Follow-up front, after the Libyan, Syrian?

Next the front, after the Libyan, Syrian?In Syria, the last waves, the first demonstrations were held in February 2011. March 15 multi-million dollar began the march throughout the entire country — demonstrations took place in the towns of Deraa, Damascus, Aleppo, Banias, Deir Alzur, Homs.

As in some other countries (Tunisia, Egypt), the enemies of the regime of Bashar al-Assad joined with social networks and channel YouTube. Mass protests have been held for more than a week, according to the opposition, there are casualties — dead and wounded. Rallies and marches dispersed law enforcement forces and supporters Assad. But the opposition continues (and named their act "The beginning of the intifada") uprising. March 22 unrest took place in 6 of the 14 provinces of Syria.

The opposition's demands:

— hold "democratic" reforms

— repeal the state of emergency and liquidation of corruption,

— dismissal of the guilty in the dispersal of early more "peaceful" demonstrations,

— shortening of military service in the army,

— the release of "political prisoners"

— resignation of the government and al-Assad.

The unrest in Syria is completely regularity, the same can not be saved in Syria militarized authoritarian regime — the "old world should be razed to the ground", all on the theory of revolution of Trotsky. There are also "Solzhenitsyn to Sakharov" — dissident Ayman Abdel Nour "entrenched" abroad, and the network distributes revolutionary appeals.

Especially strong was the excitement in southern Syria, in the town of Deraa, the government was forced to return the order to throw the aid of law enforcement forces of the Army — Special Forces battalions and two armored divisions (1st and 4th, the last commander of the younger brother of the president, Maher Al-Assad).

Immediately to the restoration of order Assad is trying to hold a series of reforms — reduced the period of military service for 3 months, dismissed the governor of Dara neighborhood, the investigation began on excess capacity by the authorities and the police — in case of death of people.

The government said that the unrest — the result of the subversive activities of Israel and the Islamists.

The driving forces of the Syrian revolution — The intelligentsia (quite weak and a small group of the population, but is able to attract the attention of the Western public), structural Islamists (they represent a real danger of a loss of power and military elite can fully capture power), Kurds (a minority, encouraging the creation of their own country's Kurdish).

If the West will support the revolutionaries in Syria, it can be completely opened a new front in the war of the North with the South. Taking into account that Syria population more Libya — 20 million people — and quite powerful army — overall size of the armed forces is 320 thousand people (16th in the world), there will be a lot more blood than in Libya. The Syrian army is likely to support the operation.

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