For half a year the chemical industry Donetsk region sales by more than 5.4 billion UAH

KIEV. July 31. UNN.For the period January-June this year, the chemical industry, Donetsk region sold products worth more than 5.4 billion mantas.


According to the published data, for the period of January-June in Donetsk region were sold chemical products and chemicals in the amount of 5 billion 457 million 734.7 thousand UAH., Accounting for 5.3% of the entire volume of industrial products in the field during the period .

As previously reported byUNN,
In January-May of chemical enterprises of Donetsk region have implemented products worth 4 billion 890 million 200 thousand UAH, which is 5.6% of the total volume of all sales of industrial products in the region during this period.

Recall that in the first quarter of 2013, the Donetsk State Plant chemical products sold products worth more than 13 million USD.

"For three months of the year DKZHI sold products worth 13 million 627 thousand UAH, including industrial explosives in the amount of 7 million 727 thousand UAH., The dismantlement of conventional ammunition unfit for further use and storage totaling 1 million 573 thousand UAH., other products for $ 4 mle327 thousand UAH ", — the press-service of the company.

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