go through it on the Hindu way, when every word is a simple application to the Sanskrit, or according to the Chinese ideographic method. But the easiest way is the one that allows the reader to not use any specific language, but only signs and symbols, like the Arabic numerals were common property of all international initiated mystics and their followers. The same feature is different one of the Chinese way of writing that can be read with equal ease by all who possess it with the key, for example, Japanese can read the same message in their own language as easily as on my Chinese.

"The Book of Golden Rules" contains about ninety separate short treatises, some of which, to the Buddhist era, while others, of later origin. Many years ago, I knew of them thirty-nine heart. To recover the rest, I had to look for in a memorandum that had accumulated over twenty years. Moreover, some of them do not be told the world is too selfish, too attached to material objects and in no way prepared to accept so exalted ethics. For only a person persistently and seriously wooing self-knowledge, can readily listen to instructions of this kind.

And yet, it was so full of lofty ideas of numerous volumes in Eastern literature, especially a lot of them in the Upanishads. "Eliminate all desire life" — says Krishna to Arjuna. For this desire lurks only in the body, in the shell of the embodied self, not in the self that "forever inviolate," which does not kill and is slain (Kathopanishad). "Eradicate feelings" — teaches Sutta Nipata: "take the same pleasure and pain, gain and loss, victory and defeat." Or there: "Seek refuge only one eternal." "Eliminate the sense of separateness" — repeats Krishna in every way. "Reason" (Manas), carried away wandering passions, makes the Soul (Buddhi) as helpless as helpless boat on the waves, driven by the wind (Bhagavad-Gita, II, 67).

So I had to make a careful selection of only those sayings that are most meet the needs of the few true spiritual mystics of the Theosophical Society. Only they will be able to appreciate the words of Krishna: "The wise grieve neither the living nor the dead. Neither I nor you did not cease to exist, nor these rulers of men, also in the future we will never cease to exist." (Bhagavad-Gita, II, 12).

Making this translation, I tried to keep the poetic beauty of the language and images that are different from the original. How this effort succeeded, let the reader judge.



Voice of Silence

These teachings are given to those who are unknown dangers Iddhi.

Who wants to hear the Voice of the Silence "Silent Sound" and understand it, one must achieve a perfect concentrate.

Reaching indifference to the outside world, the student must find the Lord of the feelings, thoughts of the Creator, the one who gives birth illusion.

The mind is the great slayer of the Real.

The student must defeat the killer.

For when his own way would be for him not real, as it is not real for all the images of his dreams, when he stops hearing a lot, then he discern the One the inner sound which kills the outer.

Only then — not before — he leaves the area of false and enter the kingdom of the true.

Before the soul sees the harmony within must be attained, and bodily eyes should be closed forever to all illusion.

Before the soul will hear, one must be equally dull as thunder, and to murmur, as a roaring cries of elephants, as well as to the silvery buzzing of the golden firefly.

Before the soul can understand and remember, it has to connect with a silent voice as well as connected with the mind was the image of the sculptor, in which molded clay.

For then the soul will hear and remember.

And then to the inner ear and turn Voice of the Silence says:

If thy soul smiles while bathing in the sunshine of your life, if it sings within his shell of flesh and matter, and if she is crying in his fortress, built by illusions, and if it tries to break the silver thread that binds it to the teacher — know student , your soul from the ashes.

If alarms to dissolve the world your soul listens, if the thundering voice of the Great Illusion it answers, if terrified at the sight of the hot tears of suffering, if stunned sorrow she yells back down — like a timid turtle, under the protection of his self, know: your soul is silent God his — an unworthy shrine.

When, coming of age, your soul will speak of his faithful refuge and escaped from defending its ark, stretch its silver thread and rushes forward, if, seeing his reflection in the waves of space, she whispers, "it's me", find: your soul caught in the web of seduction.

This land, a student who is mourning hall, where all the way ordeal placed trap to catch your I seduction, whose name is the "Great Schism."

This land of unknown student, just sad threshold, leading to the twilight of the valley which stretches light, the light that neugasim any storms that burns without a candlestick and without oil.

Great Law says: "To know the world I (Universal All-Self), you have to know your own self." To do this, you must give one's self — not me, its being-nothingness, and only then can you to rest between the wings of the Great Bird. Truly sweet rest in the wings of the One that is not subject to birth and death, which is the AUM throughout eternal ages.

Climb on bird life, if you want to know.

Give your life, if you want to live.

Three Halls, O weary pilgrim, you have to go to the end of laborious path. Three Halls, O conqueror of Mara, will hold you in three states in the fourth, and from there into the seven worlds, the worlds of the Eternal Peace.

If you want to know their names, listen and remember. Name of the first temple — Ignorance.

This — the palace, in which you see the light in which you live and die.

Name of the second — the palace of Knowledge.

It will find your soul blossoming of life, but under every flower a serpent coiled.

Name of the third temple — Wisdom him spread out the limitless water Akshara, inexhaustible spring of Omniscience.

If you want to pass the first hall safe, do not let your soul take fires of lust burning in it, for light of life. If you want to safely move the second, is not slowed down their steps in order to breathe in the fragrance itself its intoxicating colors. If you want to free yourself from the chains of karma, do not look for a guru in this ghostly country.

Wise is not slow in the abode of sensual pleasures. Wise does not heed mellifluous voices of illusion. Look for someone who will give you life in the Halls of Wisdom, which is outside, where the unknown shadows, where the light of truth shines unfading glory.

Uncreated lives in you, the student, as it lives in the palace of wisdom. If you want to achieve it, and to combine both the light together, you must divest themselves of the dark veils of illusion. Silence the voice of the flesh, do not let the sensual itself between your light and the light of wisdom, that both could merge into a single light. When you will know his own ignorance, run of the temple of Knowledge. Its insidious dangerous beauty, and he only needed for your test. Beware that your soul is blinded by his deceptive glow, not slow and not caught in the grip of its ghostly light.

This light comes from a precious crown of the great seducer Mary. Feelings, charmed them, blind and irrational soul led to the collapse.

Moth attracted shimmer your night lamps, doomed to perish in its flames. Carefree soul that weakens against the mocking demon of illusion, will return to earth slave of Mary.

Regard hosts winged souls. Watch as they are torn over the stormy sea of life, as exhausted, bleeding, with broken wings, they fall one by one into the surging waves. Thrown by fierce gusts of wind, the storm, they sink into the whirlpool and go in the first yawn deep.

If passed will thee palace of wisdom and you want to reach the valley of Blessing, we close your hard feelings, that has not spread to them ruining the heresy of separation, which will plunge you from the whole.

Do not let the "born in heaven," immersed in the waves of Maya, break away from the one Father, but to ensure that the fiery force retreated into secret peace in your heart, in their true abode.

And then this force will rise from your heart in six areas, middle, in the mediastinum of your eyes, where it will be breathing a soul, a voice teacher, who fills all.

Only then can you be a "Skywalker", one that defies the winds rushing over the waters, and does not touch his feet waves.

Before you will be on the top rung of the ladder of mystical sounds, you should hear the voice of God that exists within you, in the seven differences.

The first is like the sweet voice of a nightingale, singing a farewell song to his girlfriend.

The second sounds like a silver cymbal unearthly Spirit (Dhianis), awakening the twinkling of stars.

The next complaint is similar melodic spirit Oceans, imprisoned in its shell.

This is followed by the singing lute.

Fifth penetrate into you like ringing a bamboo flute. I-enters the trumpet. Last sweep like deaf peals of thunder clouds.

Seventh absorb all other sounds. They will die, and there will be more than hear them.

When your whole personality is defeated and cast down to the feet of the Master, then merges with the One student is identified with a single, and lives in Him.

Before you embark on the road, you have to destroy their "desire body", to clear his "body of thought" to his heart undefiled.

Eternal life, clear waters, clear and crystal, with polluted streams, driven by violent winds, can not mingle. Heavenly dew drops, sparkling in the early morning sun on the breast of the sacred lotus, falling to the ground, turn to dust … Look! .. Pure Pearl has stains.

Fight your impure thoughts earlier than they prevail against you. Them nor show mercy, as they do not spare you, because if you give in to them, and they will strengthen and grow, truly know: your thoughts will overpower and kill you. Beware, a student, do not let even the shadow of them to approach you. For this shadow will start to grow, expand and strength, and causing darkness engulf your being before you have time to notice the presence of a dark monster.

Earlier than your "mystical power" will make you divine, your will should be the winner of the 'body movements. "

Your ashes and your spirit can never meet. One of the two should disappear, because they can not stay together.

Before you mind your soul prozreet, germ personality must be destroyed, the worm sensuality destroyed without returning to life.

You can not follow the path that has not made himself that way.

Yes heed your soul every cry of suffering, just as sacred lotus has the heart to get drunk in the morning sun.

Do not let the hot sun will dry up her suffering even a single tear before you did not erase it from the eyes of the bereaved.

And yes nispadet each burning human tear into the depths of your heart, and let it stays there, do not remove it until the sadness persists, it has given birth.

O thou whose heart is full of charity, know that these tears-jet irrigated fields immortal compassion. Only on irrigated soil midnight blossom flower of Buddha, the rarest of all colors. This — grain liberation from birth and death. It isolates the Arhat and the spirit of strife, and of lust, and leads it through the valleys of life for peace and bliss that is available only in the country of Silence and Nothingness.

Kill out desire, but killing him, beware that it is not resurrected again.

Kill love of life, but if you kill the love of life, so be it is not out of thirst eternal life, but in order to replace the final remains.

Do not desire anything. Do not inflame their hearts against karma and not resent immutable laws of nature.

Fight only with the personal, transient, hesitant to be destroyed.

Help nature and work in concert with it, and then the nature recognizes you one of their creators and become submissive to you. And you will open up a wide entrance to their innermost depths, lay bare before thy gaze the treasures enclosed in the depths of her chaste virgin breasts. Unblemished flesh touching, it reveals its treasures only spiritual disgusted, never closes, you have no sheets for all its realms.

Then it will show the means and direction, and the first entry, and the second and third, down to the seventh. And behind them — the goal, beyond which, basking in the rays of spiritual light, gains ineffable glory, invisible gaze other than sight of the soul.

Only one is on the path of the road, just at the end of it can be heard the voice of silence. Ladder by which the aspirant rises, built from stages of suffering and tribulation, to comfort them can only voice of righteousness. But woe to you, the student, if you get transferred to a least one flaw, not leaving it down: for then the ladder gave way and overthrow you. Its base is in the deep mud of confusion and your sins, and before you go derznesh through a wide gap physicality, you shall wash his feet in the Waters of Renunciation. Woe to those who dare to desecrate unclean feet even a single step. Dark and sticky mud hardens, cling to his feet and nailed in place the bold, and, like a bird caught in the insidious snares fowler, will not be for a further advance. Vices they enter it into images and shall have it down. His sins will raise their voices like dragons, laughing and weeping at sunset, his thoughts will Ratiu, who seized it and would lead the captive slave.

Kill your desires, student, exhausted their vices less than to set foot on the High Road.

Away with your sins, make them dumb for ever, before you start your climb.

Soothe your mind and fix your attention on your teacher, whom you still can not see, but which has already predchuvstvuesh.

Combine all your senses in one sense, if you want to be safe from the enemy. Otherwise, do not open your eyes to the dark soul steep path, leading to the Master.

A long and tedious road, spread before you. Single regret about the past left behind, will pull you down, and you have to start all over again the heavy lifting.

Kill the memories of past trials. Do not look back, otherwise you are lost.

Do not believe that lust can be destroyed, while gratified or satiated: it is — a lie, inspired by Mara. Vice power expands and effect as a worm tuchneyuschy the heart of the flower.

Rose again to become kidney stem from the native born, before the worm has undermined its core, and drank from it sap.

Golden tree produces precious shoots before its trunk fade from the storms.

The student must become like a child earlier than the first sound touched his ear.

Light from the One Teacher, unquenchable golden Light of the Spirit, casts on their student Radiant beams from the very beginning. They permeate the thick, dark clouds of physicality. Now here, now there, these rays illumine her like sunlight that penetrates the thick jungle and reflected light reflections on the dark earth. But remember, the student: as long as the body is no longer desired, the head cools down and the soul feels firm and pure as a sparkling diamond, the radiance does not penetrate into the hidden comfort of your soul, it does not warm the heart, and mysterious sounds from the spiritual heights reach your ears, as if jealous you did not listen to the first stage.

While you will not hear, can not you see.

Until you start to see, you can not hear.

See and hear, this is the second step.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

When a pupil, closing the eyes and ears and suspended breath, inaccessible to the outside world sees and hears, smells, and tastes, when his four senses blend and ready to move into the fifth-internal touch, then a student came to the fourth stage.

And in the fifth, the winner of his thoughts, all feelings to be killed again and not return to life.

Hold your mind from all external objects, from all appearances. Abstain from internal images, lest they threw dark shadows on the light of your soul.

From now on, you have reached the perfect stage of Concentration-sixth.

And when you will pass in the seventh, the knower of happiness, you will not be more than three mature sacred, because he'll be the Triune. You yourself and your mind be like staying near the twins, and above them a star-lit target your search. "Three", who are in the glory and bliss ineffable, now in the world of Maya does not have a name. They merged into a single star, the fire burning, but not scorching, in the fire that enveloped flames.

You have reached about Yogi victorious, what people call Dhyan — the penultimate stage, followed by the last stage — samadhi.

From now on, your "I" I plunged into the One, merged with the I, which is radiated from your being.

Where is your individuality, the pupil where the pupil? Something — a spark that disappeared in the flames, a drop in the ocean, everlasting beam, which is "all" and the eternal light.

From now on you — and the doer and the witness, and the luminous center, and a brightness of rays, light and sound in the Sound in the Light.

All five barriers led thee, O blessed. You won it, you ruler over the sixth obstacle, you curator of four kinds of truth. Light, they drop down, comes from thyself, O thou who was a student, now became a teacher.

Of the four modes of Truth:

Have you not gone through the knowledge of suffering — the truth of the first?

Do you not won the ruler Maru ahead leading to the realm of truth-second temptation?

Do you not fought in the third gate sin and has not reached a third order of the Truth?

And if you're not yet on the path to knowledge — the Truth of the fourth?

Stay the same from now on under the Bodhi tree, which is the perfection of all knowledge, because remember: you mastered samadhi, your vision accurately and completely.

Regard! You yourself have become light, you yourself became a sound, now you did for yourself and teacher, and the subject of his own quest: uninterrupted voice that sounds for eternity, not subject to change, sin is not available, the Seven Sounds in a single

Voice of Silence




And now, O Teacher of Compassion, the path is different. Regard those that knock and wait in the dark, in the dark, so they opened the door leading to the benefit of law!

Voice seekers:

Do not want to see, Milostivets, open our hearts teaching? Not otrinesh you request his servants, to introduce them to the path of liberation?

Teacher responds:

Two ways, the Great Perfection — three; Virtues — six, those that convert the death in "The Tree of Knowledge."

Who come near them?

Who was the first to be awarded to join them?

Who first heard the doctrine of the two ways, merging into a single path, uncovering the truth about the Secret Heart? The law, in addition to teaching inspires wisdom reveals sad tale of sorrow.

Oh, woe is me, knowing that all people access the source of Life, that all may be in communion with the Great Soul, and yet with such a good, they do not use them!

Regard, like a month, shining in quiet waters, the World Soul (Alaya) is reflected in the great and small, and in the smallest atom, and yet does not reach to the hearts of all. Oh, why do so few people use the priceless gift of knowing the truth, a proper understanding of the existing and penetration into oblivion!

Student says:

Oh, Master, what shall I do in order to achieve wisdom? The wise, what shall I do to get closer to perfection?

Sought Way. But be pure of heart, before you touch a journey. Earlier than make the first step, learn to distinguish the true from the untrue, the transient from residents. And seeks above all to separate the mind from the knowledge of spiritual wisdom. "The doctrine of the Eye" from the "Doctrine of the Heart."

Truly, ignorance is like a closed vessel, deprived of air, and the soul is like a bird, enclosed in a vessel. No chirps and stir songstress, silent speechless, until depletion of not emit its spirit.

But even ignorance is better than head knowledge without spiritual wisdom, which alone can illuminate and direct it.

Seeds of Wisdom can not sprout and grow in space devoid of air. In order to live and reap experience, the soul needs to open space in the interior and in the guidelines, which rushed to her up to the Diamond Soul. Do not look for such guidance in the realm of Maya, but rose above illusions, search the eternal and immutable, not trusting capricious passions of their mind.

For the mind is like a mirror: reflecting, it is covered with dust. Only spiritual wisdom — gentle blows her — able to sweep away the dust of our illusions. Strive, as a beginner, to combine your mind and soul as one.

Avoid ignorance, but avoid the same and illusions. Turn your face from my delusions of this world do not trust your feelings, for they are deceptive. But inside, inside the ark of the senses — look at Impersonal your true self, and finding it, look into your own depths, and you'll be "enlightened."

Avoid praise of reverential: praise lead to self-delusion. Your body is not you yourself, your true self — incorporeal, and neither praise nor condemnation is not affected by it.

Complacency is like a tower, on top of which climbed arrogant fool. There he sat in proud isolation, no one visible except one currently.

Wise reject the false doctrine and scattered to the winds of the Good Law. His wheel turns the same way and for the humble, and proud. "The doctrine of the Eye" — for the crowd, "The teaching of the Heart" — for the elite. First in their pride loudly say, "Look, I know", the latter humbly collecting barn, professed in the silence: "I said so."

"Great sifter" — the name of "The Teachings of the Heart." Wheel of the Good Law in the relentless spinning. It breaks up the day and night. Netsennye scum separates it from the golden grain, chaff — from pure flour. The hand of Karma guides the wheel, and his turnovers celebrate his heartbeat.

True knowledge — flour, false knowledge — chaff. If you want to eat the bread of Wisdom, knead it on the clear waters of immortality (Amrita). If you scum Knead on dew illusion of Maya, you will be prepared only food for the black bird deaths, bird birth, destruction and sorrow.

If they say to you, that can only become an arhat stop loving all things, tell them that it is — a lie.

If they say to you that you can only achieve liberation hating his mother, ignoring his son and denied their father abandoning compassion for people and animals — tell them that their deceitful tongue.

So teach unbelievers.

If they teach you that sin comes from the activity, and the bliss of inactivity, tell them that they are wrong. Consciousness transience of all human activity, the release of the soul from the bondage of slavery by stopping sin and error — not for incarnating souls. Thus saith the "Doctrine of the Heart."

Dharma Eye is the embodiment of the external and transient.

Heart of the Dharma is the embodiment of divine wisdom, and the Permanent residents.

Lamp burns brightly when the oil lamp and clean. To keep them clean, you need purification. But the flame does not feel it. "The branches of the tree are shaken by the wind, the trunk is in the same stillness."

Both begin with — and the activity and inactivity — can be combined in you, let him be your body in motion, your mind at rest, and the soul — is transparent and clear as a mountain lake.

Do you want to become a yogi in the gyre of time? If you want to:

Do not believe that being in the dark woods in splendid isolation and away from people, do not believe that the power of the leaves and roots and thirst snow from the mountain tops — do not believe, of reverence, it will lead you to the goal of ultimate liberation.

Do not think that your bone crushing and torturing his own flesh, you will reach the confluence with your "I'm speechless." Do not think about the sacrifice of his own shadow, which will be fulfilled your duty to respect nature and man, if defeated sins be your mortal coil.

Blessed did not give prices this achievement. When the Lord of mercy, Leo Law, sight true cause of human suffering, without hesitation he left the sweet but selfish rest of quiet desert and became a hermit in the Master of mankind. Reaching nirvana, the Blessed began preaching in the mountains and valleys and cities hold speeches addressed to the people and the gods.

This good works — and you reap its fruits. Inaction in mercy transformed into action mortal sin.

So says Wise.

Whether you'll refrain from the activity? No, not your soul reaches liberation. In order to achieve nirvana must acquire self-knowledge, which is the child of active love.

Likens the patient, not the failures and feareth not covet success. Glanced out his soul to the stars, from which radiates your spiritual self, the flaming star, shining in the depths of the Eternal Being immortal, in the boundless fields unknown.

Put on the consistency similar to the one who endures to the end. Your shadows live and vanish, "the knower in you" — remains forever: it — one that has been, is and will be, for whom time does not break ever.

If you want to reap sweet peace and quiet, sow a field next life worthy seeds. Acceptable affliction of birth.

Depart from the sunlight into the shadows, to give place to others. Of tears that water the soil sultry sorrows and sufferings, grow flowers and fruit: a fair retribution of karma. Of hot furnace of life, throwing out clouds of black smoke rising winged flames … They soar up and gazed at the eye of karma, are woven into the fabric of three wonderful bright vestments of the High Road.

Namely the three vestments Nirmanakayas sambhogakaya, dharmakaya, covers Perfection.

Riza "initiation" give a person a truly eternal light. He brings his wisdom, destroying the sting of personality, and they stop for a wheel of birth, but-student — they are killing and compassion. For it can not be more perfect Buddha, clothed in the glory of the dharmakaya, help save people. Alas! whether to sacrifice for the sake of a single, for the good of all humanity one?

Veda, the beginner, then — Clear the Way, the road to selfish bliss, from which turn away Bodhisattva "Secret Heart", the Buddha of Compassion.

Live for the good of mankind is the first step. By six bright virtues — the second step.

And put on the humble clothing nirmanakaya — renounces eternal bliss for the Self in order to promote the rescue of men. Achieve bliss of nirvana to give it up, it's — the final step, the highest in the path of renunciation.

Veda, a student, this is the path of the hidden wisdom, elected Buddhas of Perfection, those that sacrifice themselves out of compassion for the weaker souls.

But if the wings of your soul can not raise you to the heights "Doctrine of the Heart", if you yourself are in need and to give myself a dread of others — so be warned timid heart is in time: the external content with the teachings of the Law. Yet hope. For if the "Secret path of" reach for you today, it may become available tomorrow. Know that not a single effort, even the most insignificant, directed for good or evil, can not disappear from the world of causes. Even a whiff of smoke streaking is not without a trace. "The cruel word spoken in a former life, is not destroyed, but returned again and again." Pepper plant can not give life to the rose, and a silver star fragrant jasmine can not become a thorn or thistle.

You can create a "current" conditions for your "coming days." In "Grand Travel" reasons posevaemye hourly, carry each — reaping the consequences, for the unwavering justice govern the world. In a mighty effort of the infallible, it brings death or life happiness or misery of life, the inevitable karma of his past thoughts and actions.

Take also the fact that the merits of your collected for you in the eternal treasure, the heart, full of patience. Do not allow discouragement and be content with his lot. It is your karma, karma gyre your incarnations and the fate of those who are born of compassion and sorrow with thee, rejoice and weep from life to life associated with your actions of the past.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Do for them now, and they will do for you in the future.

Only the self-denial of the flower grows sweet fruit of final Liberation.

Sentenced to convicted who for fear of sinful temptation (Mara) is held on by a person, in order to act only for himself alone. Wanderer, eager to refresh your tired members of the waves flow, but timid in front of the rapids, and did not dare to plunge into the water, forced to swelter. Selfish inaction for fear, can only produce bad fruit.

Selfish piety — aimlessly. Man, do not perform certain for him a matter of life lived in vain.

Follow the wheel of life, follow the wheel of duty in relation to race and kin, friend and foe, and close down his life the same way for joy and for sorrow. Depleting the law of retribution (karma) buy only the mental strength for the future incarnation.

And if the sun can not be you, be humble planet. If you can not — like the noonday luminary — flame on the snow tops the Ancient Purity, therefore choose, as a beginner, a humble share.

Specifies the "Way" — albeit a weak glimmer lost in the assembly of the star — like the evening star that lights the way walking in the dark.

Regard to Mars, as through a red veils his "Eye" caresses the slumbering earth. Regard fiery light "right hand" of Mercury, with love stretched over the heads of his ascetics. Now both are servants of the Sun, the silent watch of the night, awake in his absence. But in the past years were both brilliant sun, and the sun can they appear again in the future. These are in the nature of the ups and downs of the Law of Karma.

Like them, let the light and comfort of travelers and are looking for a worker who knows less than you, who are in the mountain of despair, without teachers, without hope and consolation, who hunger Wisdom bread and bread that feeds the shadow, had told him about the benefits of the Act.

Tell him about the aspirant, the one who was able to enslave the pride and self-love for the sake of his reverence, who, still loving life, he decided his patience and obedience to the law to lay down — as a sweet flower — at the feet of the Buddha, he is in this life, "which came in the flow, "srotapatti. Spiritual forces of perfection may flicker for him still far away, but the first step is accomplished, he joined the stream, and his eyes could be like the mountain eagle vision, and hearing it — sensitivity timid doe.

Tell him about looking for that true piety can return him the knowledge that belonged to him in previous existences. Vision and hearing the angels is not acquired during one short life.

Achieve humility, if you want to buy wisdom.

Increase humility, if you have already achieved wisdom.

Be like the ocean, accept in the bowels of all creeks and streams. Mighty Ocean rest remains the same: it does not feel them.

Tames a lower Divine restrain Divine Eternal.

Great indeed is the one who fought the urge, but much higher than the one in whom God Self eradicated even the knowledge of desire.

Protect your lower, so it is not polluted your higher education.

The path to final liberation in your Higher Self

This path begins and ends outside of your personal Ya

There is no praise, and not significant in the eyes of the proud are the source of all rivers; worthless in the eyes of fools the human form, at least in its healing waters flowed streams of immortality (Amrita). Yet sacred rivers are born in the holy land, and who possessed wisdom, honor all men of reason.

Arhats and sages, gifted infinite an insight as rare as the flower of the tree Udambara. Arhats are born in the midnight hour at a time with the sacred plant of nine and seven stalks, the blessed flower that blooms in the dark, fed by pure dew on a bed of ice with snow capped peaks that are not available footsteps of sinners.

Not a single Arhat becomes established in the same life, when the soul longing for the first time tasted the final liberation. Yet not one soldier who voluntarily seeks a fierce battle between the "live" and "dead", no rookie can not be denied the right to enter the path leading to the field of Massacre.

For he must either win or fall. If you win, it truly reaches nirvana. But earlier than he will throw his shadow, his mortal shell, fraught with suffering and sorrow infinite, people recognize in him a great and holy Buddha.

If he falls in battle, and then it will fall not waste, enemies, crushed them in the final battle, will not return to life in his later incarnation.

But if you reach nirvana or reject deserved award, but not the fruits of action or refraining from your motivation, the heart, full of courage.

Know that a bodhisattva, sacrificing his release for renunciation in order to put on the suffering of the "Secret Life", is called "honor the three" O thou that elects lot of sorrows for centuries.

At first, the only way, but in the end it forks. His pursuits marked by four and seven gates. At the end of one way — bliss immediate, on the other end — bliss deferred for a long time. Both reward for merit: the choice is yours.

Single path splits into two, the "clear" and "Secret" Path. The first leads to the goal, and the second-to samozaklaniyu.

When you sacrifice for the sake of eternal transient reward — thy drop back at its source. "Explicit path of" leads to nirvana, a state of absolute Most Lucent, the bliss that exceeds human understanding.

Explicit path of the results in the release.

But the path leading to the hidden denial, and so called "walk in the ways of Sorrow."

It leads to the arhat ineffable spiritual grief, sorrow for the "living dead" and helpless pity for the suffering humanity, subject to all hazards of karma, for wise men know that the results of karma can not be eliminated.

Written in the Scriptures, "learns to not create new causes, but the effects of the wave, like a great tidal wave, you should not put obstacles in order to complete its natural running."

"Explicit path of the" only just reach its goal, forces you to leave the body and enter into a bodhisattva three blissful state of dharmakaya, which entails the eternal oblivion of the world and people.

And "secret path of" leads to bliss Paranirvana, but at the end of countless ages, Nirvana deserved and lost out to the world of endless complaints erring mortals.

But the Scripture said: "The last will be so great." Teacher Excellence denied himself for the salvation of the world, stopping at the threshold of nirvana, the state of innocence.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Now you have the knowledge and the first and second tracks. Hour strikes choice for your soul to dare, when you get through the seventh gate and reach the goal. Your mind clean. He did not embarrass you deceitful dreams, because you all knew. Unveiled Truth is in front of you and looking at you relentlessly says:

"Sweet fruit of peace and liberation in his own name, but even sweeter fruits of incessant and bitter duty, the fruits of renunciation in the name of others, in the name of suffering fellow men."

He who becomes prateka Buddhas, just before their bows J. Bodhisattva, who won and seized the prize, but men in his divine compassion:

"For the good of others I renounce the great reward" — the Bodhisattva did great renunciation.

Savior of the world anoint OH.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Regard! At the end of the path, and achieve happiness, and a long way of sorrows. You can choose any of them, on their eager sadness to the end!




"Master, the choice is made. I crave wisdom. You broke cover to hide" Secret Path ", you gave me a Graduate Teaching. Thy servant is ready to follow you."

Let it be according to thy will, shravaka. Be ready, for the way forward you have to make one. The path is the same for all, but the means to an end are different for each traveler.

Which falls on your choice, the heart that knows no fear? Izberesh you know "Perfect Contemplation" about four degrees, and made his way through the light of Virtue, the number six, a noble doors leading to Spirituality (Bodhi) and perfect knowledge (Pragnya) — the seventh stage of Wisdom?

The harsh way the four stages of "observing" winds up the hill. Three great one who will rise to the top of the steep.

To the height of light trail leading Virtues even steeper. You have to pave their way through seven gates, seven strongholds protected cruel and insidious forces — the embodiment of the passions.

Take courage, a student, and remember the golden rule. Once you have passed the gate srotapatti "step in the stream," and their feet touched the bed of nirvana in the future waiting for you, only seven incarnations, O thou whose heart is hard as a diamond.

Regard. They see your eyes, of looking Godlike Wisdom?

"Protection of the darkness unfolds over the depths of matter. His flexing I fight. Before mine eyes darkness thickens. God … it is accelerated by the wave of your right hand. Shadow moving, twisting like a snake crawls … It is growing, spreading, and — in sinks the darkness. "

The shadow of your personal self out of the way of the darkness cast by your sins.

"Truly, Sir, I see the way, the beginning of it submerged in the mire of evil, the top — is lost in the luminous glow of Nirvana, and I see all the gates to the tapering difficult and tortuous path leading to knowledge of God."

Thou hast well seen, a student. Those gates will lead you through the flood waters on the "other side." Every gate have a golden key that opens the door. Memorize their names:

1. Dana. The key of charity and love immortal.

2. Shila. Key harmony between word and deed, balancing cause and effect, in order to destroy all the reasons for action of karma.

3. Kshanti. Gentle patience, no vozmutimoe.

4. Vairagya. Indifference to pleasure and pain, illusion conquered, and only one truth visible.

5. Virya. Invincible power, making way out of the pool lies the earth to the heavenly truth.

6. Dhyana. Golden Door her time otverztaya, leads to the realm of the Immaculate Absolute, and his incessant contemplation.

7. Pragnya, the key to which will lead one to God-likeness, creating from a Bodhisattva, son of Radiant.

These are the golden keys, unlock the Gate.

Before you come close to the last entry, on his release, creating the fabric, you should following the harsh ways, learn perfect high virtue, of which, six and ten.

Because before you become worthy to meet his teacher face to face, from light to light, remember, a student who has been commanded you?

What can not you get closer to the first input, until you learn to separate his body from the soul, to break up and live in the shadow of the Eternal. For that you have to breathe and to live according to all that everything knowable you, breathes in you, to feel in all things and all things are present in the Single H.

And you must not permit his feelings to do a race of your mind.

You should not be separated from its being the One Being, of all things, but — Ocean merge with the drop and drop to merge with the ocean.

So you reach and complete harmony with all that lives and breathes, and this power of love to people as if they were your brothers, disciples single teacher, the children of a loving mother.

Many mentors, teacher, only one — the World Soul. Live in One teacher like his ray lives in you. Live in thy fellows as they live in it.

Before he enter on the threshold of the Path, the duality should go to your unity, your personal should be donated impersonal, and destroyed the link, connecting higher with the lower.

Be prepared to answer when stand before duty (Dharma) stern law, whose voice asks students taking their first introductory step:

Whether you agreed with all the rules themselves, the heart, full of high hopes?

Have you brought in tune with the soul of the great soul of humanity? For as in the thundering voice of the holy river of all nature sounds find their response and heart "entered the stream" should tremble in response to every sigh and thought of all that lives and breathes.

Students can be likened to the strings of a sensitive guilt of humanity, its cavity, a hand running through the strings, harmonious breathing Great World Soul. String, unable to speak for teachers fingers gentle harmony to the sounds of the rest of the string, breaks and is thrown away. That should be the connection between the students — shravaka. Their thoughts should be played in harmony with the idea of teachers agreed with the universal soul, or — to be thrown away.

Have you agreed on, seeking the light, its existence to the great scourge of mankind?

If agreed … Entry is open to you. But before you embark on the lonely path of Sorrows, well you know the dangers of it.

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