Factory crane sums up 2012

Factory "crane" released in the 12 months 2012 1772 units truck crane equipment under the brand name "Ivanovec" is on 284 vehicles more than in 2011, the press service of the TC "Ivanovo brand."
The highest rate in 2012 increased the production of cranes "Ivanovec" series "AK" carrying capacity of 25 tons If 2011 was issued 323 crane in this series, in 2012, more than 600. These models have a 4-piece boom length 30.7 m
A significant event in 2012 for "crane" was the launch in March in mass production boom truck crane with ovoid. In August, the assembly line came 200th crane boom ovoid profile — 25-ton "Ivanovec" KS-45717-1R on the chassis "Ural" (see photo).

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