Experience Arthur Folder: hiding among relatives, go through Ukraine

Ales Mikhalevich escape from under the noses of the investigation provide an occasion to remember that the events in Minsk's Independence Square on the day of the presidential election forced dozens of pro-democracy activists to leave Belarus. How do these people were able to cross the border?

Dec. 19 photo with a bloody face activist of the "Tell the truth!" Arthur Folder spared many news agencies. It was Mr. Popok was driving a van, which is assured by the official propaganda carrying "weapons and explosives" and other devices to seize power.

Folder detained and made the report "for breaking the rules of the road" and then released. Foreseeing that he will not give long remain at large, Arthur disappeared on the same day.

Was it easy to leave Belarus? Or had to use a trick? With these questions, I turned to Arthur folder.

"I tried to outwit. Once released from the police station, flew to the station, where they were hidden away things, taking the week that I was hiding in different locations with friends and relatives. Then went through Russia to Ukraine, spent a month there with relatives — yet ended holidays, while there asked Ambassador of Poland to Ukraine. I wrote in detail about all his adventures, and I must pay tribute, he zvyazavshysya to Warsaw, was a political decision to give me an annual national Polish visa. for even one day. "

Reporter"That is no problem from the Ukraine came to Poland?"

I found this board for deliverance, pastavivshysya to this in a philosophical …

"Well, apart from the problem of looting by the Ukrainian police. Seeing my passport and realized where I was and why they started to scare me that now ssadyats to the nearest station, will investigate the circumstances. And" go back to the "father" to he understood me. And, frankly, I was scared because I did not have more time to risk their lives, and were waiting for the next day to "Belsat" on the record. In short, prashmanavshy, they pulled me out of money. And so "technically" I noticed it only after returning back into the compartment. That if to answer, or drove without incident. Almost without incident. I found this board for deliverance, pastavivshysya to this and philosophical. "

Reporter"Three months have passed from the events in the square, many people still sit in jail, but many more left. Than in danger of returning to Belarus?"

"In my case, when I wrote in the explanatory report on violation of traffic rules, I realized what I was doing. I wanted to capture on these official documents in duplicate (second from left in my case the first somewhere" lost ") are the facts of the crime, witnessed — and even the victim — I've become. After all laid out there, I realized that it will not remain without attention of those against whom I did. I am convinced that it is only strengthened their relationship to me. And, accordingly, my — to them. "

Reporter"Indefinitely have to stay in Poland?"

I think this is a matter of fair and not the drabnadushnym in my life …

"Of course, I can not here to beat his butt to the chest and scream that has declared war on the regime, but I did what I did. Think this is a matter of fair and not the drabnadushnym in my life. Understanding how this will be taken by those who have power in my country, what can they do against their enemies, I have seen with my own eyes, and even more, and I know from reading the other, I made the appropriate conclusions. So, I think today I really go to Belarus is not necessary. now I can not risk my life and go back there. "


"Tell the truth," Popok

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