Factory Free Falcon (Lipetsk) is upgrading the centrifugal casting machine

In April, the pipe foundry shop Lipetsk Metallurgical Plant "Free Falcon" began the modernization of the centrifugal casting machine number 5, which produced small diameter pipe. The purpose of the event — providing technical and economic parameters in accordance with the requirements of international standards, to increase the service life of metal forms and the quality of the pipes. In the photo — the specialists who deal with the modernization of the CM number 5. Left to right: mechanics, repairmen Vladimir Smaguine, Kurakins Dmitry, Vladimir Kosarev repairman centrifugal machines Igor Tasenko, mechanic, repairman Alex Bessonov.

 Modernization of the CM number 5 will be held in two phases — said the deputy head of the Equipment trubtseha Vladimir Tokarev, who is chief of the repair and modernization of the machine.
Among the specialists of the plant and trubtseha a working group under the direction of Chief Engineer Boris Lizunova.
The first stage involves the transfer of hydraulic drives for machines and electro-mechanical extractor, which will improve the accuracy of the process parameters and settings of all the arrangements.
The second phase includes the modernization of sector rotation mechanisms buckets moving gutters, idlers, electro hydraulic drive on the way, and the development and installation of a new automated system for casting pipes, installation of sensors measuring the temperature of hot metal ladle in the sector, the installation of an automated system for additional power supply cooling drenched pipes in metal molds, metal molds treatment plant compressed air before casting.
At present, the CM number 5 sdemontirovana, works on its overhaul. In the repair shop equipment and tooling sent part of the site for reconditioning.
Complete the modernization of the casting machine is tentatively scheduled in August and September.

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