Gomel opposition: and again deuce

On "two" determined action across Homel opposition during the last election campaign Zhlobinsky activist Anatoly Popov. Score it sounded on the regional forum of democratic institutions, which opened on March 12 in Gomel and will go on tomorrow, March 13.

The forum summed up the results of the presidential election campaign, analyzes the situation in the region, the interaction of the various political parties, social organizations and movements during the election campaign, and produced a joint strategy for the next parliamentary elections, that have held in 2012.

On the eve of the election campaign in Homel opposition defined disorder. Some of the older generation of activists, including one of the founders of the democratic movement in the region, a member of the United Civil Party and the Movement "For Freedom" Vladimir Katsora, adhered to the principle: do not be among the democratic forces of a single candidate for president, there will be no support during the collection of signatures to any candidate.

Vladimir led the campaign in the region "For Fair Elections" — became arganizavvats study observers and monitor the preparation and conduct of elections. For this, by the way, Vladimir Katsora and received Zhlobinsky activist Popova personal "top three."

Another position was at the regional coordinator of the movement "For Freedom" Pyotr Kuznetsov and his accomplices of the Belarusian independent unit, and now form a coalition "Belarusian choice." As the leader of Milinkevich refused to participate in elections as a candidate for president, "the members of the movement" began to collect signatures in support of Ales Mikhalevich. Through the collection of signatures, campaigning and local observation younger part of the opposition wanted to gain experience in a major political campaign.

Regional Coordinator created the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Gregory Klimovitch said at the forum that opposition politicians were unable to agree on a single candidate because from the very beginning of the election campaign "did not believe in victory."

"Everyone scattered, everyone rushed to where the most money," — said Mr. Klimovich. — At the headquarters Rymasheuski I was alone. "

The society began to divide the candidates for "pro-Russian" to "prarevrapeyskih", "uslodnih", "western", "left", "right." Ordinary voters lose orientation.

A former member of the Supreme Council, a member of the UCP Marat Afanasyev from Zhlobin said during his speech that the task of opposition activists "not suchytstsa" and give people answers to specific political and economic challenges. For example, why are the authorities so violently broke up a size? Why is the GDP of about $ 60 billion today we have 27 billion debt? Why are not interested in the executive committees of the proposals that are moving away from the opposition?

"Lukashenko vladkvaav yourself a good life — summed up Mr. Afanasyev, — And we all ended up in the ghetto. "

Homel activist Constantin Zhukovsky generally believed that the inconsistency in the actions of the opposition leaders and the national and regional level during the election campaign there was because there was a "real fight for their country, and there is some ideals. struggle was for something to get control of certain financial resources and keep the other. opposition is struggling young to the old. homeland and win nobody wanted. "

Anatoly Popov

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