Fiction writers predict the future better than Nostradamus

One of the pioneers of the genre — Jules Verne — predicted not only space travel, submarines, helicopters, satellites and missiles and a jet engine. HG Wells' War of the Worlds "described the laser. And these prophecies has been done. What other predictions about the future of science fiction known secret page?

In the novel "When the Sleeper Wakes" by HG Wells described the household VCR, in the story "Earth armadillos" predicted tanks, "War in the Air" is about the use of airplanes in combat, and "The World Set Free" painted a grim prospect of nuclear war.

One of the most popular novels of HG Wells' The Time Machine "found an echo in the hearts of voluntary researchers, scientists and writers. Not for nothing the legendary writer and lexicographer, Jorge Luis Borges admired the works of HG Wells. However, his interest in the concept of time, even more stoked study English philosopher and aviator John William Dunne.

Analyzing the phenomenon of prophetic dreams, Dunn came to the conclusion that in fact people in a dream move into the future of the fourth spatial dimension, similar to the time dimension. In the future, experiments with time spent on themselves and on others, Dunn was convinced that he was right and wrote a book, "The experiment with time."

According to Borges, Dunn believes that "every man has a dream of individual fraction of eternity, which allows him to see the recent past and near future. All this dreamer casts a glance, just God, watching cosmic process of his vast eternity "- and is, thus, similar to the Creator."

Meanwhile, the debate over the possibility of a device by which one could travel in time, still continues to this day. Moreover, that history is known a number of factors that lead to think: perhaps a time machine already exists and is even working?

In January 1899, the state of Connecticut (USA), and in January 1905 in various parts of England, noted the emergence of the "savages" with incomprehensible speech.

In 1950, in Times Square in New York in a stream of fast moving vehicles on the roadway suddenly appeared strangely dressed man.

The driver did not have time to slow down and hit him, causing unknown died. Police conducted the most thorough investigation and came to the mind-blowing, but certain and indisputable conclusion — dead inexplicably come from the past … Were well established and its data conclusively proved that in 1879, the man went out for a walk and never returned. Archive documents confirmed that for many years he was listed as missing.

September 27, 1989 on the outskirts of Voronezh on a walk in the park in front of the astonished crowd disappeared 16-year-old. He returned about forty minutes, but already looked much older. According to the doctors, his age was about 25 years. The guy could not explain.

Albert Einstein was faced with the phenomenon of time during the Second World War, during the famous "Philadelphia Experiment", which tragically ended. Einstein immediately destroyed all the records and said that experiments with time is extremely dangerous.

Russian scientists from the Moscow Aviation Institute Plant. Khrunichev in the early 90-ies of XX century tried to create the first working model of a time machine. In experiments with improved model placed inside the machine clock is slow by exactly four hours, and the instruments have recorded magnetic vibrations in four hours before the experiment.

In 1991, a chemical engineer, philosopher and inventor Yuri Kunyansky said that with the help of his time machine can be moved to any era, not only our Earth, but the universe.

The technical basis of a time machine — the interaction of electromagnetic fields at the specific frequencies and amplitudes. But its essence — in a new philosophical understanding of time. Time, like space, has a length, and thus leaves open the possibility of movement on it.

According to Kunyanskogo everything in the world is interconnected, if not insurmountable space, absolutely the same quality and must have the time. Most importantly — create the necessary conditions for this.

As the author of a bold hypothesis, all designed to have him. He only brought together disparate data. More Mendeleev identified weight as the interaction of the masses. This electromagnetic interaction. If so, it is necessary to calculate a value for the frequency at which an object, ie, a time machine, own generators emit certain frequencies, would create a total electromagnetic vector neutralizing gravity. Then there will be "obezveshivanie", and the ship will not weigh anything.

To overclock it would require a minimum of energy, but it is in theory. Kunyansky engineer claims to have created such a ship can be in practice.

Providing "obezveshivanie" need to move to the next task, acceleration and movement of the ship. For this Kunyansky suggests using a laser. Given that the design of the flight has no weight, its maneuverability can be instantaneous.

That's just where to get the energy? According to calculations of the author, it is enough to power a small battery. It will give power to the frequency of 7 Hz. Creating a potential difference in the future: the hull — a generator, can under certain conditions, obtain a current with a voltage of 50,000 volts. That will be quite enough for the rest. The power of this energy can be observed in nature.

"Take the earth, — Jury Kunyansky. — Geophysicists have long observed frequency electromagnetic field of the planet at 7 Hz. Occurs here and the potential difference between the Earth and the ionosphere, resulting in lightning born. In other words, the Earth itself — a sort of time machine. "

Unfortunately, the project time machine in the early 90's did not believe the theory is contested, the project was closed, and now, it seems, and forget about it altogether. Although you never know, maybe the production of a time machine kept a closely guarded secret, and it has long been ready? The answer to this question for us in the future …

Yegor Smokes

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