Heavy rain and hail paralyzed Mexico City Airport

Continuous rain and hail began Saturday has stopped the work of one of the largest airports in Latin America — Mexico City International Airport Benito Juarez, said local authorities.

Flow of water and hail forced by airport authorities to close two runways, resulting in 27 flights were delayed. Completely stopped takeoff and arriving in Mexico City flights were diverted to airports in other cities in Mexico.

Airport does not accept and does not send the aircraft for several hours.

Mexico City Airport is located in the city, and every fifteen minutes there sit or fly planes. And they fly directly over city blocks. In 2008, this led to the tragedy, when a light aircraft carrying the head of the Interior Ministry, fell into the street in the center of Mexico City during rush hour. In a plane crash killed 13 people, including the minister, suffered about 40 people, burned about 30 vehicles.

Meanwhile, from the rain and hail hit the city itself. In some areas of Mexico City streets turned into real lake because of problems with clogged drains. A difficult situation arose in urban tunnels, which was a huge mass of water. In addition, the element of felled some trees.

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