Germany. Kalkar wonderland — an amusement park on the site of a nuclear power plant

In 1972, the Kalkar in the construction of a nuclear reactor SRS-300. As the reactor fuel was used plutonium and cooled sodium. The plan was to produce a reactor 327 megawatts of power. At that time it was an innovative technology, but the government has decided to restrict the import of energy, and the supply of uranium to Germany were limited. The reactor was never completed, and Now in its place is arranged amusement park under the title: "Wonderland Kalkar".

Local authorities were very concerned because of this building, as there was no clear opinion about the safety of nuclear power. The project was shelved, but after the accident at the nuclear power plant Three Mile Island and the public rebelled, began mass protests. But at this point in the project has already been spent over 7 billion German marks, which by today's standards was approximately $ 4 billion.

The final decision on the SRS-300 was taken after the Chernobyl disaster. The power plant has never worked, in 1991, the project was officially canceled.

The building remained completely unused. In essence, it was the most expensive abandoned building in the world. With that money you could build 20,000 houses, and the overall size of the complex was equal in area of 80 football fields. Of concrete, the cast here, it was possible to build a highway from Amsterdam to Maastricht, and electrical wires twice to entangle the entire globe.

This area was sold in 1991, the Dutch investor who decided to build a amusement park Wunderland Kalkar.

In total there is arranged 40 rides, including a roller coaster, many carousels, a large Ferris wheel and channels where you can swim in boats. A special attraction enjoys attraction, built right inside the reactor. He is considered one of the scariest rides in the world.

Amusement Park "Wonderland Kalkar" takes about 600,000 visitors a year and employs about 550 people to work in the high season.

The reactor in Germany, this is not an isolated case of an abandoned nuclear power plant construction. For example, in the Crimea, the Crimean too, were under construction nuclear power plants, and she was also in the final stages, and also not completed. But, unlike in Germany, in the Crimea station were separated by small pieces of looters.



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