For istekschie months of 2012 Russia had sold for $ 128 billion more than the bought

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In fact, these numbers are the following.

I (and I would assume as Russia) have 100 bucks honestly earned. On the 100 bucks I bought myself a conditional iPhone.

In response to me (ie, Russia) for 228 bucks bought useful and necessary goods and gave it for 228 bucks. Thus I regained my 100 bucks and still remained in positive territory for 128 bucks.

And in the black right?? 

I have given useful and necessary product (which, in principle, no problem could enjoy himself — Thank God it is not perishable) — the goods by which the buyer will be home with light, heat … He will ride in his brand new machine to shoot heifers, take it on the camera and show me to say: Look how I live … chocolate

And that has remained with me? .. And I was left with 128 billion pieces of paper … A little more account of unnecessary paperwork, … because all that I needed (iPhone) I've already bought, and I did not buy at all made myself …. And to those who gave them to me, too, especially they are not needed — they are there without their own problems as many prints at cost ….

But what a paradox!

You say, well, there you have the papers — go buy something else … nbd

Ok, let's try it. In Russia that nbd to buy, you need these zabugornye paper exchanged for USD … I come to change, and I


saying: y, if such sum to start swapping, these papers instantly obestsenyatsya as in such numbers for such a course, they are not wanted … Therefore, 30 rubles for one piece of paper we do not give, and give only 10 …

That is, I am in the process of exchange of the poor in at least 3 times … Hmm …

Well ok, I suppose they still traded … And swapped to 30 per piece of paper … And I have on hand 3 trillion ruble … And I decided to do good to all those who took part in the production of those goods which I sold for 128 billion of these pieces of paper … And all the money distributed … as anyone … through low-interest loans, grants and other …
People rejoiced, and ran to buy myself who dreamed … Who traveled to Europe, who inomarochku, and some tractor coveted imported German or whatever … 
And people have raised the demand for imported goods, and as a result the currency overseas, and began their obetsenivatsya and ruble, and income … And people realized (at least one — I), which is in all Babe nae sort of a bitch … 

And in the black if I'm leaving, good people? … I do I need these bucks are printed in the wild number? …

Here and fairy tales end. Who knew — that our people.

But seriously, the

I do not like this "game."
And I do not like because the player number 1 Card printing
ie all take on the rules of the deck, and just one player himself draws any card, which wants …
And in this scenario, the number 2 is not to be, because to be number two — you need a resource (either). But all of this resource (brains, people, technology) is redeemed by that player who draws just stupid …
and in this case the player in a brazen violation of the rules, yet still manages to show off that they say look what I'm awesome player and what my cards are different from you, loser!?

I'm sorry, but I am a specialist with higher education, working in a normal company, should receive at times less than what is there weird Uncle John from Texas, because if I start to get more, then I'll start buying more imports, and the course of my currency goes down, devaluing my income …
 While what that crappy (sorry) a farmer from Texas will receive 3,000 dollars a month, for the fact that cows ass wipes and travel around the world without fear or low-rate, no inflation — only because his country's currency reserve and can be obeschenena?!? 71?! "%; №%:;? 

Neither American nor European, does not think about inflation, about the course of the balance of payments and so on., Ie He is not afraid to buy imported and buys him a very good (which alone is worth the trade deficit USA) — for one simple reason:
its currency — the backup, and how much he did not buy the import, it does not depreciate … << — Here it hochetelos would knock out from under their feet.
For them to buy as much produce … But not as much as will print

Therefore, in a coffin, I saw this "game." I demand a ban on the sale of our exports in dollars. And either we all (and those who extract resources, and those who purchase) live in Sweden or, as are all living in Ghana … mine is honest

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