Gasoline prices have fallen, as people gathered to protest …

On Wednesday concern "Belneftekhim" reduced prices for motor fuel. It demanded Alexander Lukashenko, who has publicly criticized the government on the eve and in fact supported the slogans of the participants of mass actions of motorists, "Stop Petrol", which was held in Minsk on Tuesday evening.

Prices, however, are not returned to the level it was before their 30-percent increase. For example, the new price of diesel fuel above the previous 14 per cent of petrol "Normal" — nearly 4 percent, AI-92 — by 6.3 percent, AI-95 — by 3.4 percent.

At gas stations across the country today visited correspondents of "Freedom."

Gomel Oblast

Prices of diesel fuel the most bang for the villagers

Adkruchvanne fuel prices while bringing the cost of diesel fuel up to the level of gasoline AI-95 was supplied by the authorities as the protection of the domestic market from the removal of fuel from Belarus.

Dobrushskiy entrepreneur Mark, who himself has a vehicle, said that Russians and Ukrainians, when coming to the border Dobruš on Belarusian goods, of course, ran the Belarusian fuel their cars. Just as tranzytniki who were carrying the money and left the Belarus Belarus

"When coming from Ukraine, Russia for the purchase of any goods, on the way back they are charged with the Belarusian diesel fuel and gasoline. But the caravans that were going for fuel, arrived en masse, let's say, some benzavozami — this was not observed. "

The current fuel prices, especially for diesel fuel, the most bang for the villagers. Hundreds plow, bring firewood, grain threshing — are needed everywhere tractors, combines, running on diesel fuel. Naturally, the price of these services will jump village.

This is evidenced by Igor farmer from the same Dobrush district:

"I do not know the state it is beneficial or not, and we, the villagers, just not profitable, the price of fuel has risen — and dyzelku and gasoline — in the agricultural sector are working well, and gasoline and diesel cars. Prices will have to pick up the processing of land to harvest crops. Burden will fall on people, home gardens, private traders, on farms, I think so. "

Sergey from the village Laryshchava lives with part-time farms. My homemade traktarok that applies to the transport of feed to livestock.

Rising fuel prices hurts the budget. But even without such a technique is difficult to survive:

"And how to cope without this technology, if there is no help from nowhere! I drive the cows grass — keep the cows on the farm. On the whole village cows were just me. "

Sergey: "Without traktarka, as without hands."

Negative assessments of new fuel prices and carriers, most of which is charged with diesel fuel. Alex says:

"It turns out that from the beginning of the year prices have risen by more than one hundred percent. This does not correspond to reality. Whatever it was carrying no loss "Belneftekhim", it's impact on ordinary people. Nothing positive about this I do not see — extremely high appreciation. I understand that the country's difficult economic situation, but it will affect the ordinary motorist. "

Vitebsk Region

"The current model of the Belarusian economy is inefficient, something needs to change"

Prices for motor fuel were reduced immediately with the onset of these days, a motorist told Mr. Alexander:

"Yesterday, the" father "out there" waving his sword, "you need to lower their prices, and that's just in the first half of the night, I refueled at a gas station" Belneftekhim "and 92nd gasoline cost is 4200 … I think that it is necessary to continue like this, block roads — maybe even when it comes to the government that the current economic model inefficient and something needs to be changed. "

The second interviewee, a resident of the district center of town, Mr. Peter also connects lower fuel prices to public protest — a large-scale action "Stop gasoline" in Minsk, after which both sounded the order of Alexander Lukashenko:

He was afraid that the people protested, not because of a "fifth column.

"Let price since. So what — what in Minsk? Aha! That's it scared! Even 10 people, not from the "fifth column" who gathered in a pile and went to protest — that's him terribly. "

Mr. Peter lives next to Russia: Gorodok district borders the Pskov region. Many residents of Vitebsk region before traveling on to the Russian petrol filling stations. But that was before the "currency crisis" to the last fuel price rise. How has the situation changed now?

"There are clear. There was a similar situation that drove Russian refuel here — they were profitable. And now it's all about the same. Russian ruble we still mad, so one by one and goes — it makes no sense. "

It looks like a trip to the former Soviet republics with empty cans over and for those for other, says Peter. For residents of the Russian Belarusian fuel at current prices has become expensive, and Belarusians have another problem — there is nowhere to buy Russian rubles, and if you buy them at the unofficial rate, then win on the difference in prices does not succeed.

I hope it all eventually grow into a political protest.

The owner of "Opel Ascona" Igor from Orsha especially once bought a car that is not much to spend money on fuel:

"I took dyzel because it is cheaper. Today, diesel costs almost as much as the most expensive gasoline 95. Well, where is the justice? Now, to me a day to drive around town, you need to throw out 10 bucks every day. That's a lot. I myself do not eat so much on how much the car will have to "feed".

On the question of what to do now, Igor replied:

"Well, what to do … Buy a horse, tie the car to the horse (laughs). What to do? I hope it all eventually grow into a political protest, as the economy has been brought to such a state that there is a complete collapse — in any case. "

Grodno region

"This is yet another populist move — scam, as they say"

Drivers of cars in the Grodno Alexander Lukashenko said the decision to reduce fuel prices another populist move.

Obviously, yesterday's decision by President Lukashenko to lower the price of gasoline is not very impressed Grodno drivers. Here's talk on this subject with the taxi drivers and the owners of a car.

Mr."And God knows that there is to think about it. To some it is so beneficial to do … . "

Mr."Well, have raised prices and lowered — so what? It can not be known, because every day there is something new going on. See how in stores that cost $ 500 — 800 now, and that state prices. "

Mrs."He threw a bone to the people that all think again, especially senior citizens, and said, Behold, Alexander, well done, all figured out, and you did it behind his back. Officials say, the bad, he put them on the bike and fuel cut, and myself — just "father."

A show for the people …

Mr."This is all a show for the people. Who goof — and their ears rastapyrvae front of him, not realizing that this is the real lahatronstva. To gloss over all, and most to be good, and that about him again well thought of. "

As to why the price of diesel fuel are higher than for gasoline A-92, no one has any doubt that this is done to stop the removal of fuel abroad. However, my interlocutors believe that this will not work.

Mr."It is not by chance, since most of the cars we have on diesel fuel. And the need to protect its market, because it can not be with us the cheapest fuel. But here are the conditions that nothing is clear. And would not be clear until the dollar normally would not. "

Mr."But then who drove it, and it will carry much would thus not protected, so profitable."

Mrs."I do not know what to do. But in this way the market is not protected, because Belarusians became much more difficult to live. "

On a hard life and adds another taxi driver:

Mr."I live very hard, barely able to make ends meet zvozhu even remember when I bought something new to eat. Dressed in a "second-hand" fancy … You go there, and all the people out there buying used items. Some alien jeans 10 years defied, and now we are buying … . "

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