From Prague, wrote Czeslaw Milosz

In the year of the centenary of the Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz 10 European writers are writing letters to the author of the famous book "Native Europe." On Wednesday, the Polish Institute in Prague, his essay messages submitted by the Czech writer and director Peter Gulava Belarusian "Freedom", a writer and publicist Alexander Lukashuk.

The reason to write Czeslaw Milosz after his death became his centenary year and Milosz, Poland declared. Community Project "Letters to Miłosz" emerged with the support of the International Network of Literary Centres "Halma", the European Cultural Foundation and other agencies. This project — continued understanding the relationship of Europe, which he founded Milos in his famous book "Native Europe" (Rodzinna Europa). Born in Lithuania, Polish nobleman, who survived another revolution in Russia for a long time he lived in Paris and the United States, died in Krakow, which he recalled Vilnius.

Milosz wrote a book at a pivotal time of their own destiny — in the 50s in Paris after, as it is, the cultural attaché of Poland, gave a diplomatic passport and asked for political asylum in France. Leading party tonight Tomas Glantz called this book as a "mental map of Europe", composed one person.

Polish literature Eva Kaladeychyk noted that the book "Native Europe" in Poland, many believe the prophetic, as the author foresaw a Europe in which we live today. This book is advised to read the Western diplomats, who were traveling, as they say, on the eastern front. Mrs. Kaladeychyk mentioned a little-known fact of biography Milos — in pre-war Vilnius, he was dismissed from the Polish Radio for the fact that he invited the Belarusian choir will perform there.

Alexander Lukashuk and Peter Gulava

Alexander Lukashuk. Letter to Milos

The "Letters of Milos" began today a Czech writer Peter Gulava and Alexander Lukashuk. Their letters — an essay on the fields Milashavay books, with their own additions. Example, Peter Gulava ponders such a separation is relevant today for Western and Eastern Europe, and where actually is the middle of Europe . Peter Gulava, education and cultural studies in Mongolian, debuted in Czech literature in the 2002 novel "The Memory of my grandmother," which was rated as a phenomenon in the literature, and a special prize. events of the novel take place in Mongolia, where she lived for a year. way, traveling She and Belarus, which he describes as a country difficult to determine, uncertain, ambiguous.

Alexander Lukashuk, talking about his involvement in the project, admitted that he first sought the answer to the question: why Belarus has become a black hole of Europe?

The project will continue in the cities, the former stages of the Milos travel to Europe — it Leipzig, Vilnius, Zurich, Paris. So, the closest to Belarus reading held on March 18 at the Polish Institute in Vilnius, there are participating Belarusian writer Igor Bobkov and Lithuanian Donatas Pyatroshyus.

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