For questioning by the KGB took on a Mercedes

March 12 BSU students Juliana Misyukevich two KGB took away from class and taken for questioning by the KGB.

"They took me from employment before the laboratory work, presented the agenda and taken to the KGB. And before transported to such questioning on the" Volga ", and then said that the weekend, Saturday, so the" Mercedes ". Again questioned about the events of December 19, on which I pass as a witness. "

On Julian Misyukevich, This was his seventh interrogation. On once interrogated for more than 2 hours, with most of the questions he did not answer, referring to Article 27 of the Constitution.

"Threats and pressure was not. Pity that laboratory missed — almost night getting ready," — said the interrogation Julian Misyukevich.

Julian Misyukevich served 12 days in jail for taking part in a rally on Independence Square December 19. Boy managed to pass the session well, he continues to study at BSU.

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