Following the sandstorm hit by China snow!

In China, a rush job running snow team. In Beijing and its surroundings came cold cyclone that brought snow and strong wind. It is worth noting that earlier hit the country sandstorm.

Watch video Snowfall in China after a sandstorm!

Because of the disaster can not drive on many roads, as felled dozens of trees, a few people because of the snowdrifts were trapped in their homes. In some quarters of Beijing disrupted power supply.

Due to problems on the roadways authorities of the PRC had to declare the penultimate — orange — the level of danger. Traffic police records almost every hour of the accident. On Sunday canceled flights from Beijing railway.

Meanwhile, the victims of snowfall two Japanese tourists were 62 and 68 years. Women caught in a snowstorm in Hebei Province. The fate of another Japanese man — 76-year-old man — is currently unknown.

All these disasters began in China a little more than a day ago.

Watch videos powerful sandstorm in northwest China



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