Fire from the sky. Prophecy. Star Typhon.

Three-headed Typhon. Greece.

Fire from the sky.

While closer to the neutron star (Typhon), our planet will fall into its extensive gas-dust plume and the planet will begin next dreadful disaster. The main part of the gases of the gas cloud is probably composed of hydrogen, the most common gas in the universe. Hydrogen, hitting the Earth's atmosphere, the interaction with the Earth's oxygen, lights in the upper atmosphere. Part of the flame reaches the surface of our planet. And the world will begin the nightmarish disaster.

The book of the Maya "Chilam Balam Chumayel" (translated by Ralph L. Royce) states that the terrible disaster on earth will be caused by a kind of celestial object, possibly a neutron star, "In heaven, will circle the earth will burn with fire. Kauil will again be revealed, as it has already been revealed in the beginning of time. In Katun (date) in all the earth start a fire. "

Spanish missionary Bernardino de Sahagan
(1500-1590), who for a long time learning the language, culture and customs of the South American Indians, in his "General History of New Spain" describes the beliefs of the local population of the future cataclysm: "When the fiery whirlwind nispadet from the sky, all life on earth will perish, there will be an end to everything, and made eternal night. Sun will not be more than up into the sky, and come midnight. Tsitsitsimi monster appears and signs devour people … and on the ground, as they say, there are no one, because people will rise to the flat roofs …. And this belief in miracles was so strong that it encourages people to keep an eye on the sky, watching the stars, whose names sounded like a "set" and "Fiery Whirlwind".
Last name — very precise verbal description of the neutron star.

Ancient texts predictions of fire from the sky, there are a Avesta
— the sacred book of the ancient Iranian religion (Zoroastrianism). Creator-God Ahuramazda defined the term of the universe in 12 000 years. The first three thousand years after the creation of the spiritual world and the world had passed safely to the Earth. But then came the evil spirit Angra Mainyu, who created the snake Ami. Satan broke into our world with them created a monster and killed the first person Gayomarta, but he left his seed from which to resurrect people. The struggle between good and evil, in the "Avesta", should end in disaster. Will rule over the world dragon Aji-Dahaka and comes terribly cold winter, and then after the land perish and purified in the fire (and the wicked in the last three days of the molten bronze to be tortured, which spilled from the sky), the world is reborn again and will find unshakeable Start and order.
Great Savior will come when the light shines on the earth two suns. To the sky people will come from the sky shining clouds.
According to the beliefs zaroastriytsev (Bundahishn), before the end of the world to the Earth will be a terrible serpent to punish people who are sunk in sin: "And Gochihar, snakes sky will fall outside of the moon on the earth, and the earth will suffer pain like sheep when the wolf tears off rather inactive.
Then the God of Fire and God Ayriyaman (Ahriman) melt metals in the hills and mountains, and they will flow like rivers through the land. They will encourage all people to go through the molten metal, and it will make them clean. And the one who is saved, it will seem like a walk in the warm milk, but one who is convicted, it will feel exactly like molten metal. "

The Delphic Sibyl warn mankind that the fire from the sky one third of people will die, "Almighty will punish all the nations of the earth. War and famine devastate humanity. God in heaven will be solid and will do this. All men will weep and lament. Creator of heaven and earth will send a huge fire on the ground. Of humanity will survive only a third. Climate change on Earth, will begin a prolonged drought. Terrible famine in the land, and two-thirds of humanity will perish … ".

In ancient manuscripts — "Edda" in the song "Völuspá"(Witch)," Prose Edda, "says the World fire, flood and darkness, to be accompanied by" three winters without a summer. " End of the world (Ragnarok) will come when evil will penetrate into our world. Wolf Fenrir (neutron star) will swallow the sun and natural disaster. As a result of clashes between the Wolf and the god Odin, as well as between the world serpent Jormungand, which means Velikansky staff and god Thor will be the end of the world, which will be announced by sound of the trumpet horns Gyallarhorna (Earth's core). Before the end of the world will be a three-year rule of battle and killing the brother rises against brother, father to son and son to father, greed possess the souls of men, the truth will disappear, and family ties are breaking down. Then winter comes, poduyut harsh winds will come unbearable cold, and the sun will shine dimly. To everyone's horror wolf swallows the sun, moon and grab cause him great harm, stars pluck from the sky and fall to the ground, lit world ash, mountains tremble and the earth, the trees will be torn out by the roots, rocks crumble, the sea flooded the land. Fenrir reveals his huge mouth so wide that the upper jaw touches the sky, and the bottom of the earth. From his eyes and nostrils bursting flame. Giant snake spits venom, air and sea light, and with a crash crash high sky. Evil forces led by the formidable Surt (black, fiery giant), which is armed with a formidable weapon of the Sun shining brighter, together with the evil sons Muspell, turn against the gods of light and the universe is dying in the great fire.

Chaldean priest and astrologer Berossus (III century BC) believed that the last time cycle of human existence will last 25,872 years. Berossus describes the details of a cosmic catastrophe caused by Satan and his influence on the precession of the Earth's axis. He depicts life on earth and the edge of the earth aflame drive at the "parade of planets", who will line up in a row in July. Disaster will be accompanied by fires, the devastating floods, which begins in October, when, according to his calculations, all the planets come together in the constellation of Capricorn, "I, Berossus, saying that all earthly things will be consumed by fire, when the five planets, gather under the sign of Cancer, lined in a row, so that through them will be a straight line. "

Prophecy of St. Methodius of Patara
(IV century), the early Christian church leader and writer of the fire from the sky: "After the humanity will be worn out by poverty and violence, the sun will be hidden in the darkness, and the moon — in the blood. The stars will fall like leaves, the sky will roll up into a roll. Foam of the sea will cover their deep humanity. Everything will be destroyed and burned from the air — the top will fall to Earth pillar of flame. From the sky will fall flaming arrows. Followed by many signs and wonders. Over the coming devastation of the epidemic and famine. "

Byzantine poet John Kiriot (X century), known as geometry, which he received for the pursuit of science and mathematics, wrote a prophetic poem "The Comita" (Comet), where he predicts the appearance of a star in the firmament of Typhon. During the disaster, according to the predictions of geometry, will begin worldwide conflagration:

Comet in the sky lights up the stream,
And on the ground the entire West Komichi burns.
Star, that the appearance of the dark prophesies
At sunrise fades, luminiferous,
And this Typhon rose victorious from
Nicephorus sunset — all of it burns,
Enveloped in the spirit of vengeance …

St. Cyril (1130-1183), Bishop of Turov,
warned of a fire from the sky, "the unquenchable fire flow from east to west, poyadaya mountains and stones and tree, and the sea izsushaya, hard as Thou elm convolution, and all vidimyya suschiya things, develop people, all with rage ognennyya Thou wax Istana, zgorit and all land. And through the fire of the whole human race ought to go <…> They are the same netsii (others), few haves sin and failure to correct, like a chelovetsi, Inasmuch as there is one God, without sin, but the sim will fire Temptation, clean and shine their Teles Thou sun by virtue of the righteous shall give light, and sinful — Seared and defilement. They have passed this very same river fire si river by the commandment of God, and those who go down posluzhivshe west, committed in the lake of fire to torment sinners. After the land is new and smooth, whi yakozhe time immemorial, and white than snow, and then the commandment of God will change and be Thou gold, izydet ney of grass and flowers of many different and unfading never the same … and the increase of the tree is not visible in B Thou there, but the height, Lepota, Majesty is not izglagolati usty man. "

Predictions of Blessed Alexander Sorvacheva
of Tentyukovo (Syktyvkar), which he did in the late 30's. XX century, and recorded A. Saks. For his prophecies about the imminent death of the Soviet regime, he was arrested by the NKVD in 1942 and disappeared in the dungeons of the institution. Blessed in their predictions euphemistically referred and the appearance of a mysterious object in the sky: "And Alexander predicted that fly big red bird and the whole city will burn. This is the town fire that will burn it all at home. People rush to the terrible heat in Vychegda. But dry all the water in the river. And perish the beast and bird, fish, and trees, and grass. Will suffer and die in agony man "(Archives of the Christian newspaper of the Russian North" Vera-Eskom ").

Clairvoyant vision Anger (Brazil), the fire from the sky. Warning, the Virgin received 16/08/2009: "Dear children, pray well before the cross in the sky — to convert people. Look for protection in the Eucharist, because the only way you can observe the wonders of the Lord. Do not let the devil steal your peace.
You are the seed of the Lord, and he will follow and serve. I am your Mother is sad. I mean that you will suffer even more. You go to a future of great trials.
Mankind will be cleared in misery. There comes a day when people will ask for help and they want to die. Rapid and destructive fire will reach the earth. It will come from far away, and people can not avoid this destructive action.
I have what you need. Continents will cease to exist, and the land will not be the same. Everything will be different. What you see today will no longer exist. After all this, God will create a new earth for His elect. Forward with courage.
This message came to you today in the name of the Holy Trinity. Thank you for allowing me to meet you here one more time. I bless you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Be calm, Amen. "

American clairvoyant prediction Raymond Aguilera the future of the universal fire:
May 25, 1992 I saw a yellow-red flame descends from outer space, and it clouded the world. World looked completely yellow and red. Probably like Mars.
Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 January 1991 by the God in Spanish and other unknown tongues:
"I burn, I burn, I burn, I'll burn the sky, I'll burn the sky, My Sons and Daughters.
Hear Me! Hear Me! all your ears, with your whole heart. I'll burn, he shall burn. He will burn the world. Yes. Yes. Yes. He will burn the world.
Prophecy from May 24, 1992 will be a day when the sky will be filled with fire. Day fire, no one would live without in order to see the flames. Because I'm going to stop all the bad in the world. I do not want you to say that I have not told you that no one said this and that. Because right now, the Father says to clean the mouth that day, the flame of the sky, coming.
There are many who do not want to hear. Right now, they stop up his ears. They do not want to hear. They do not want to read. They do not want to see. Those with fingers in ears, no one can help them, because I have already prepared a place for them …
People of the world, because the sky is the flame from which you want to hide. And you can not, because I know where you are. "

From the book "Star of the Apocalypse." Out of "Tsentrpoligraf", 2012

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