Flooding in Brazil.

In the Brazilian state of Amazonas after heavy rains started flooding. The banks out of the Rio Negro river — a tributary of the Amazon. In the area of Manaus its level reached a record high of 29.9 meters.

Near the main port city, the streets turned into deep rivers. However, this is not the final level. Its highest level since the river usually reaches in June, it is expected that the water can rise above 30 meters.

Local residents were stranded. Many people can not get to work.

The last such flood occurred in the state in 2009, when the water level rose to 29.7 meters.

All from the floods in the state of Amazonas affected 53 cities. Damage to agriculture in the region has already made more than $ 30 million.

However, the final element of the consequences so far, because of their higher level of water has not yet reached.

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