For 5 months in Ukraine has increased significantly the number of livestock — cattle by 3.2%, and pigs — by 4.8%.

However, the best results are demonstrated poultry industry. Here the population increased by 7.9%.


These results were achieved, including, and thanks to government support. This was announced by Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Mykola Prysyazhnyuk, the press service of the Ministry. "The industry continues to increase domestic livestock performance. This is largely due to the complex state support provided by the Government in recent years. Specifically, farmers receive subsidies for grown youngsters, handed over to the slaughter cattle and milking equipment purchased. From the beginning, the state made to these programs more than 105.6 million UAH ", — said the minister. So, thanks to the system of state support for 5 months livestock population has increased to 5.4 million head, or 3.2%. The positive trend has continued in other areas of animal husbandry. The number of pigs increased to 8,000,000 head, or 4.8%. "However, I want to note the rapid growth rates in the poultry industry — the most export-oriented sectors of the domestic livestock. Here we have traditionally there is a significant build-up of livestock. So, for 5 months poultry population increased by almost 8% and now stands at about 240 million head "- said the head of the department. Recall that in the framework of the revitalization of the economy in 2013-2014 implemented investment projects in animal husbandry. Because of this it is planned that milk production will grow by 3.5%, while sales of livestock for slaughter — by 4.5%.

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