Flood damaged 14 bridges in the three districts of Primorye

Fourteen bridges in the three regions of Primorye were damaged by the cyclone storm that caused the exit of the rivers and streams of the banks, said on Friday Far Eastern Regional Center (DVRTS) Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Due to heavy rains in 33 districts of the region flooded backyard 282 and 38 basements. Because of the element of more than a thousand people in 10 villages were without electricity. More than 30 people, including children, were cut off from home in two areas of the province. In the guerrilla zone sediments washed away several sections of roads, cut communication with the villages of New Power, Romanova The key Slinkin Sergeevskoe rural settlement and village Partizan. In the village of New Power, Slinkin, Romanovsky key, Partizan were taken by helicopter of food and essential items.

"In the guerrilla zone on the road between the villages of Slinkin — Romanovsky Key — Partizan five bridges were damaged and several other road structures. Lazo in the area had risen river water damaged seven bridges also blurred trail Nakhodka — Lazo — Olga — Kavalerovo. Traffic in Lazo's not broken, "- said in a statement.

Clarifies that also flood podmyta bridges on roads Arhipovka — Clear and Samarka — Cherished in Chuguyivske area. As a result of broken links with the villages cherished Okrainka. Organized emergency bypass road section Samarka-treasured.

"In Anuchinskom area because of rising water in the river Arsenyevka interrupted by road to the villages Sheklyaevo, Muraveyka, Elovka, Grodekovo, Yasnaya Polyana, Aurovka, Funny, Skvortsov," — said the agency.

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