Global chaos increases: doomsday illusion or reality, and what the U.S. government hiding?

Despite the relatively low public response, no one can deny the growth of tension and chaos in world politics in the last few months, and especially in the last day. Escalating currency wars, the rise of terrorism, environmental disasters in China, the political apocalypse in Greece, Spain and Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear issue, the U.S. election, and more excite society.

Increasingly, there are concerns that we all have someone hostage diabolical conspiracy theories and the situation on the planet is heating up in reality, not in someone's individual head. Matching pieces going into one, some people say: 'I told you so! "

So this is the end of the world or a chain of coincidences? Rather, we are so convinced of the necessity and strict obligation of a One World Government, which will come out of the shadow of a lot sooner than we all would like. Imperial ideas constantly accompanied humanity throughout its history. Seven empires have been, inevitable occurrence eighth us recently imposed fine. Coming eighth empire already received loud and seemingly fully democratic title — one world government. This empire will definitely be welcomed by the power elite today, reasonably believes that such a government would end the growth of world tension and a number of environmental and economic problems.

There comes a time when every person will have to make a choice. Will you join with people talking to each other: 'what will be, will be. " Or appear sufficiently serious public opposition forces upcoming change in world order. In any case, we should understand that plans for world domination has always caused major loss of life, and one of the goals of world government — a declining population in the world and one billion people.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government has just somethingknows. Recently, it has been prepared and issued instructions for the emergency services in the event of an alien invasion, and now a bill providing for action by governmental agencies and services during the mass killings in the U.S..

The bill contains a number of amendments to the existing law 'On national security "of 2002. The exclusivity of these amendments and the time itself, to which they must be accepted and implemented should be alerted supporters conspiracies and people waiting for the end of the world on the Mayan calendar.

The text of the bill clearly indicates the need for a funeral agency and ritual institutions to mass deaths. The same bill encourages employees to prepare for the burial cemeteries large number of people belonging to different religions in accordance with the traditions and time of burial is not more than 48 hours after death.

An interesting conclusion of the Congress:

'Indeed, when planning to ensure coordination in natural disasters, terrorist attacks and man-made disasters lot of attention paid to the rescue and evacuation, and absolutely nothing is planned in relation to the dead. "

The bill was introduced in the U.S. Congress last week, but today has become available to the public. Who knows what was written from the beginning …

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