Gabriel — football without a stop!

Gabriel plays football without boots. Because since birth he has no on both feet. 11-year-old Brazilian boy so masterly rushes with the ball, he will train himself Lionel Messi. The baby was already invited to the Spanish "Barcelona".

11-year-old Gabriel chasing the ball, seven days a week. But the children's football academy in Rio de Janeiro, it was only on the third attempt. All because the boy had not both feet.

Jose Lopez, coach:

In Gabriel's nobody believed. However, he does play better than the other guys. And even better than most. Its no wonder chosen in the "Barcelona". Of course, I'm happy for the boy, while at the same time sorry to lose such a student.

Gabriel was the first boy with disabilities, who was invited to the junior school of the legendary Catalan club. There he will deal with the star of "Barcelona" — Lionel Messi.

Gabriel Muniz, a young soccer player:

Messі — my idol. I've been collecting posters with him. And now I see it with my own eyes. I just can not believe it.

Besides football, swimming and Gabriel attract capoeira. Disability, he does not consider himself from childhood.

Sandra Muniz, mother:

He learned to walk in a year. We are constantly afraid that it will fall, but he stood firm on his feet.

Last year, when Gabriel was 10, one of the benefactors gave him dentures. Until then walked barefoot. So used to that now wears dentures only in the rain, so as not to wet his feet. In school boy rides a bicycle. However, the study does not like. Is looking forward to the end of the lessons, as soon as possible to get to the gym.

Lucas Santos, a friend:

He is skillful and fearless, and understands that football — is a collective game. And he gives great passes.

In September, Gabriel begins a new life. In Barcelona it takes all your football diplomas and medals. And it is a list of players, which hopes to play in the "Barcelona".


Watch Gabriel — boy football player who does not stop


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