Experts Stasi crimes: Torture in the heart of Europe — is a horror

Society, "I guess I incorrigible optimist, but maybe with the escape from the KGB Ales Mikhalevich stop torturing other prisoners, "- said" Freedom "sister Andrei Sannikov, one of the founders of the British created a social movement «Free Belarus Now" Dr. Irina Bogdanova. — "I do not think it can hurt those prisoners who remained in the chambers of the KGB. Those who now sits, there was even the slightest chance of release under subscription. Maybe now they will be even better. Let's wait for the further development of events, I think that they will develop quickly. "

Translated into different languages statements Ales Mikhalevich of torture in the KGB showed unprecedented in modern European physical and mental abuse from the person. This was stated

Dr. Bogdanov, "I guess I incorrigible optimist, but perhaps with an escape from the KGB Ales Mikhalevich stop torturing other prisoners."

"Freedom", experts on torture, which were practiced in the former East Germany's secret police. Researchers "Stasibehoerde" (Office for the Study of crimes of the former East German state security), as well as physicians, psychiatrists, former political prisoners gedeeravskiya believe that such experiments KGB directly threaten human health.

The principle of "Stasi" — irrelevant information is not

GDR state security service, whose main prison was located in the East German city of Bautzen, was established shortly after the Second World War, with the direct participation of the NKVD-MGB in the image and likeness of the agency.

The motto of the secret police sounded like "Shield and Sword of the Party" (meaning the Socialist Unity Party of Germany). The main principle — "irrelevant information does not happen." The employees of "Stasi" had their hymns, which are not met by German words like "secret police", "Dzerzhinsky". For example: "Comrade Dzerzhinsky, we are your descendants, ready to fight to the end with the enemy and die with the bright future of our country."

Young people "Stasi" was a hymn, the meaning of which was once a popular lines of the Soviet police smash hits "If someone somewhere in our times." The last verse sung in Russian.

"Stasi" tightly controlled the behavior of East Germans to advance to prevent any politically incorrect behavior. Helped them in more than 260 thousand informants — "informal workers".

With the so-called "office" has worked every six eastern German. All the phones in the GDR prasluhovvalisya, in hotel rooms without fail installed video cameras. To extract information from Western politicians and businessmen, widely used prostitutes.

The former German Democratic Republic in the torture techniques resemble the current KGB

For dissidents, human rights activists, etc. "Stasi" uses a variety of torture.

As the expert of "Stasibehoerde" Dr. Tabias Vunshyk, KGB jail were always overcrowded and the prisoners tortured and held over them medical experiments. Richly documented evidence, however, the "Stasi" destroyed when the 1989 fall of the Berlin wall. With the help of modern science, however, managed to find a way to restore the files. Was found in one document and

Dr. Vunshyk: "In prison, used all possible technical, physical and psychological means to break the will of man. And after the prisoner go free, to use all means to discredit him in the eyes of the opposition."

mention of Major Putin, which the head of "Stasi" in February 1988, presented a bronze medal "For Service in the National Army of the GDR."

According to the expert "Stasibehoerde" Dr. Tabiasa Vunshyka, it is known that since the mid-1970s perverted physical torture stopped, and their place was taken by a variety of psychological experiments.

According to the researcher, what have witnessed in their recent statements Mikhalevich, fully complies former gedeeravskay practice: from threats of all kinds, playing good and bad cop — to permanently turned the camera light or the requirement to lay hands on the blanket — German expert continues.

"Work" of detainees also included a variety of insults, sleep deprivation, isolation, intrusive surveillance and eavesdropping. In short, used all possible technical, physical and psychological means to break the will of man.

"After the prisoner go free, to use all means to discredit him in the eyes of the opposition," suggests Dr. Vunshyk.

Even the most "innocent" game intelligence can have serious health consequences

Some German experts believe that employees "Stasi" used carcinogenic radiation and therefore, that killed three

The archives of the "Stasi" is a reference to the Major Putin, to which the head of State Security of East Germany in February 1988, presented a bronze medal "For Service in the National Army of the GDR."

known dissidents — writers Jürgen Fuchs yes Rudolf Bahro and rock guitarist Gerulf Panahi, who played in the most famous band in the GDR, "Klaus Ranft Combo." All three died from a very rare form of cancer. After the fall of the wall in the dungeons of the radioactive items found.

"Even the most" innocent "of the game in good and evil investigators can not leave a footprint on human health," — said the famous Berlin oncologists Christian Kopf, which, incidentally, had been in Minsk as part of humanitarian medical project. Christian Kopf comes from dissident gedeeravskay family. In prison, "Stasi" sat his brother and father. One of them took years for it to recover the injured psyche. After his release from prison he had long feared the people. Even a trip to a nearby store called terror, says Dr. Kopf.

"It's terrible that these things are happening now in Belarus, near the center of Europe", shares his impressions of "Freedom" Berlin psychiatrist, a former prisoner himself, "Stasi" Dr. Karl-Heinz Bomberg, to the Statement of Ales Mikhalevich.

"I mean the storage of physical torture, which in the GDR were discontinued in 1970. Duration and severity of bullying in prison lead to health problems. This is stated in a number of studies, my colleagues — renowned Berlin psychiatry. This I declare and Based on his own experience, "says Dr. Karl-Heinz Bomberg.

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