Global warming — the machinations of the Antichrist?

In volume treatise devoted to the occult, the famous French explorer Bataille talks about the so-called sect Paladin demonopoklonnikov of the late XIX — early XX century in Charleston (USA).

Prophecies about the future of our world today, made this devil cult followers certainly deserve attention. All the more so, along with the usual sects faith in the coming of Antichrist, they predict that the world will end as a result of environmental disaster, ie attract attention to global warming.

The word "palladizm" writes the pre-revolutionary Russian researcher MA Eagles, obviously derived from the word "Palladium". Readers will no doubt remember that the ancient Greeks, was the name of a statue of the goddess Pallas Athena, the patron of Athens. Palladium was, therefore, highly popular shrine in Athens. This shrine was in the American demonopoklonnikov. It is a genuine image of Baphomet, one of the main officials of hell, handed by Satan in the Middle Ages, the Knights Templar. For a long time it was stored in the order, and subsequently passed by inheritance to the Palladino-Masons.

"Book of Revelations"

Palladino head to the U.S. in the time in question was a certain Albert Pike — "the great master of the Masons the American South." He was born in 1809 in Boston, received a solid education, traveled a lot, made a lift on one of the most inaccessible mountains of North America, which has since been named after him. Pike was a teacher, a lawyer, a journalist. Outstanding work in these arenas has won him popularity in the U.S.. Mason became even as a young and fast enough for this organization worked his way up, and was made already in 1859, the head of the most extensive and influential lodges in America. He died in 1891.

Pike associates deeply believed for a long time it is in direct and immediate relationship with Satan. The fruit of this communication was written by the work entitled "The Book of Revelation". This is sort of bible demonopoklonnikov. According to legend, it was dictated by the soldering of the Devil, which is proof of its authenticity own hand, sealed the manuscript, that is his signature on every page. At the beginning of this century, the relic was kept in the archives of the sanctuary of Charleston (Charleston — the administrative center in the state of West Virginia). However, it has never been published: rumored to be in the present time, there are a few dozen copies of it, rewritten own senior officials of the sect Palladino.

It gives a new interpretation of the Biblical story. In particular, it is said that the son of Eve, Cain, was born to her not from Adam, but from Satan himself. The Flood is nothing but a manifestation of the wrath of God Christian senior who decided to drown all mankind just to ruin the descendants of Cain. But it so happened that the wife of Ham, son of Noah entered into the ark, having been in the belly of the fruit of their connection with one of the descendants of Cain. And the blood of Satan moved into a new humanity, multiplied after the flood.

Charleston Masonic Temple, according to Bataille, is among the most significant temples of this sect. Unfortunately, the French explorer does not say which state, county, district it is in, and further his story about the mysteries of Freemasonry acquires the features of a science fiction novel. However it is interesting, especially the menacing prophecies relating directly to the current year of our lives. But about them later.

Golden chair Demon Baphomet

Bataille argues that he was able to penetrate the secret Masonic temple and see the following. The temple is a huge square, whose center is occupied by a round maze. Go around the maze again square wide corridors with doors leading to different rooms. The right side of the building is reserved for ordinary Masons, where they are trained and carry out their rituals. Their activity masks happening on the left side of the building, owned demonopoklonnikam-Palladino. The main shrine of the temple is in his back. It is built very spacious hall of the regular triangular shape with unusually thick walls.

In the sanctuary is called the Holy Kingdom, is just one massive steel door. In the eastern corner of the triangle and a statue of Baphomet. According to Bataille, it bears the extremely rude and generally bears the traces undoubtedly of great antiquity, although it is difficult to confirm or deny that she was born in the days of the Temple, that is, in the XI and XII centuries. Image of a man with a goat's head rests on a huge bowl, serving the emblem of the Earth. The ball is hollow, with a door, and inside the store is most holy Palladino: manuscript of Albert Pike, dictated to him by Satan, and partly painted by hand the Devil.

In this sanctuary, says Bataille, Palladino is Lucifer himself in body image. Phenomenon it happens every week. Here's how it usually happens. The walls of the sanctuary suddenly begin to emit bright light spreads high fever, and from the depths of the earth seven times there was a dull rumble of thunder. Present kneel and lips are attached to the floor. At that moment they feel on their faces horribly hot breath coming from below. And there in front of them materialized Satan himself, usually stay within three feet of the statue of Baphomet. It comes in the form of a beautiful, fresh and healthy man in his prime. Lucifer lays his hands on the audience, who at that moment feel as if covered by a mysterious fire. Then the Devil commands all sit down and talk with the audience: appealing to their courage, calm about his future victory.

Another relic, stored in Charleston church, — the golden chair. Originally it was an oak, and Pike sat on it, chairing the Supreme Council Palladino. When he wrote the "Book of Revelations", the work was well up to a certain place, then the feathers of a sudden break. Pike then resorted to a great spell. On the spell to him no one appeared, but only a voice shouted in his ear, that he immediately went to Charleston. What Pike did. In Charleston, he spoke of his difficulties to a friend, Dr. Makei, same staunch demonopoklonniku as himself. They immediately went to the temple, were locked in a triangular room, where there was a chair, and indulged in mighty prayer, asking Satan to charm enemies he fought, preventing write the charter of the sect. Having finished the prayer and looking at the chair, they saw that the wooden it has become golden. Lay on the seat finished the manuscript, and the air was a strong smell of sulfur.

Third holy temple Charleston — the skull of James Molay. If not from historical treatises, it may be, from the novels of Dumas reader remembers that he was the last Grand Master (head) of the Temple. Right then in France, Philip the Fair and Pope Clement V came to an agreement among themselves inflict a decisive blow to the Templars and destroy them. The main motive was material: Templar during the war in the East, Skopje, is rumored to be fabulous treasures, which are the hankered king and father. Seduced them first Molay was in 1307, suddenly accused of countless heinous crimes and seized. After the unspeakable torture grandmaster was burned at the stake. Philip the Fair and Pope Clement V have something to profit, but it was not what they expected. The wealth of the Templars' uplylo "from them, and still do not know where it is hidden.

But in this case it is not about the treasure, but a relic. Palladino argued that the skull of James Mole remained unharmed. The executioner was bribed friends GM and arranged so that, when the Mole choked in the smoke, he reduced the fire and burned his body only. The head is left intact, but burned her hair and beard. Executioner cleverly hid it, and then handed to those who bribed him. After the skull was cleaned and together with the statue of Baphomet sent to Scotland. There, in the hands of the Masons both of those things and kept until 1801. In that year, a Long Isaac moved to America and founded in Charleston that same Masonic lodge that Albert Pike later turned into a sect Palladino.

Fact or Fiction?

Before turning to the prophecies Palladino, take a look at all of the steps above. Can there be in America this secret society, which tells Bataille? Why not? We know that in the U.S. there are many sects of Satanists get to which the law can not. Not undertake to evaluate, as is the case in the U.S., I will note only that in a much more quiet and respectable British peaceful Sussex thriving cult of Satanists who practice human sacrifice. Locals know about the existence of the black community of magicians and bloody rites, but, nevertheless, the police still have not found guilty of a series of murders that take place in the county for decades. Private property — perfect guarantor of importunate and curious.

"De Molay and Pike — historical figures, secret treasure Templar — also a mystery over which professional scientists and treasure hunters fighting for centuries. It seems that Charleston would be the key to the mystery. But I doubt it. Bataille certainly not in vain" forgot " mention the location. This spirit of Masonic lodges. Let it be a mythical city that is not on the map

There is another "pickup" at Albert Pike. It is known that during his travels he visited some secret sect in China, practiced smoking opium. It is possible that the "seen" Bataille and ordinary members of the sect Palladino relics and miracles is only the fruit of the imagination of consciousness, blurred drug …

Finally, in the journal "Fortean Times" American occultist M.L.Kreyg describes a church of Satan and also says that it is located in Charleston. Thus it gives almost the same description of the temple, as Bataille. "Golden chair, demon and skull are sacred triangle on the altar of the church," — he wrote. Certainly not a random coincidence, one can only wonder why he said that the temple belongs to the Church of Satan, founded in the U.S. in the XIX century and the second half of XX-th. There are two options: either Craig is mistaken or Palladino found a new "roof" — a popular and numerous Church of Satan.

Antichrist lives among us

And now I come to the main point, that we may be interested in learning Palladino. It is the story of the Antichrist. Pike and his associates believed that he would be the earthly incarnation of Lucifer, and finally overcomes his enemy — Jesus, subjugating the human race and take the throne of the Pope. When it comes, Palladino is known with perfect accuracy.

September 29, 1863, they prophesied, great-grandmother was born Antichrist. This kind of Sofia Uelder. It took 33 years, and gave birth to Sofia grandmother Antichrist. The date of her birth — September 29, 1896. Then it took another 33, and September 29, 1929 people in the world the mother of Antichrist. Another break of 33 years, and finally, in 1962, he appeared Antichrist. Move on. 33 years later, that is, September 29, 1995 The people and mature Antichrist, according to the teachings of the paladins should have declared in our world as a formidable and powerful force. Announced and launched a war for its dominance in the world, which was to end with the victory of the Anti-Christ September 29, 1996, the overthrow of the Pope and his accession to the throne of the Antichrist. This day followers Pike, until recently, was considered the starting day of the Apocalypse. Then, said Palladino, the battlefield will be transferred from the earth to heaven, and the battle would last three years. September 29, 1999 The Antichrist will win the final victory over Christianity. Infernal legions prevail against the heavenly host, comes the kingdom of Antichrist.

But this prophecy, like all others, in conjunction with the end of the world by the end of the second millennium of the Christian era, has not been fulfilled, and the world did not collapse at the end of the 99th. Therefore, Palladino, again, like many other sects, suffered doomsday in XXI century — namely, in 2017. As for the Antichrist, then, their confidence, he actually lives among us.

This date is for some unknown reason was mentioned by a number of sects, and thus has nothing to do with the history of Russia, which in 2017 — the year of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution. This fateful date or great, everyone thinks differently. What is important is the opinion of some esoteric end of the world has already begun (or place), we just do not notice it. The fact is that in Christian literature and okolohristianskoy end of the world as well as the creation of the world — it quick. But in fact, many authors write, if the act of creation lasted for millions of years, why the days of the Apocalypse did not last long enough? World gradually came into this dark period, he did not notice how it happened.

And about the fact that the Antichrist walks among us in the mask policy, military, scientific, spiritual teacher, etc., write constantly.

On global warming, which is identified with the Apocalypse Palladino is called "heat of Hell", they write a lot. I remind you that global warming is usually called a gradual increase in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans. "Scientists have determined: uncontrolled air emissions and other irresponsible behavior caused the steady climate change, the power to change the planet. The danger of a global catastrophe recognized governments and peoples of the developed world "- the site says" The world (global) warming of the planet Earth. "

Scientific opinion, covers this topic online encyclopedia "Wikipedia", expressed the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and supported by the National Academies of Sciences of the "Big Eight", is that the average temperature on Earth has risen by 1 ° C with the end of XIX century, and that "bo? lshaya proportion of observed warming over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities", particularly the emission of gases that cause the greenhouse effect, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). However, do not know exactly how great will be the next climate change.

Estimates obtained from climate models relied upon by the IPCC, saying that Earth's average temperature could rise by between 1 and 15 ° C (in a different region, or an average of the Earth) between 1990 and 2080 years. In some regions, the temperature may drop slightly. In Europe, according to many forecasts, by 2010 the temperature has dropped to 1 degree by slowing the Gulf Stream, but after 2010 the temperature will grow rapidly in Europe, since the process of cooling in Europe will cover the total global warming (by the middle or end of the century Europe will become warmer by about 10 degrees). As expected, the warming will lead to other climate change, including sea level rise by 0.1 — 5 meters (probably in 30-40 years), and, to changes in the amount and distribution of precipitation. This can result in more frequent natural disasters, such as floods, droughts, hurricanes, etc., fall harvests of crops and many species disappear. Warming should probably increase the frequency and magnitude of such phenomena. In Europe, the warming will be unstable even 3-7 years.

Constantine Borzov

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