For three years in the Kuban was built about 6 thousand greenhouses in small farms

In the Krasnodar Territory in small-scale farming for three years have been built and put into operation 5,970 greenhouses. The total constructed area of 199 hectares of greenhouses made.

Best Kurganinsky the work in the area. Here, in the three years to build greenhouses on the area 19.4 hectares. Also positive activities are conducted in Abinsky, Belorechinsky, Red, Slavic, temryukskeye and Crimean regions. They account for 37% of the total.

Not enough work is underway in Absheron, Beloglinskaya, Kanev, Mosty, Novokubansky, Primorsko-areas as well as in Sochi and Gelendzhik. According to deputies, vegetables in greenhouses is not well developed.

At the meeting it was noted that the industry needs to be improved. To do this, suggested that the procedure for granting subsidies to the requirements of the life of the greenhouses. Thus, it was revealed that 81 greenhouses built at the expense of the regional budget, but within a year they have ceased to exist.

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