He died of ex-Defense Minister Pavel Grachev

He died of ex-Defense Minister Pavel GrachevIn the capital's hospital Vishnevsky died last Defense Minister Pavel Grachev. The cause of death in the medical facility did not specify, saying only just now Grachev died at 14:40 MSK, RIA "Announcements".

Details of hospitalization Grachev hitherto not disclosed. It is clear that he was on September 12 in intensive care hospital them. Vishnevsky. "Paul S. is in intensive care. His condition is measured. There is no reason to panic, "- told a representative of the Omsk radio factory, where the last minister Director General of the advisor.

The media began to speculate because that doctors conceal the real cause of hospitalization Grachev. In the hospital even refused to tell reporters where exactly is the ex-minister, although confirmed that he is treated exactly in it. According to rumors, Grachev poisoned mushrooms at a party at a friend: back home, suddenly felt ill and lost consciousness. "Rather," he called home, and the doctor took the general to the clinic.

Grachev left in the new Russian history versatile trail. Pavel was born on January 1, 1948 in the Tula region in a family locksmith and milkmaids. After military service in the army, he enrolled in the prestigious Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School and graduated in 1969. In 1981, Grachev was sent to Afghanistan, where he rose to the rank of commander of the 103rd Guards Airborne Division. In 1988, Grachev was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Union.

Continuation of his own illustrious career in the time of the latest RF Grachev had to correct choice, which he did in August 1991. As commander of the Navy of the USSR, he initially obeyed the orders of the Minister of Defence Yazova to send troops to Moscow, but later defected to the side of Boris Yeltsin. In 1992 Grachev became defense minister has Russian Federation, and during the events of October 1993 again supported the president.

Defense minister Grachev lost due to the start of the war in Chechnya. Responsibility for the disaster first Russian military campaign has been assigned specifically to it. In addition, Grachev accused of corruption and in the rejection of reforms in the army. In 1996, Grachev was sent into retirement, and he was replaced by Igor Rodionov, incidentally, the last commander of Grachev.

"Grachev I in the 40th Army was a good commander Airborne Division. Above this level, he did not get up. Minister, he was as fit only sided with Yeltsin "- described his Rodionov, who has not worked with Yeltsin and was promptly fired.

Hero of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Gennady Troshev also responded on Grachev not the best side. According to him, the most experienced of the "Afghan" in time the first Chechen campaign, he was waiting for more. At the same time, Troshev found in the activities of the ex-minister and a positive side: according to him, Grachev "do not put trash army under the guise of military reform, as sought young reformers."

Following the resignation of long Grachev time worked for the company "Rosvooruzheniye" ("ROE"). In 2007 he was dismissed in store and in later years served as managing director of the group of advisors to the general Omsk Production Association "Radiofactory them. Popov."

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