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If you search the internet on some best-sellers in 2012, the number one book is sure to be a little-known author David Wilcock, published as recently as the end of August — "Studies of primary sources: the hidden science and extinct civilization based predictions for 2012." Volume of 528 pages is unlikely to be easy reading. Besides, this is just one of the hundreds of other books, videos, conferences and other intellectual products on the subject of predictions for 2012.


Fans of the 2012 soldered together data on the archeology of Central America, the spirituality of modern times, stories about aliens and UFOs, and bizarre interpretation of science to get to the exit certain prophecy that something Come-True-grand to happen December 21, 2012.
The result is a mess, a hodgepodge of ideas and predictions — and we decided to simplify things by expanding the material on the shelves of frequently asked questions. Here you can learn everything you want to know about Apocalypse 2012.
What is special about the predictions for 2012?
Daniel Wojcik — professor at the University of Oregon and the author of "The End of the world as we know it: faith, fatalism, and apocalypse in America." For some time he tracked the "2012 phenomenon" in the media. According to him, it has the same quality as the doomsday predictions that existed at various other times, but it is a unique product of the Internet age, where specific ideas of non-mass culture can easily find an audience.
"The phenomenon of 2012 — this is something really new, it's an eclectic and countercultural apocalypse — in contrast to the expectations of the Christian gospel End of the World and Judgment, — he said. — Although the fuss around 2012 before the onset of such fears, two thousand, it has a distinctive character, it is much broader than the millennial kaleidoscope of many ancient and modern beliefs and prophecies. "
Plus, it is — entertainment.
"I feel that a lot of interest in the year 2012 are interested in it, simply because it is unusual and strange. This is a new and alternative apocalyptic angle of view, and proposed the idea of it is so close to the series" The X-Files, "so esoteric and so widely scattered map of beliefs that can be found there for yourself all you want, and then add your own components Judgment Day chaos to the thousand, — says Daniel. — Here there is not only tested the old fears of Judgment Day, and eternal hope of transforming the world. "
Is there something undeniable in this noise about the 2012?
In fact, all agree to the following: Mayan tribes, settled in the territory, which is now occupied by Mexico, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, have a unique calendar which is linked together in the years of long cycles. Many scientists holding mainstream science, agree that one of these cycles began in 3114 BC and will end next year.
Why eyes are on December 21?

And this is the place where the differences begin. Some of the people who study the Mayan calendar, they say that this is the day when the current cycle. Others believe that the selection of the exact date can be problematic, given the diversity of opinion even among Maya
the exact dates calendar. December 21 — the date of the winter solstice next year, which is very important to many fans in 2012. And this day is associated with other real astronomical event: the Earth and the Sun line up roughly in line with the center of our Milky Way galaxy.
And as Maya seen what will happen when the calendar cycle end?

Many researchers believe the Mayan culture, this event is comparable to the time when the odometer on your car is completely cleared. Others say that in the annals of the Mayan prophecies have found interesting about the events at the end of the cycle — the stories are to us the same attitude as the Scandinavian myths about Ragnarok — the fatal death of the gods and the world after the battle between the gods and the different chthonic monsters. And finally, there are people who sell books and attending conferences, which tell us that the Maya felt something very profound.
And what would that be like?
Depends on who the supporters of the theory in 2012 you say. Here's a hell of a mix: the people who created the Mayan calendar, were aliens who wanted to tell us earthlings, accurate information about the time when the solar system and the ray from the center of the galaxy line up in a special way. This beam affects the human consciousness terrible or wonderful way. Perhaps he will also have a material impact on the planet. Depending on the reaction of people, we can experience or disaster, or a positive transformation. Perhaps fans say the 2012, we can all help the emergence of a new spiritual era. The idea that ordinary people can influence the outcome of the story of End of the world,
by Wojcik called "aversive (sickening) expectation of doom and doomsday," is the keynote of this story for many true believers.
Who started this story?
Several scientists first drew attention to the 2012 in the 18th century — when the texts were translated to their Mayan calendar. But the modern circus probably began with the former professor of art history, University of California, Jose Arguelesa, a co-founder of Earth Day in 1970. In the 1980s, he began to get its related to the Maya idea. Argueles took an unusual astronomical event — a parade of planets on one side of the sun — and came up with the idea that on August 16-17, 1987, we will see the "Maya-galactic harmonic convergence." His books and conference papers have attracted a lot of media attention, and tens of thousands of people around the world staged during the "convergence" mass events, actively covers entertainment TV.
His prediction was based on Maya calendar,
and later he became one of the most famous preachers of the future events of 2012. Arguelesa but will not be with us next year, so he will not apologize or proudly proclaim to the world — "I told you so." Earlier this year, he died, but not before the associates said: "I did everything I could on this planet. Was calling me to help close the loop with the other party."
In general, now we just have to wait for December 21, 2012.

George D. Fedoseyev journalist BCM.ru

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