Factory Red Sormovo launched the first of the seven tankers Volga-Flot-Tanker

Nizhny Novgorod shipyard "Red Sormovo" on Thursday launched the first of seven tankers of "Volga-Flot-Tanker"
The ship was named "Mechanic Antonov".

The contract between the plant and the company Red Sormovo "VF The tanker "was signed in July 2010. Under the contract, the plant will build seven oil tankers project 19614. All seven ships will be delivered to the customer in 2011.

"We carried out the production program of the year: built and shipped to customers seven ships. The vessel, which today launched the — start for 2011 ", — told reporters, CEO of JSC" Plant "Red Sormovo" Nikolay Zharkov.

Tankers Project 19614 "river-sea" are the greatest of Russian vessels for river navigation. Deadweight — 5530 tons, length — 141 meters, width — 16.9 m, depth — 6.1 m, speed — not less than 10 knots (more than 18.5 km / h). Navigation area — inland waterways and offshore non-Arctic areas in accordance with the class of the ship. Class: KM * Ice1 R2-RSN AUT3 VCS Oil tanker. To date, the tanker project 19614 is the largest of the Russian vessels for river navigation.

Factory "Red Sormovo" was founded in 1849 as a multi-utility responsible for the execution of public contracts. Since 2004 belongs to the group of MNEs since 2008 — the United Shipbuilding Corporation. For half a century the plant has built hundreds of ships of various types — from river barges to modern submarines.

LLC "Volga-Flot-Tanker" was established in Nizhny Novgorod in 2001 with the participation of "shipping company" Volga Shipping Company, "is engaged in inland water transportation of petroleum products. "Volga-Flot-Tanker" has on its balance sheet of more than 40 ships with a total tonnage of more than 170 million tons, equipped for transportation of petroleum products. The main route — transportation of petroleum products from the factories of the White River region and Kama to St. Petersburg and on marine vessels to the port of destination.

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