Gravitoanomalii on the road (6 videos from around the world!)

Hello everyone! I then threw a friend a few videos of the strange places on the planet where the machines if they just stop on the road and not put on the brakes, start OWN MOVE UPHILL!

For me it is a mystery that is worth showing

Getting Started:

Watch online anomalous stretch of road in Nalchik:

Watch Online: Jordan — Madaba on the road:

This road is in Jordan and leads to Mount Nebo, where Moses was buried prophet. But this place is very picturesque and fanned biblical legends, called the Devil. That, however, is not surprising, because the laws of physics here are like the exact opposite: that's the machine itself climbs up the mountain as if rolling down the hill. They say such places, where the top is confused with the bottom, in the world a lot. What is this — a magnetic anomaly or optical illusion? Whatever it was, when you find yourself in the Devil's place is only believe their own eyes, and they say it does not happen.

And here, too, not a bad video (Nikolaev, Ukraine).
The girl pours water on the road, which begins to flow uphill:

Tbilisi, the car itself is going up the hill online video:

Cyprus, a video about gravitanomalii with water. Watch:

And finally, my native Crimea (somewhere in the mountains)

In my opinion, is not even bad.
Again Thanks Andrew, for the collected material!


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