Factory Kazanorgsintez (PHOTOS)

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"Kazanorgsintez" — one of the largest chemical enterprises in Russia, which has a strategic importance for the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan. Currently now produced polyethylene, polyethylene pipes, phenol, acetone, ethylene glycol, ethanolamine, bisphenol, polycarbonate and other products of organic synthesis. Every year, "Kazanorgsintez" produces more than 1 million tons of chemical products. The plant produces more than 38% of Russian polyethylene and is its largest exporter.

Construction of the plant began in 1959.
The first products (phenol and acetone) was issued on July 13, 1963.

"Kazanorgsintez" is a leader in the production of gas polyethylene pipes, phenol, acetone, antifreeze, chemicals for oil and natural gas dehydration.

"Kazanorgsintez" includes eight plants and ancillary units located on the same industrial site: Ethylene plant, plant LDPE, HDPE Plant, Organic products plant, the plant Akiha, OBA applications include plant, plant and plant BPA polycarbonate.

Plant for the production of polycarbonates.

Commissioned in 2008

It is the only plant in Russia producing polycarbonate using an environmentally friendly method of producing phosgene and non-waste technology.

The top of the plant "Ethylene"

Plant for the production of bisphenol-A
Consists of phenol production and production of bisphenol A. is the first in the processing chain redistribution "Kazanorgsintez". The main products of the plant are: bisphenol A, phenol and acetone. The main raw material — propylene and benzene.

Number of employees "Kazanorgsintez" is about 9 million people.

The total area of the plant is 4.2 km2.


Cooling towers

More than 20% of its production is exported.

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