Found signs that we live in a world matrix

German physicists have found signs that we are living in a fantasy world "matrix"

Physicists have made a gift fans of the trilogy "The Matrix" — actually invented the very red pill, which helped her get rid of the illusion of the hero of the familiar world and dive into the ugly reality created by machines. However, unlike in the film, "the pill" is a theoretical test. However, he, like in the movie, will see whether our universe is only a virtual simulation, scientists believe.

Silas Beane of the University of Bonn in Germany and his colleagues based on the fact that any simulation of the universe, regardless of its complexity, must have some limits. And whether they are found, people have the evidence that surrounds the visible world — this is just an illusion, says The Daily Mail.

As physicists believe this can be achieved by creating its own model of the universe — a computer simulation — based on the theory of quantum chromodynamics, which describes the strong interactions of elementary particles, and using femto-units ("femto" means a factor of 10 in the minus 15-degree).

Modelling in Physics at such a fundamental level, presumably equivalent to the modeling device of the universe itself, says the article. And no easy task: computing, even in seeking the nullity of the scale, quite difficult. Despite the use of the most powerful supercomputers, physicists have so far managed to simulate a portion of the space, not the whole universe.

The main challenge is the need to "impose" the laws of physics on a discrete three-dimensional grid, which is also "moving" in time. And this is where the action takes invented by physicists test.

Professor Bean and his colleagues argue that this grid is to limit the energy of the particles, since there can not be anything that would be smaller than the lattice. Thus, if the universe is a computer simulation, should be circumcised spectrum in the region of very high energies. And it exists — in 1966, it is known to physicists as the limit Grayzena-Zatsepin-Kuzmin (GZK limit). This is a theoretical upper limit of the energy of cosmic rays from distant sources.

If you just explain, the high-energy particles interacting with the cosmic microwave environment, lose it when travel long distances. According to the calculations of scientists, because of the effects of the lattice in the spectrum there are additional changes. All this may be a sign that the universe actually is not quite what it seems.

However, the "red pill" of physicists is not without flaws, the newspaper continues. As Professor Bean, one of the problems is that you can build a model of the universe and a totally different way, not just the one they imagined. In addition to their own model of the effect of the spectrum cutoff measure only if the limit of the lattice coincides with the limit of the SLC. Had he been a little less, and all calculations will be wrong.

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