Factory Rudgormash produced innovative equipment

Voronezh plant "Rudgormash" released disc vacuum filter with ceramic filter elements. In May, he should be put to Lebedinsky GOK for testing.

"For our plant is an innovative technique, and it is in great demand by consumers. Besides us, these filters produces the only company in the world — the Finnish" Larox. "Try another Chinese, but the quality of their leads — emphasizes the Deputy Technical Director of UMMC" Rudgormash "Vladimir processing equipment sharh. — Our ceramic filter has a lot of technological possibilities, he had better performance, less moisture in the sediment, but the main thing — it is 10 — 12 times less power consumption compared to conventional vacuum disc filters. " 

According to the forecasts of the company, these ceramic filters will be in demand abroad. They are already interested Mexicans, Brazilians, Chileans, Peruvians, Indians, South Africans.

On outsourcing in the production of ceramic filters will participate Voronezh enterprises — "Spetsmash" and the company "Automatic", as the company "Hydrogas."

"This integration of regional enterprises will benefit the regional economy — says Vladimir Shahri. — We are grateful to our partners who, even in these difficult times and sustain us hope for us. They stretched" Rudgormash "helping hand in the most difficult period and, still trust the equipment with the Voronezh brand. "

In 2014, UMMC "Rudgormash" will also participate in the tender for the supply of drilling rigs for advanced enterprise Kuzbass. Now new equipment, specially adapted for the coal industry, is being tested at "KRU".

UMMC "Rudgormash" specializes in drilling, mining, mineral processing and mining equipment.

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