Georgy Grechko — Ignore the UFO is impossible!

Georgy GrechkoHero of the Soviet Union, flight engineer spacecraft (SC) "Soyuz-17", "Soyuz-26" ("Soyuz-27)," Soyuz T-14 "(" Soyuz T-13 ") and orbital stations (OS)" Salyut-4 " "Salyut-6", "Salyut-7", Soviet cosmonaut number 34. This eminent man saw the space and the fact that the human understanding simply can not meet. He believes that ignore the UFO is simply impossible

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GM Grechko, and VA Chernobrov talk about UFOs

Now, of course, engage in such studies is not considered shameful. And in those days, when Felix Y. organized the first expedition to the site of the alleged UFO landings to search for artifacts, it was even dangerous. And sometimes threatened with disqualification or psychiatric diagnosis. Nevertheless, Siegel lectures at the Moscow Planetarium and MAI enjoyed unbridled success. Felix Y. died the year before ufologicheskiye studies in the USSR was officially permitted.

All come up with brothers in mind

Big splash at the anniversary, 35's readings caused the appearance of twice Hero of the Soviet Union Georgy Grechko letchikakosmonavta.

He spoke about the Russian Mars program is encouraging, particularly because on the Red Planet found water. Without which, as is well known, "neither the amplitude nor syudy." Georgy Mikhailovich bombarded with questions.

What does the famous Martian Sphinx, photographed by spacecraft? And do not live there humanoids on the Moon? After all, there are also newly found water!

— I invite you to experience a healthy distrust of all sorts of "sensationalism" — advised Grechko. And an example. Recently on television, he saw the story about how the SP Korolev secretly gathered at the first call of astronauts, as well as senior engineers raketnokosmicheskogo complex, and ordered to go to the area of the Stony Tunguska River, look for traces of a crashed alien spaceship. Searchers found the remains of celestial cars, packed with lots of highly developed machinery, which we did not even dream about. All this stuff safely hidden away in underground tunnels, and "since we did not invent, but only use the achievements of fellow human beings" — a good-natured smile told astronaut.

Grechko continued after a pause:

— In fact, it was different. Korolev did not call us secretly, we do come to him with a request to allow us to such an expedition. He gave the nod. But no trace of the ship we found. Came back with nothing.

However, as suggested by Georgy Mikhailovich, all of this is not to say that there is no wonder. Evidence of UFOs — unidentified flying objects — had accumulated so much that they can not be ignored. UFO observed not only ordinary people who can do something and pomereschitsya, and the pilots and astronauts, and soldiers from different countries.
— Did you personally see the aliens? — Was heard from the audience.
— I personally — no, but probably still ahead — retorted Grechko.
— Yeah, he's given a written non-disclosure — whispering in the hall …

Barabashka in orbit

Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalenok told this writer that he had ever seen in space, something that does not fit into the framework of human understanding.

— In 1981, along with Viktor Savinykh we were on board the "Salyut-6" — said Kovalenok. — May 5, when flying over South Africa, I suddenly saw through the window of a small, finger-sized, glowing object flying simultaneously from the bottom. Called Savin.

He looked out the window and ran for the camera. While running, the object exploded, leaving around colorful spherical cloud. As it was, I do not know. About all I reported to the state commission, but no official explanation for the phenomenon, as far as I know, was not given.

Kovalenok told about another case:

— One day, waking up during the flight, I suddenly heard a man's voice clearly: "It's great, man!" Well, I think it started. After a minute — again: "It has long been sitting here?" I took a notebook, and as physicians we have been taught, he began to describe his feelings. I look, as does my partner, astronaut Ivanenko. Hence, he has hallucinations … Then it turned out that in some odd way kerf VCR and started to scroll through our favorite film "White Sun of the Desert". We then it is "Barabashka" nickname.

Musa Manarov during their stay at the station "Mir" in 1991 through the window watching the approach of the module with a new crew and filmed the process for a professional video camera.

Suddenly he noticed that the module was separated from the approaching something like an antenna. But where there be an antenna? Musa was discouraged and radioed: "Guys, you have something to undock." Then an unusual object disappeared.

Manarov'm sure it was not space debris and is unlikely to chip satellite or rocket. After all, astronauts are well aware of what it looks like such a "technique". However, the film remained on the frame.

Gennady Strekalov and Gennady Manakov in 1990 during the flight to the station "Mir" is also seen something unusual. They were flying over Newfoundland, not a cloud in the sky. And suddenly, like a flash of lightning, there was a bright sphere, and after 10 seconds it just suddenly disappeared. This is my observation of the astronauts reported to Mission Control.

Pavel Popovich also did not stay away from this topic. He told me that in 1978, when the plane was piloted at an altitude of about 10,000 feet, noticed something flying over it on a parallel course. It was a glowing triangle-like wing. The plane was flying at a speed of about 1100 km / h, and the "triangle" — more than 1700 km / h And so easily overtook the plane.
After hearing this, go crazy. Do not save even a joke. Grechko and Coast, barely able to keep from laughing, somehow told reporters that they were drinking in space with two humanoids. Meanwhile, they say, our vodka and herring are very relished. The next day about it quite seriously wrote some newspapers.

Surprises fireball

Alexander Petukhov, the union representing public vennonauchnoe "Kosmopoisk" and ekspeditsionnopoiskovy squad "Stalker" by Siegel readings showed slides and spoke of a recent expedition to Medveditsky ridge in the "reserve of ball lightning."

— Fire "pilgrims" were flying out there with frightening intensity — up to 50 pieces per minute! — So that the presence of people in those places is dangerous — says the researcher. — Medveditskaya ridge at an unusual place, where the concentration of wonders and anomalies is higher than in the fairy Fairy Kingdom.

The researcher Valery Uvarov told about the phenomenon of the pyramids, the erection of which he has been for a long time.

A documentary film about the UFO over the mountain spans Bytha in Sochi. Mysterious objects move faster than an artillery shell, so the naked eye can not see them. To photograph the UFO was only with the help of a special optical technology. What it is not clear yet …

Creepy was well illustrated presentation of Michael Gerstein, chairman of the UFO Commission of the Geographical Society of the Russian Federation, who told about the mass extermination of cases of cattle in America.

The aliens (and a presenter there is no doubt that this is their handiwork) imperceptibly attack unfortunate pigs and cows and savagely cut their internal organs. Yes, so carefully that no one hair being cut and dented.

What for? Of course — for the experiments. Similar cases have in our country, summed up the speaker, but we fix them less often.

Over the years, Siegel read, despite the controversial nature of ideas that became a kind of platform for testing new areas of natural and scientific thought — summed up their main organizer, president of the Association "Ecology of the unknown" Alexander Semenov.

— Of course, agree with everything you hear here, it's hard. But the idea of what is real and what is not, can be different … Time will put everything in its place.


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