Flooding in Australia: snake rescues a frog, and the streets of sharks

Flooding in Australia: Snake saves FrogOne of the residents of Brisbane managed to photograph the snake, which "drives up" on the back of a frog. In the suburbs of Ipswich Gudna, submerged by flood, the streets were seen two roundnose sharks.

In November 2010, Australia began the tropical storms that have provoked the most serious flooding in decades in the northeastern state of Queensland. Element has already affected more than 200 thousand people. Flooding in Brisbane was the strongest since 1974.

One of the residents of Brisbane managed to photograph a snake on his back in an attempt to escape a flood climbed frog, writes The Daily Mail. Apparently, the snake did not mind.

Several residents of the suburb of Ipswich — Gudna — claim to have seen on the streets of roundnose sharks. One of them noticed outside the restaurant McDonald's. According to the publication The Chronicle, the animals are in the top three of the sharks, represent the greatest danger to humans.

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