For the first half of this year, Tambov industry showed growth

For the first half of this year, Tambov industry showed growth of 6.3%, agriculture — 15.5%, the construction industry — by 9.5% compared to the same period last year. The growth trend is observed in the volume of cargo transportation, wholesale and retail trade, catering and services to the population. On the socio-economic situation in our region over the past six months said today at a press conference the head of Vladimir Tambovstata Roukin.

The dynamics of industrial production to a large extent determines the activity of manufacturing. Growth of production is provided in eight of the thirteen types of production: the highest — in metallurgy and production of finished metal products (34.2%), wood processing and manufacturing of wood products (29.2%), manufacture of transport equipment (29%), textile and clothing industry (18.3%), manufacture of machinery and equipment (16.1%), manufacture of food products (by 11.1%).


In the first six months of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012 increased production of meat, meat products and by-products, confectionery products, vegetable oil and butter, flour, cereals, animal feed, sugar, alcohol, non-woven fabrics, knitwear, footwear, wooden houses, plastics and other products Tambov manufacturers.

Meat production has increased by 21% due to reach full capacity of such giants as Inzhavinskaya Poultry and "Tambov bacon." In this regard, African swine fever has decreased population of these animals in private farms, but an increase in the number of goats and sheep. Thus, the villagers reoriented to a more secure form of animal husbandry. This trend will continue. In the dairy industry has seen a slight decrease in sales of milk — 2%. However, this situation is typical of the neighboring regions.

On the minus goes to last year's level of production of electricity, gas and water, due to the course of business in the economy and saving.

Against the background of the main economic indicators in the negative net financial results of the company (profit minus loss) of $ 88.7 million against a positive in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles in January-May 2012. This has a negative impact on tax collection. However, according to Vladimir Rukina about the financial results of enterprises made judge of the year.

Social background of the region creates statistics payroll, income, prices, employment, migration and demography.

As the pace of wage growth Tambov ahead of many regions and the national average (16.4%), but in absolute numbers (19,287 rubles) occupies the last place in the Central Federal District. However Tambovstat captures a higher level of income of the population (more than 20 thousand rubles a month per tambovchanina), which corresponds to 9 th place on the CFA. Given that the average salary of an employee is determined and is only a third of the revenue figures, it can be assumed that the excess of income over wage — is the result of the shadow economy. Conclusion salary of the shadows — a priority that puts today by Governor Oleg Betin. On her decision to focus the efforts of the working group, headed by Vice-Governor Alexander Alabichevym.

For a long time, Tambov kept at zero for salary arrears, but this year the newly formed debt. On July 1, it is 11 million rubles (small businesses are not included in the monitoring Tambovstata). Allowed her "Arzhenka" (Rasskazovsky district), "Signal" (Tambov) and Uchkhoz "Grove" (Michurinsky district).

The consumer price index since the beginning of 2013 has increased by 3%, but in the second half of the year is projected higher growth — by increasing utility tariffs from July 1 this year.

The number of officially registered unemployed at the end of June compared to the end of May this year decreased by 2%. On the whole, the unemployment rate in the Tambov region is lower than the average in Russia.

Migration processes in the region, characterized by a positive balance (738 people) — mainly due to international migration. The first place is attractive to migrants Tambov, on the second — Tambov region, the third — the Sign District.

Demographic indicators provide the following picture: born in 4856 children (less than in the first half of 2012 by 156), the mortality rate was 8799 people (73 less than in the first half of 2012), concluded marriages than divorces happened, but still the divorce rate is high enough (in 1000 marriages have 753 divorce).

N.Spasskaya. Office of the Press and Information of the regional administration

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