Greenpeace is collecting signatures in support of the creation of the reserve in the Arctic

Greenpeace plans to build online one million signatures in support of a ban on the development of the Arctic, and the establishment there of the reserve, according to a statement posted on the website of environmental organization.

Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo (Kumi Naidoo) announced the start of the Arctic campaign at the International Summit on Sustainable Development "Rio +20", which is taking place these days in Brazil.

"The Greenpeace — secure areas around the North Pole legal protection from commercial development. In addition, we plan to seek from the UN decision to create around the North Pole of international reserves and a moratorium on oil and commercial fishing in the Arctic," — said in a statement, Greenpeace International.

As the Executive Director of Greenpeace at the press conference, "green" is considered one million signatures, as a sort of "minimum program" as hope for the broadest support of his new project.

"I think (we will collect one million signatures) very soon. With the emphasis today we managed to draw, I expect that it will happen in the next couple of months", — said Naidoo.

As explained in the report, to join the campaign can any human on the planet, leaving his signature on the site "Shield" made it clear that such international stars as Paul McCartney, Robert Redford, Penelope Cruz, Tom York, and Pedro Almodovar, have already supported the campaign Greenpeace Arctic.

"When one million signatures will be collected, we will post a list with the names of all the people who supported our idea, in a capsule and deliver it to the Arctic. Then dip it into the interior of ice water to a depth of four kilometers, and the names of our associates will be on the top and bottom of the ocean world. place dive flag will mark the Future. 30 years ago, we started a similar campaign on Antarctica, no one believed in success, but we managed to create a nature reserve on the South Pole, "- said in a blog Climate Programme Greenpeace Richard George (Richard George).

According to Greenpeace, while much of the Arctic waters do not belong to anyone, but the melting of the ice provokes State asserts its rights to Arctic waters and begin their development. Meanwhile, as repeatedly stated, "green", reliable technology for doing work in difficult ice conditions, no other company not.

Meanwhile, Greenpeace supporters dressed as polar bears took to the streets of cities around the world even before the announcement of the official launch of the Arctic. Platform for "invasion of polar bears" have become the most iconic urban places. For example, in Moscow, a polar bear tour of Red Square, the UK passed close to Big Ben, in Australia — went swimming at the famous Sydney Opera House building, also dressed up this morning, "green" activists were to be found at the Niagara Falls in Canada and in the Reichstag in Berlin.

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