George Sidorov unknown civilization (Tomsk 2012)

George Sidorov unknown civilization (Tomsk 2012) The author tells the story of an unknown civilization golden age myths referenced a given civilization on archaeological finds and monuments indicate the existence of this civilization.

George A. Sidorov was born in the Kemerovo region. According to his father, he Don Cossack, on his mother — of an old noble family. Following family tradition, George Sidorov from childhood studied Cossack martial art. Subsequently, it has saved his life.
Sidorov George graduated from the Biological Faculty of Tomsk University. After graduation he moved to the north of the Tyumen region in the Khanty-Mansi National District. For several years he worked in gosohotinspektsii, where he was given ungulates and the fight against poachers. Then he was admitted to the scientific department Yugansky reserve. Hence, began his journey to the north of …


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