For 8 months of 2012 in Moscow commissioned four flyovers and more than 9 km of roads

For the Day of reconstructed Lianozovskiy passage, built in Nekrasovka Avenue overpass and in Zelenograd. On the geography and volume of completed road construction on August 31, told reporters the head of the Department of Construction of Moscow Andrey Bochkarev.

In the area of Nekrasovka (South-West) has completed the construction of the prospectus Defenders of Moscow (Moscow before joining — Komsomol prospectus). It opened for traffic on the right overpass roadway Avenue, doubler and three Congresses (only 2.9 km of roads built). New interchange will allow, in the words of Bochkareva establish communication between the capital region and Nekrasovka suburban town of Lyubertsy.



Also commissioned a highway overpass at the intersection approaches Directions 5371 and the railway line in the village. Alabushevo (Zelenograd district of Moscow). The project envisaged the construction of an overpass through the w / e the way (two lanes in each direction), the device approaches to it, the construction of streets and local fare. The total length of the road section is 2.2 km, the length of the overpass — almost 240 m


In addition, nine months ahead of schedule completed reconstruction Lianozovsky directions from the Dmitrov highway to Cherepovets street. This area starts from the the passage 226 passes under the overpass Dmitrov highway and is adjacent to a street near Cherepovets Lianozovo railway platform.

As noted by A. Bochkarev, entering Lianozovsky Directions helps unload the Dmitrov highway and provides convenient access to the train platform Lianozovo to residents of Northern North-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow.

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