Experts predict what will happen to Fukushima in the case of new tremors

Japanese experts of the Research Institute of Disaster Prevention, located in Kyoto, concerned about the contents in the waters of Tokyo Bay dangerous element cesium.

According to the forecasts obtained using complex mathematical models, in particular points of the bay in March 2014 of this element will exceed 4000 Bq / kg. Is considered the most polluted northern part of Tokyo Bay, where cesium found in large quantities, not only in water but also in the soil.

According to experts, the average pollution of the marine soil in the coming years will be 300-500 Bq / kg. These are not comforting result of an accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

But even more comforting experts' predictions about what will happen, if an earthquake similar in strength again while the effects of the accident is not completely eliminated.

Experts from the company Thames serving station Fukushima, said that in the event of another such shock, problems arise not only in the fourth damaged reactor, but also to others.

Due to damaged roads rescuers will be harder for them to get close, but because of the destruction of communications will be suspended for the time the water supply, cooling the damaged reactor. Experts believe that it could have the unintended consequences, however, with particular attention the prediction of seismic activity in the region.

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