Forest fire on Mount Sokar in Bulgaria fully extinguished

Large forest fire on Mount Sokar in Bulgaria, which raged for more than three days, completely extinguished, according to local radio station Darik news referring to the head of the fire service Haskovo Nicholas Vylcheva.

Sokar mountain is in the Haskovo in the south-east. Earlier, the head of the region Irena Uzunov stated that threats to people because there is no fire. But the fire pose a threat to birds of prey that live in fairly large numbers in the area of Mount Sokar.

In extinguishing the fire involved more than 300 employees of fire protection and the Bulgarian Army soldiers, they used to fight fires around 60 vehicles, including two helicopters.

The fire destroyed more than 350 hectares of forest. Established that the cause of fire was the spark that got on the dry grass of the tractor, which caught fire during agricultural work.

This summer, a number of Balkan countries experienced major fires. Fire element, caused by dry weather, raging on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In early July, a major fire broke out on the Vitosha mountain — one of the tourist symbols of the capital Sofia. The flames could not knock in a few days.

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