Hallucinations in space. Stories astronauts.

Even on Earth, where humanity lives for thousands of years, there are an incredible number of anomalies and inexplicable things. What to speak of space, which we did not so long ago began to study. Those who have been there sometimes talk about the sound and visual hallucinations, which can not readily be accepted by the human brain. What do they see and hear astronauts and what is that? Read.

As is well known astronauts and test pilots of people do not timid, but they claim they became frightened at the level of the psychological unconscious of what he saw and heard. So what happens in space?

Unexplained sights and sounds

Cosmonaut Alexander Serebrov four times flew into space. During one of his first flight he had inadvertently dropped a magnet that behaved "inappropriately": as a rule, all items are rotated in a state of weightlessness, and the magnet was kolebat. This is only possible if the high magnetic field. The current direction of the magnet varied depending on the position of the space station with respect to the Sun. Staying in the shadows, a magnet objects, but as soon as you get into the zone illuminated by the sun bouncing off objects. Serebrov said that, for the first time confronted with the phenomenon, he was shocked, because the conduct of the magnet interferes with their rules of behavior of objects in a state of weightlessness. After arriving in the land of silver reported his observations of the representatives of the Institute of Biomedical Problems, but scientists are not interested in the message. In 1993, when Serebrov made his fourth trip into space, then the spacecraft at its request were established instruments for measuring magnetic fields. Astronaut during flight measurements in different parts of the spacecraft and on the basis of its records, it became known that the magnetic field is changed at least 16 times a day, but the changes were mixed. The largest on the radiation magnetic field is in the area of the commander's cabin, which is located on the port side of the ship. Power cables run along the left side, just above the head of Basil Tsibliev — commander of the ship. During sleep in this position Tsibliev behaved extremely restless, he shouted, gritting his teeth, tossing, but when changing the position and retire from the cables, the status returns to normal and the dream became calm. Serebrov recalled his conversation with Tsibliev: "I asked Basil, what is it? It turned out he dreamed enchanting dreams, which he sometimes took for reality. Retell them he could not. Just kept saying that nothing like this had ever seen. Later, after returning from a flight, I have consulted with experts and they have confirmed that a man can live in a magnetic field of any strength, but only if it is homogeneous. A stay in a gradient field can be dangerous for the psyche. "

No less interesting are the various reports of visual observations. American astronaut G.Kuper said that, while flying over the territory of Tibet, he was able to see with the naked eye the house and surrounding buildings. Scientists call this effect an increase in land-based facilities, but a scientific explanation of the opportunity to consider building a distance of 300 kilometers so far. Cosmonaut Vitaly Sevastyanov his message that when flying over Sochi, he was able to consider its own two-story house has caused controversy among specialists opticians.

Candidate of Technical Sciences and Philosophy, test cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky said he first heard about unexplained cosmic glitches from his distinguished colleagues, who for six months was at the orbital station "Mir". Krichevsky while preparing for his first space flight, and experienced colleague warned him of possible danger. Warning meant that when in space a person can be exposed to fantastic dreams in reality, many who watched the astronauts. Literally, a warning was as follows: "A person is undergoing one or more transformations. Transformations at the time seemed to him a natural phenomenon, like the way it should be. Visions of all the astronauts are different. Similar to one thing: had been in such a state is determined from the outside going strong flow of information. None of the astronauts call it a hallucination can not — too real feelings. "

Krichevsky later called this phenomenon — the "effect of Solaris", which foresaw Stanislav Lemm. According to the researcher, a fantastic product "Solaris" is not fantastic fiction, but rather a calculated accurately forecast the scientist. In the movie, which was filmed by Andrei Tarkovsky on the product lemma, the protagonist has witnessed not only visits the unknown guests, but also saw his parents' home, which emerged from the depths of the ocean. Film footage, are a projection of what real astronauts face. Perhaps the space has the ability to materialize thoughts of people and shows them what they dream of on a subconscious level. But despite the different assumptions, the question of the origin of the unusual phenomenon remains open.

After conducting research, some scientists think that the emergence of such unexplained cases is attributed to a change in human consciousness because of exposure to microwave radiation. The Russian biophysicist Alexander Pressman in their scientific works, accurately described the reaction of the human body when exposed to the waves in the centimeter range. In particular, he proved that the impact on the human body radiation frequency of 3000 MHz and the simultaneous action of electromagnetic energy is a state of complete stupor when denied his hands and feet. Since microwaves primarily affect the brain and endocrine biopotentials processes feeling of fear is obviously due to the same source. This explanation fits with reports of strange sounds and visions in orbit.

Not so long ago, Doctor of Technical Sciences, and the test pilot 1st class Marina Popovich has published some of the collected over time evidence of the observation of anomalous phenomena in Earth orbit. To date, her collection of more than two thousand facts confirmed the astronauts who were watching something inexplicable in space. After attending one of the concerts of the popular VIA Yuri Gagarin said that similar music he had heard, but not on Earth, and the time of flight into space. Such feelings are not only experienced first astronaut, but also people who flew into space later. So Vladislav Volkov told of strange sounds that surrounded him during his stay in space. "At the bottom of the Earth's night flying. And suddenly, out of the night came … barking dog. And then became distinctly heard a baby crying! And some voices. Explain all of this is not possible "- so Volkov described the sounds that haunted him almost all the time of the flight.

Scientists note that the alternating magnetic field, it is not the only or the most dangerous risk factor effects on the human psyche, which is in orbit. Each astronaut faced with the phenomenon as phosphenes, which is a recording of the light flashes when the eyes are closed. The first who spoke to this effect were Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, who in 1969 were members of the flight to the moon. NASA has not only seriously reacted to the story of the astronauts, but also commissioned a study of the unusual phenomenon. As a result, studies have found that the probable cause of this phenomenon may be a cosmic ray particles that move at great speed. The physical cause of the phenomenon has been installed, but the issue of how the particles affect the neurons of the brain remains a mystery. The astronauts themselves claim that phosphenes have a negative impact on overall health and cause discomfort. His opinion on the matter expressed and Alexander Silver: "There, in the depths of the universe, who knows what happens. The physical condition of more or less studied, but a change of consciousness — a dark forest. Doctors pretend that a person can prepare everything in the world. In fact it is not so. "

Some experts suggest that in most cases, the astronauts is altered state of consciousness. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that a person enters into an unaccustomed environment that somehow becomes a kind of catalyst for this state. Vladimir Vorobiev MD and a senior fellow at the Center for Medical Sciences says the following: "However, vision, and other unexplained sensations in space and, as a rule, do not torment astronaut, and delivered him to a kind of pleasure, despite the fact that they cause fear. It's worth noting that this also has a hidden danger. It is no secret that, after returning to Earth, the majority of space explorers are beginning to experience the state of longing for these phenomena, and thus have an irresistible and sometimes painful craving to feel again this state. Many find themselves in the fact that they have become members of scientific expeditions to the landing sites or appearances of UFOs, go to the mountains to find traces of the unknown "Bigfoot" become philosophers and esoteric. "



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