Ghosts of Moscow


It is possible that Moscow is not as well known for its ghosts, like London, and signs "Caution ghost!" On its streets there. But the ghosts in the capital of our country this does not become smaller.

Can you believe in ghosts, but you can not believe.

Some openly laugh when someone claims to have met a ghost, twist a finger to his temple. And they continue to show their lack of faith as long as they themselves do not have to face with the spirit of the Dead. And then many of them radically change their mnenie.Odnim of the most famous ghosts of Moscow is "The Black Monk."

The place of his habitation he chose Aleshkinsky forest, located near the metro station "Glider". Most often, a ghost appears in the crude, but the warm weather, in the rain. Those who had a chance to see the Black Monk, describe him as a ghost tall, thin, emaciated face, having a bluish-white color.

Usually it appears from the Kurkina and quietly progressing on Aleshiskomu forest. It is not barking dogs, as it appears the birds do not fly away. It is believed that the appearance of the ghost of the Black Monk is a harbinger of future disasters. Residents claim that it in no way be hail, and even more, to talk to him.

Otherwise, for themselves and their loved ones can be a self-fulfilling bedu.Ne less well known, and the specter of "Fatal mother." His Nikulinskaya meet on the street, not far from the metro station "South West". Passing along the street, some drivers hear a female voice humming a lullaby. And in front of them, instead of the road on which they travel, pops a beautiful garden, in which a young girl with a baby in her arms, gently swinging on a swing.

This is so mesmerizing that the driver losing control, crashes into the opposite lane. Few then remains alive. It was they who told of Doom mummy. But accidents do occur on this street chasto.Na Little Nikita street near the house where he lived before Beria, many people heard the sound of an approaching car and saw a small point of light.

Sound stops near the house Beria. You can hear someone coming out of the invisible car and talking quietly, apparently with the driver. Then again there is the noise of the engine and the car uezzhaet.Zamoskvoreche these many years had a reputation of bad places. Many have witnessed the appearance of translucent cats at night.

There are many. They appear out of one wall, run across the street and go into the other wall. Who happened to be on their way to witness often falls, losing soznanie.Na Butcher Street is unremarkable multi-storey building built before the Revolution. It is located next to the shop, "Tea. Coffee ". Once in his place stood the house where his wife lived Kusovnikovy. They were famous for their wealth and tremendous avarice.

It is said that at night Kusovnikovy took the casket with their savings, getting into a convertible and rode through the streets of Moscow, trying to protect wealth from thieves. But once you are away on one of his estates, they hid the box in a closet. And it was in that place janitor made a fire. Upon his return, Kusovnikovy found that their savings were burned.

The old woman died on the spot, and the old man for a long time fussing that city authorities returned him to the burned paper money, but to no avail. Now on Butcher meet the ghost Kusovnikova old man, wandering in a long coat and wailed, "Oh, money, my money!". Rumor has it twice a month on Tverskaya ghost appears a huge black cat.

Like cats Pjatnitskoj street, it comes out of the wall of a building and goes into the wall of another. Among the residents, it is known as the cat Behemoth. Apparently, many ghost character reminiscent of Bulgakov's novel. It has seen so many people that the cat brought in the International Directory of ghosts.

At the corner of Sretenki and Daewoo Lane for many years there is a ghost in the form of a huge black shadow. In height he reaches the second floor. Preserved documentary evidence that he was seen in 1920. In the archives of the KGB-FSB and GPU is a memo about the meeting with the ghost of two employees of. They escorted the detainee and seeing the sheer size silhouette, they started shooting at him with a revolver.

Ghost shooting brought no harm, and who was arrested had escaped. On this occasion, and was written memo.
On canvas Gorky highway in the city, and beyond it, sometimes comes out terrible, slovenly dressed, bearded man. He stands on the side of the road and waved his hand.

If the driver stops the car next to a man utters the phrase, "Forgive me, my good man!". According to legend, he had to answer, "God forgive you," and immediately leave. It is believed that the ghost in his lifetime was a murderer, which deprived the lives of over a hundred people.

In Russia, none of the scientists did not study the phenomenon of ghosts.

Member of the Commission to Combat Pseudoscience, Yuri Efremov, believes that there is nothing to investigate. And yet, people continue to face the ghosts. And do not even know how to conduct themselves need when meeting with them.

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