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In many of the predictions of the prophets said, that despite the horrible disasters, wars, epidemics and other disasters, people do survive and progress of human civilization will continue. Perhaps our great-grandchildren will have to live in the Golden Age.

Eritrean Sibyl's prophecy about the distant future: In the third lot years that pass, replacing each other, the top eight again coming renewal of the world. Long night on the ground then lie motionless, sinister smell of sulfur will be worn everywhere — Journal of violent death, while other people
Will be under the canopy of the night to die of hunger. Then God will make manifest pure mind among men, and the family will recover, which once lived on earth. No more plowing not vzrezhet arched plow oxen iron depth recedes more sprouts may ascend, not ears. Together, Mann dewy white will have teeth. Since then the Lord be upon them …
Canto 7 (140-151).

In the third lot years — in the third millennium. In the first eight — possibly after 2800.
Those who did good and was always fair, who was famous for his piety and true reasoning mind —
Angels of these people rise above terrible flow Flame and lead them to the light and carefree life by those imperishable, that God laid the Great, where the three sources of beat — honey, wine and milky. Obscheyu will land, has ceased to be a split of the walls and boundaries, she will give abundant fruit; Together, all healed, with no need of wealth. There will not be no one neither rich nor poor, neither slave nor tyrant, nor small nor great, There is no kings or leaders — all are equal among themselves. No one will say no more, "the night" or "tomorrow" or "yesterday it was", and days full of worries, also will not, go away the four seasons, death and marriage, buying and selling things, even with the West East — all day long turn, Here Almighty Imperishable another gives people: Those who were righteous life to Him in prayer
To sinners he saved from the fire and from the pains continued, —
The Lord hears the request, and it's all so accomplished: He is all out of the fire unharmed vigilant and take out through His people to send them to other lands, and for other life, imperishable in fields Elysian …
Song 2 (313-336).

Chaldean Sibyl Sambeta as predicted onset of the Golden Age, "After disasters and wars again soon blossom new century, the first and the best, golden time. Divine Age, as the affairs of care will be led by God. Earth again bestow abundant fruits that grow on their own. People will not get sick and no longer age. They will be happy, even when on their own travel to the kingdom of Hades. "
The Libyan Sibyl, "the World War broke out in the end times. But this war, carrying famine, pestilence and death, change of times of peace, spirituality, freedom, justice and fertility. The beginning of this Golden Age will celebrate God great heavenly signs. "

The Gospel of John (Gospel of Peace): "And then will be the sons of men, like true brothers give each other the love they received from their Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother, and they all become comforters for each other. And then disappear from the earth all evil and all the grief, and then the earth will be love and joy. And then the earth will be like heaven, and the kingdom of God comes. "
Clairvoyant Regina (XII century), the future of humanity: "Strange generation of people now acquired on this earth. He does not have any desire for spiritual elevation, seized it a strange desire to exterminate the entire human race. And one day, sometime in the future, people will say: "Once upon a time lived a people — Britons, Franks, or Germans — eternally observing the old law, which brought him to the grave." These people are digging a grave for their own souls. Britons, Franks, Germans and other nations — no matter where they live, they are united in the old law, which, in the end, lead to the fact that they wither and fade. And when the sun again in the glory of gold rises above the graves, eventually people a new generation of people, and a new humanity. "

Nostradamus of the Golden Age:

There will be peace, union and change
Classes, services, from bottom to top and top to the bottom.
Prepared travel, meal (birth) of the first
An end to war, civil process, debates.
Universal peace on earth among nations, classes, religions. An end to war and discord.
Prepared travel — people will be looking for new planets for their living, and of humanity relocated to other worlds.

Power of the three kings of the earth
The Holy See will be moved to another location,
Where is the spirit bodily substance
Will be restored and received as the true repository.

Transfer ("throne"), the Roman Catholic Church in an unknown place.
According to the predictions of Rasputin, the church Christians will be placed in a ark which "forgets earthly leash", ie leaves the Earth: "And they shall see the true light, students and forget the earth leash, and will be for them a temple — the Ark and the Holy Mysteries — renewal of the soul and an indescribable joy." "In the valley of the color of the sun will rise from the tree with leaves Golden and silvery branches of. And the tree will bring seven fruits, koi are the fruits of happiness. The first fruit — it's peace of mind, and it will grow at the very top of the tree. Then there will be the fruits of the joy of life, mental balance, bodily health, unity with nature, sincere humility and simplicity of life. All people will be able to dine on these fruits, but who does not feel the need to dine with them, will be dropped and will not find space on the wagon genuine happiness. At this time, people will not live by bread, but in spirit. And the wealth of men are no longer on earth, but in heaven. And people will be created out of the sky and water, and when he returns to his house, the water will be absorbed by the earth and the sky will return to heaven. For nothing will be given to the worms. "

End, wolf, lion, ox and ass,
Quivering doe is with dogs.
They will no longer fall sweet manna
More (no longer needed) vigilance and guard dogs.
End — end of the serial link prophecies — 2388.
1-2. Paradise, peace and brotherhood among peoples.
3. They will not be more sweet manna fall — wonderful food that the continuation of 40 years of daily God sent the Israelites in the desert, during the terrible disasters in their exodus from Egypt. Nostradamus' prediction that a long time will be no more devastating disasters and wars.
4. The Golden Age.
Holy Birgitta (Sweden, XIV century): "The time will come when the Gentiles would be so pious, that Christians are their humble servants, and the Holy Scriptures will be fulfilled — there will be one flock and one shepherd, one faith and one clear knowledge of God. Many who called, will be inadequate, and the desert will bloom, and the Gentiles will sing: Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit! "
Myulhiazl, Forest prophet of Bavaria (1750-1825): "In order to prevent trouble, people should be alerted by the manifestation of vanity and arrogance, because they both lead to the unfortunate … After the collapse of the world will come a great time. Back preachers and saints who are creating a miracle. And people are turned back to the faith. "

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