For 10 months in the North Caucasus Railway received 54 new passenger cars

According to the North Caucasus branch of JSC "Federal Passenger Company" Passenger cars Rostov received depot 23 car open and 2 staff car in which the compartments are provided for people with disabilities. The new cars are included in the train number 19/12 Rostov — Moscow — Adler.

In the passenger car shed Novorossiysk came 10 cars and two open staff car. They are now also included in the train number 19/12 Rostov — Moscow — Adler. During the summer, these cars went to the train number 507/508 Anapa — Archangel, who was appointed for the transport of organized groups of children.

Passenger car shed Mineral Waters at the end of September, received 16 cars of the open type. The new cars are included in the train number 3/4 Kislovodsk — Moscow and number 33/143 Vladikavkaz — Moscow — Kislovodsk. New cars open (second-class) were built in the Tver Carriage Works. They are equipped with side doors slide-type reclining end doors and sliding type with electromechanical and manual transmission, air conditioning units, green bath complexes, soft shelves.

The new version changed layout of cars: both toilets are located on the non-operating side, which is very convenient for passengers, and conductor. In place of the toilet compartment next to the conductor located storeroom. In the service compartment is a cooler for cooling and water heating. The car body is made of stainless steel, which increases the lifetime of the car.

Staff cars — Compartment. Each compartment is provided for disabled passengers and accompanying persons. Coupe is equipped for disabled special lower berth (sofa disabled), local lighting lamps, luggage niche place to put the wheelchair, handrail dlyaperemescheniya disabled placards. Located next to the toilet compartment for the disabled.

Nov. 9 at the station Rostov came first car "Mixed", including 2 coupe "Lux" vip-class and 6 mph. In January and February of 2013 it is planned to include this type of cars in the train number 19/12 Rostov — Moscow — Adler.

A total of 2012 car fleet of the North Caucasus branch of "FIC" fill up 60 cars of a new construction, of which 49 cars open, 4 and 7 staff train carriages "Mixed."

To date, received all the cars open and staff of the planned amount. Until the end of the year left to get another 6 cars "Mixed."

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