For 6 months in 2013 turnover of containers in the port of Odessa increased by 13.2%

For the first six months of 2013 the Odessa port handled 12.3% more containers than in the same period of time. In fact from January to June, the port handled 244.227 thousand TEU.

The port is located 2 container terminal — "HPC-Ukraine" and "Brooklyn — Kiev Port," most of the credit growth in the number of container handling is on the ground.

Press-service of the port says that this growth is due to external and internal factors of the economy of Ukraine, as well as the work of individual port services.

A fundamental factor in the growth of container traffic flow due to the return of the ports of Romania and Poland, the installation of the customs authorities of Ukraine. This phenomenon is quite positive for the port of Odessa and Ukraine's economy as a whole.

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